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Author Topic: Post-modern/Futuristic w/Anyone  (Read 769 times)

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Post-modern/Futuristic w/Anyone
« on: June 21, 2012, 12:56:03 PM »
Setting is post-modern/futuristic. I intend to play both of the characters listed after the synopsis.

Your choice of character(s) is open, as long as it fits in with the story. Suggestions include a doctor/technician/guard/trainer/employee of the facility, maybe (kind of a big maybe, but we can discuss) another subject, leader or member of a group of human rights activist type peoples who find out about the government program that created the would-be super soldiers and tries (hopefully succeeds) to spring the subjects from the facility. I do admit that I've been bitten by the idea bug and I would LOVE to find someone to play a 'Chris Evans/Captain America-esque' type, All American, "I just want to serve my country, sir", young soldier who is stationed as a guard in the facility and comes to find out how awful the experiment is. Forging a connection with the subjects over time (may be sexual, that could be hot, but also emotional), decides to try to spring them from the facility.

I have no preference regarding the gender/sex of your character (if you're not interested in the idea above) or you.

How many times have you pondered what the United States government hides from citizens? How many hundreds of thousands of people ask that very question every day? What happens behind closed doors of government facilities where prying eyes can't see?

In the not too distant future, the Human Genome Project is on-going, under wraps. A compound that houses a government project dedicated to 'perfecting' humans exists. Within these walls, experiments take place to build the perfect soldier. Cutting edge technology combines genetic engineering, cloning, and DNA mapping to build human beings in a laboratory.
The subjects, given numbers at "birth" in lieu of proper names, are individual experiments in and of themselves, yet fall under the umbrella of the same government project to create 'perfect' humans. Each one is unique in its own right, as the program is still in the early experimental phase, though they all bear the same silver hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin. Many of the manufactured humans do not survive past childhood due to the physical strain put on their little bodies to speed the growth process, as well as some of them being highly susceptible to illness or abnormalities. The scientists and Commander in charge of this project see this as weeding out the weak. The few remaining subjects are an enigma, being both very similar to one another yet different. Depending on the whims of the Commander, the subjects may be placed in different physical and educational training programs or experimentation with simulation exercises, hormones, and other substances. Whereas one test subject may be more geared toward infiltration and torture interrogation, another may possess brute strength and be trained entirely in physical combat.

One of the most crucial things they have in common is being barred from the outside world. The laboratory is the extent of what they know, not being aware of much that goes on outside the walls of the facility. Educational materials, leisure activities, and so forth have been highly censored so that they are not too heavily influenced by knowledge of the outside world. In future plans for using the test subjects in combat, they would only have their survival training to rely on and any left alive would quickly be taken back to the safety of the facility. They learn at an alarmingly high speed as well, making their mental capacity regarding academics and tactical knowledge in their given expertise outstanding in terms of their age. The downside, or upside according to those in charge, is that in other areas they are naïve and are not as understanding of much normal human behavior and emotion. In many ways, the subjects are treated no better than animals.

This is not to say that they are not emotional in their own right. Scientists have found personality differences among the surviving subjects. Whereas one might be fickle in their likes and dislikes, another may be indifferent. It's also highly rumored among the facility staff that the subjects possess an eerie higher understanding of instinct and a strong connection to one another (after #11 and #13's introduction), giving them their own unique personality quirks and creating a deep bond between the two, which gives some of the employees the creeps. Many members of the staff keep their distance, even when the Integration Program begins and the manufactured humans are permitted one meal per day in the common cafeteria with the 'normal' people.

All manufactured humans are strongly encouraged to be obedient and are punished if they are not. Punishment comes in a few forms, largely depending on the offense, anything from temporary discontinuation of favored activities to being put in a small isolation cell for several days. The subjects could be separated from one another for the time being, not yet having been introduced, but this doesn't mean that any one of them would want to spend time in sensory deprivation in a cold cramped cell. They are kept in their own individual cells that accommodate them sparingly. It is not unlike a standard prison cell, only slightly more comfortable and a lot cleaner. There is no privacy either with cameras mounted everywhere to keep a watchful eye on the precious experiments.

(These characters are a bit peculiar. If you’re at all familiar with Autism, or more specifically Asperger’s Syndrome, think along those lines. Not saying that either of the characters are Aspies…though it’s possible. I’m just saying in terms of being socially stunted, lacking emotional development, and gifted academically. They have not been taught social norms and emotional guidance is not readily provided, as it is not deemed necessary for their purpose and the subjects are not considered to be equals on a personal level. This forces them to rely on and sharpen instinct and intuition.
The pictures used are from FFVII:AC, but I am NOT playing the characters as Kadaj and Yazoo specifically.)

Name: #11
Gender: Male
Age: 19 years old
Height: 6’
Weight: 173 lbs.
Sexual Preference: Omnisexual (These two don't think in the same terms as so many 'normal' people do about sex, making them unbiased and explorative.)
HEP(Human Engineering Program) Stats: Designed primarily for physical combat, hostile take-over, interrogation.
Negative Qualities: Quick to temper, somewhat disobedient, spit-fire, dismissive, challenges authority.
Positive Qualities: Excellent immunity and health, strong physical endurance, requires little sleep, sense of humor, protective of #13.
Likes: Sweets, testing boundaries, physical activities and training, #13, taunting facility staff.
Dislikes: Authority, bitter foods, quiet/study time, confinement, the Commander.

Name: #13
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years old
Height 5'5
Weight: 142 lbs.
Sexual Preference: Omnisexual (These two don't think in the same terms as so many 'normal' people do about sex, making them unbiased and explorative.)
HEP (Human Engineering Program) Stats: Designed primarily for infiltration, information gathering, cracking codes.
Negative Qualities: Dependent, timid, vulnerable to injury, susceptible to illness.
Positive Qualities:  Extremely intelligent, perceptive, observant of others' emotions, well-behaved.
Likes: Puzzles, reading, #11, warmth, observing, pictures of animals.
Dislikes: Cold, loud noise, physically straining activities and training, isolation.
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