Sexy modern ideas! (F/F, F/M)

Started by Liayra, June 17, 2012, 05:20:11 PM

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Ok so, first of all if you're interested in one of the ideas and you have read my O&O's and feel like we're compatible then don't be shy to throw me a PM for some teasing and sexy roleplays! However please make sure to include the idea that you want to roleplay and something about the character that you desire to play. If you have a similar idea or some suggestions then they're welcome too! This is not first come and first served so, you will have a better chance if you write a nice PM. Also, every idea works for F/F and F/M pairings!

Do not answer in this thread please, send me a PM!

Also, if you read my O&O's and get some inspiration for a new naughty idea then feel free to let me know!

Opposites attract each other (Modern, rape, romance)
Ok the rape part of this is kind of optional, I just happen to love those fantasies a lot. Anyways! The idea is something like this, a super hot girl walks into a store, maybe it's a comic book store or maybe it's a tech like store with lots of computer stuff and videogames and the like, you know. She's looking to buy something for someone else, a birthday gift but she's pretty much lost as she doesn't really understand about any of that stuff. So! There comes your character to save the day and after helping her, in return he could ask her for her number, which she gives to him and so the story begins.

A dangerous game (Modern, rape, romance)
This is a very open idea but the concept is that my character is young and has quite an odd craving that she can't get out of her mind, for one reason or another. She wants to be raped and so... she starts to take risks, such as making her contact information and address available for like everyone in her surroundings, dressing a bit more provocative than normal, walking back home alone and if possible late at night. Something else that is needed for the story is the romance side of things so, her rapist, if there is only one anyway, should be someone close to her. For example maybe it's even her best friend, who is attractive but has been "friendzoned" for like forever.

Pirate island (Modern, rape, action)
Basically the story depends on who do you want to play. The main villain or my character's friend. The point of the story is that she ends up in a lonely group of tropical islands after a failure in the navigation systems of the plane. She jumped at the wrong coordinates and/or the plane crashed. She's captured as soon as she arrives. Then, if you're playing her friend, the main villain could force that friend to rape my character just for the laughs. After that both escape and figure out why did she actually enjoy being raped, their feelings etc. If you play the villain well, you can figure it out! Rape is kind of optional, it could be a romance but it makes less sense.

Taken roleplays
Non canon Star wars adventure (Sci-fi, romance, newbie friendly!)
She's fairly young and yet one the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, she's with the Rebellion and she's hot as hell... but she's lonely! She like to use her charms when needed but she's actually a romantic at heart. So for this roleplay I need someone that doesn't mind me not knowing much about the universe, just like above! The adventures could go on several different worlds and maybe they could participate in some space battles and the like. It should be like a very easy going story too.

Cheating affair (Modern, cheating, prostitution)
She's hot and she knows it. She is also poor but luckily she has been hired to take care of a house. She only has to clean and especially take care of their huge garden. They're rich and young, not much older than her. They could be married or not but regardless, one of them feels attracted to my girl and sooner or later she's paid to act as something much more than just a house employer. For example, just kissing at first and then it could escalate with secret dates and more naughty stuff. Also, for example, they would have to deal with keeping everything secret from everyone, maybe dodge police and they might have to block some blackmailing attempts too!


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