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June 25, 2018, 05:24:41 AM

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Author Topic: ** The Younger Sister.. All grown Up… ** NOT an Incest Story... *grins* Wow!!  (Read 513 times)

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Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

Please take a few minutes and read below.. I am seeking someone to write the part of Shanon.. in intrested.. PM me.. and we can talk more.. OH if you like country music that is a bonus... also Shanon and Rog do NOT smoke or do drugs.. nuff said..

** The Younger Sister.. All grown Up… **

      I do not think there is a single person who does not recall there ‘first love’, some in a good way some in a terrible way. BUT does anyone recall there firsts love younger brother or in my case ‘SISTER’ who they happen upon many many years later when they are not so young or it seems so innocent?
     Rog and Veronica were Grade School sweethearts, these are times pre-puberty when it is cute puppy love then a bit of curiosity as you get older. It started way back in 1st grade when Rog stood up on a desk in class and told everyone just how much he ‘LOVED VERONICA’ too many giggles flushed little chubby cheeks on Veronica who punched him in the arm and then ran away. There was no second grade crush as she had moved away.. and being so young Rog forgot about her..
    Until sixth grade when she came back into his life, and old memories popped up as well as feelings. This is the time that young boys start to see girls in different ways and many notes are passed in class HOPEFULLY not to be intercepted by the teacher. This is the time when first kisses occurs on dares and when boys learn just how annoying the girls they ‘like’ younger sisters can be. But Shannon or Sha Na Na as she liked to be called was a bit different.. she actually wanted to help Roger out and she was only two years younger than her big sister.. but while Veronica had long dark hair, brown eyes <snip>. Sha Na Na was a slight, fiery red head with dimples and a tom boyish body, <snip>
   But his young love and chances of ever seeing those boobies must never had been meant to be for rather than attend some high school locally, both Veronica and Shannon were uprooted and moved away again. Now this was before internet and cell phones were really popular, all he had was a mailing address and only a letter or two ever changed hands. Soon high school and the new girls there were on his mind and thinking about it they must have been on Veronicas because she was married right out of high school and has three wonderful children.
  SO this story is NOT about Rog and Veronica but about how Shannon or as she again like to be called Sha Na Na .. happened one day to see someone who she had had a crush on many many years ago, how he did not recognize her and how she has a bit of fun, (or a lot of fun) with him.. before she tells him who she is … then asks if it matters.

     Rog (age 21) was testing the engine he and a few buddies had dropped into is 1969 Buick Skylark, the car was not all that pretty on the outside but under the hood his 350 rocket was purring like a kitten and the twin glass packed exhausts did all the rest.. smooth leather seats and his fuzz buster was all he needed, OH and the radio of course. He had just taken the car to the park and tested how the work done on the front bearings had also been done, smooth and easy to handle there was no jerks and only a few squeals and he was very very happy…

      He had NEVER been a car guy, that was his older brother but GOD he loved this car, yeah it needed some body and paint work, but the inside was perfect and under the hood was even better. He would get the body work done, he just needed to figure out what he wanted done. He had blown the original engine on street racing and with that the hood, the replacement he had was from a 69 Skylark but it was primer red as was one rear quarter panel from where he slide into a tree.

    He was taking back streets home when he saw the bike behind him, NO not saw HEARD it. There is no sound like a Harley and one that was louder than his glass packs told him either someone did NOT know how to care for their or they REALLY knew how to care for it, when he made a left and saw the rider tool up next to him and smile he about lost control. SHE was gorgeous .. smoking hot.. and though he could not see her eyes behind the shades he saw the smile and the white teeth as she gunned her bike and sped ahead of him. He followed for a few turns but then lost her, shaking his head he headed slipped into traffic on the main street and headed home.

     What he did not know is he may have lost her, but she did not loose sight of him and on her bike she was able to follow him, Shanon (Age 19) was not certain if this was who she thought. She watched as he turned down and alley and parked his car behind a house, saw him get out lock the car and head inside the rear door. She had a few contacts still in town some of them might know more, smiling she rode off already planning on how she would find a way to bump into him again.

(( please PM if intrested ))
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