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Author Topic: Roxy's Tickle Trunk  (Read 1371 times)

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Roxy's Tickle Trunk
« on: June 22, 2012, 11:26:06 AM »

            Still very interested in The Dresden Files, Exalted, Virtual Reality, Sci Fi and Supernatural Horror, ala My Current Interests.

         Now is the time...

         ...for all good Men/Women/Other/Really Other to come to the aid of the Roxy.

         It is upon your shoulders, Reader/Applicant/FBI/Mom, there is no other.
         Assume the position you feel most fitting and gird yourself to produce
Narrative Genius.
         Set pen to paper, fingers to keys and phasers to stun.

         Weave for us a story for the ages, A Tale of Televisions with Tentacles and hints of SpongePunk,
         Stepped in the usual eternal themes and loaded with pathos, catharsis and Electrolytes
         (Or whatever they use in the Secret Sauce.)

         You know, be yourself.
         And Welcome to
Roxy's Tickle Trunk.
         Good Luck.

         Writing Samples
         The Sane Stories
         Story-Like Daydream Byproduct
         Current Interests
         What You Should Know
         Other RPs I've Played

         Writing Samples
         Incoming Yawn Fuel.
         Screw it, see post history.


         The Sane Stories
         A Relative Word At Best.

   Playtime Is Over
He sees her at the swinging party. She's the kitchen girl, the one in the leathers. She calls the host daddy, but in an aside it's clear he's not as into it as her. In a house of dabblers and pretenders, she has the balls to play the game for keeps. The question is... will she play when the game has stopped being a game?

   Daughter Swapping
Since the days of the Roman Empire, this secret society had kept their traditions. One of these is the Daughter Swap. At eighteen, each daughter is traded off with another family, expected to fill the role and also to bear a child of one of the family. Hey, it's not a secret society without a few things worth keeping secret, is it?

   She Lies / The Starring Role
The woman is young, slim, comely and the soul of corruption. She meets her clients in public, playing the part of a stranger that slips away after their encounter. This one will be different. Desperate for a friend, she turns on of her Johns into a real boyfriend. Or at least... that's the plan.

During a blackout a city goes into vacation mode. Norms suspended, a couple of young people hook up and spend their time exploring the city that's going a bit funny. It could be bigger than that but there's plenty of room for adventure in a multi-day blackout, I think.

This is about a woman that goes into sexual heat when it rains. That's a fair excuse as any for nymphomania. It could be that she attracts or turns other people on by smell or body language, or let it be more subtle. Men. Women. A great white bull. Whatever. I like rain storms and excuses to include them.

         Story-Like Daydream Byproduct
         Math Class and Sobriety are a Deadly Pairing.

   Tales from the Brass Rabbit
Nancy Node is a private eye in the overgrown virtual reality city. Behind those walls of brick and brass (in true noire fashion) there's a mind bending array of things, scale landscapes getting handpainted in artists studios and personality bars where clients come in the evening for a graft and in the morning for a scrape. Come down to the Brass Rabbit with her and listen to the node jockeys gab.

   Laser-Latex from Cyber-Space
A plague of living latex is infecting the local rave scene. This laser-latex infection drives young people into sexual and literal servitude to theMaster Impulse Control Program. Will those that clue in to the threat stop it or succumb to the plague?

   Sin, Skin and Semiautomatics
The Best Advice Ma Ever Gave Me (was aim for the center of mass): An Angel turns up to protect an American girl from a Demon. Girl blows them both away and makes clothes from their remains. She swears to fight for mortal free-will... at least until her wardrobe is full of the hottest styles from heaven and hell

   Our Most Precious Resource
The alien invasion has arrived, Anime Style. Their monsters, their robots, their whole world is powered by one thing: Smokin Hot Schoolgirls of Legal Galactic Age. Time to fight fire with fire.

   Through the Closet
The doors flung themselves open and the clothes came for her... just... just took the babysitter. Took her. Back and across and down into another world. Think Wizard of Oz. Think Alice in Wonderland. Think Labyrinth. Except with a stripper wardrobe and lots of kinky dance partners.

Small town. Young people buy and old property to reno for money and get an opportunity to hang out at the beach. Twist: A brothel burned down there and they are now scared, toyed with, possessed and generally haunted by the spirits, good, bad and ugly.

   Daughter of the Moon
Mistranslation. Her mother was a great war leader that got drunk, climbed to heaved and had an orgy on the night of the full moon. The super strong, invulnerable demi-goddess daughter pisses off the wrong wizard and is bound to fight demons and harm no mortal. Already the center of a hundred disgusting tales, her curse makes her fall victim to the sexual predations of demons and the townies that once feared her.

   Rape-Jacket: The Jacket That Rapes
Natalie is a compulsive liar and always trying to seek out a bigger life than her nerdy circle of girlfriends. She buys a vintage jacket that turns out to be an evil entity and make a deal with it: to be its servant instead of its victim. Now she has to help it lay its eggs and take control of her friends in a series of clothing related schemes. Luckily, her friends are into all kinds of things like cosplay for conventions, so it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

   Ms. Button is Really, Really Psychic
Let's say you grow a psychic woman as a product, as military field equipment, then forget to tell her about it? Well Anna isn't doing too well. She can't distinguish between others desire for her and her desire to please them. Worse, her first assignment has her investigating the horrors of a drifting space hulk (haunted house) in deep space. While the house eats the other crew mates it plays with her... and she likes it.

   Pretension. In. Space.
If the Poseidon adventure happened in space, this might be it. Secret Agent Twincest, crazy experiments, alien-sex-fungus aside it did very little besides house a series of barely related stories about people in space. Yer lucky if yer only pregnant in one orifice after this finishes up.

         Current Interests
         Less current more... things I keep coming back to.

Exalted - - Death to Vanilla Fantasy, Canon and Boundaries.
The Dresden Files - - Urban Fantasy usually offends but this one time it appealed...
Virtual Reality - - Yes the MMO deal is done largely by dumb kids but it's a neat format.
Sci-Fi - - And Other Excuses to Wear Skintight Laser-Latex (Tron)
Supernatural Horror - - Bad movies. Good books. That sort of thing.

And? Anything Good. Why not add Your Ideas?

         What You Should Know
         Commencing point form info-dump.

   What I want?
-Solid Storytelling
-Very Kinky Stuff
-Both. Of. These. At. Once.

-Who from? Anyone.
-My Limits? None.

-Here on the Forums, PMs if necessary.
-Newsflash - I rarely do any RP via chat.

   My Rules?
-Don't violate site rules or seek to subvert them using email or chat programs.
-Don't tell me things I shouldn't know (and don't want to.) Including your criminal activity, politics and personal information.
-Don't use pictures of celebrities, tell me about your interest in a celebrity. I feel it is inappropriate to do so.
-Don't tell me about the person in your real life that you want to stick into the RP. That is also wrong to my way of thinking.
-Speak like a person. You're not on a cellphone. You're not on Twitter. Have some class.
-See these as well:

-I'm pretty flexible about writing genres, voices, writing in first or third person and so on.
-I break up my writing a little more like an easy to read novel instead of those big slabs of text some people think of as paragraphs.
-I don't usually bold dialogue or color anything. This ad is an exception.

   Things I've Enjoyed
-Non-Sexy, boring, normal writing.
-Moderate kinks like Non-Con, Romance, Tentacles, Fan Material and Tabletop.
-Fantasy stuff like Sword and Sorcery, Computers, Space Junk and all shades of the Realism Rainbow.
-I have also enjoyed Vore, Transformations and other Highly Fucked Up Things.

   Things I've Rarely Enjoyed
-Irregular Responses.
-Uncommunicative Types.
-Indecisive or Evasive Partners
-Being the ultimate source of all ideas, initiative and so on.

   How to Respond
-At your convenience or not at all.
-In this thread with questions or comments more meaty than "Well I was thinking SexyGoodTime. How about you babe?"
-In a PM with more substance than "Hi. I like RP. How about a bit of SexyGoodTime?"

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Re: Roxy's Tickle Trunk
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2012, 11:27:22 AM »
      Record Keeping

   06/22/12  - -  Initial Posting
   07/08/12  - -  Updated with new stories.
   07/28/12  - -  Clean Policy
   08/02/12  - -  New Role Play Policy
   09/03/12  - -  Roxy's Relaunch
   04/27/13  - -  The Venture Ponies Are Coming For You!
   09/22/13  - -  Repealing the PM Policy for you shy people.

   To Come
   08/xx/12  - -  Roxy's Relaunch Late but done
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Re: Roxy's Tickle Trunk
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2013, 02:50:51 PM »
less-bitchy notice of policy change and bump.
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