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Author Topic: Male looking for solo game?  (Read 710 times)

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Offline Vanity EvolvedTopic starter

Male looking for solo game?
« on: April 12, 2008, 01:56:31 PM »
Well, I'll be honest. When I stumbled on this place, I didn't expect to find so many people into tabletop stuff (White Wolf, DnD, what have you).

What's harder than finding a GM for these, in my experience? A GM who doesn't mind the inclusion of sexual scenes, played out or faded to black. So, seeing there was a solo board here, thought 'Why not try leaving an ad here?'

Personally, not too fussed about the system - I like mechanics compared to plain freeform or rules-lite, and would love it if I could find a game to run on a constant basis (unlike my only other game at the moment, the odd few hours on a Thursday night).

Not too bothered about system, but some of them which I'm most familiar with are GURPS, Exalted, and a decent few othrs I'd like to try.

So, if anyones interested, just leave me some way to contact you, and. =) Yeah. <3

EDIT: EDIT: On suggestion, I decided to add an example of my ability to write, considering I've had no replies as of yet. ^^' Forgive me, I'm pretty rusty...

It'd been about five years now. Mitsuko, Renko, Kenji. All of 'em, dead.

They said it was suicide. Pfft. None of them had any reason for that, but none of 'em would listen to me. Want to know what it was? Techonology. Mobile phone, to be precise.

Some point, they all got a call. Next week, all that's left was was some terrified looking corpse. Police said there was a reason for everything... well, I'd like you to tell me the logical explaination for someone twisting their own neck a three-sixty and snapping their own hand clean backwards. Don't try telling me it was some television stunt; I was there, I saw it and had a grand old time suffering the loss of -another- friend.

I wouldn't be so grumpy, but the worst part? Watching my now dead friend pick up the phone, and call me. And this being the fourth time I've seen this kind of thing happening? It's no urban legend or joke.

So, to my knowledge... I've got about five hours to live. And that's why I'm here; Renraku Fish Exports.

... Time to find out who I have to leave a message to for this curse to be lifted.

Snapsnap, ding ding ding...

(Take one lucky guess what film was on when I tried to work up a sample =D)
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Offline renapet

Re: Male looking for solo game?
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2008, 08:22:27 AM »
let me know what ya got in mind, i could give it a try