Wild West

Started by Sephora, June 16, 2012, 09:58:15 PM

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America is expanding.  It is time for new things, and new places.  Thousands have left the secure shores of the east coast in order to make a place for themselves.  Farms have begun to grow in all sorts of places, and towns filled with all different sorts of people have emerged all across the country. Some of them have existed for generations already, while others seemed to have appeared overnight.  Old women sit on their rocking chairs dreaming of times long past next to young men with a restless energy in their hearts.  Still, law is all but nonexistent in these towns.  And in the farms surrounding them, the only thing keeping the bandit's out is the strength of their owners. All in all, the events that take place in these communities are all but insignificant in the big scheme of things. 

It is in one of these tiny insignificant communities that our story take place.

The Walker farm was never that large or that successful, but it had a steady harvest and a well supplied stock of animals.  With a loving couple and three healthy children, all was right with the world.  Then Both Mr. Walker and Mrs. Walker died from a sudden illness, leaving their oldest daughter left behind to take care of both the farm and her two younger siblings.  Life which had once seemed so definitive before now seems to have no surefire way to victory. 

With bandits edging in one way, competing farmers at the other, and the ever present tax man coming to enforce the payments that the farm still owes, the Walkers, and Sarah in particular, have a lot of work on their hands. 


I can see this going a lot of different ways.  Perhaps your character is a lone ranger who wanders in and finds himself sticking around longer than he intended when he see's the pretty farm girl's plight, or maybe a criminal on the run, who see's the farm as the perfect hideaway for the time being.  Maybe a local who wants to help, or cause harm.

It's really open ended. 

Pm me if you like, or if you have any ideas!