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Author Topic: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)  (Read 1492 times)

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So lets start with the basics:

About Me : While I am personally a heterosexual male that does not mean that I am locked into a single gender. I enjoy playing both of the sexes. That being said I enjoy and am looking for role-plays that have a combination of either MxF or FxF.  I do not care what gender my partner is as long as the character is compelling enough. That is where the true enjoyment comes from.  I find I enjoy writing characters of a dominant bend more then the others but everything is up for negotiation for the proper reason behind it.

Literacy and Creativity: This is by far the biggest turn on. We can discuss dominant/submissive/switches all day but when it is all said and done if the plot is tasty, if there is something amazing behind it all then I am happy.  Please feel free to check out my On & Offs. Sex should be part of the story and not the story itself; I am not super keen on quick set ups and one-shots.

Posting Schedule : Sometimes life gets crazy.  If this is the case I can usually generate a post at the very least every three to seven days. There are times that I am sometimes in the right mind set that a post will be answered within the hour. It all depends on the timing I suppose.  I do not mind slower moving stories with the right partner, but if it's going to be more than a few weeks between posts I would appreciate a heads up just so I know you're still interested.

I am told that I have a brevity problem and sometimes the Muse runs rampant, sometimes even screaming. The length of my post can run anywhere between three paragraphs to pages or.. two. But I generally try to match the posting length of my partner.

Any other questions by all means PM.

Honey I'm an... archvillain*
    Genre: Super Heroes
    Possible Rating: Light to Bondage    ||     Setting: Present Day/Modern     ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Villain   ||     Seeking: Heroine
The Story:The premise is simple, it is a bit like Mr and Mrs Smith but instead of large amounts of fire power we have super powers. Two people married, obviously in love, attempting to live the normal life. He has a job that keeps him from home but brings in enough that his lovely wife is able to stay at home and pursue her own thing. That thing just so happens to be, perhaps literally, flying around the city averting crime all before dinner. Unfortunately it does not end there. His wildly successfully job is that of a super powered crime king pin. Carefully keeping his work life secret. The two eventually clash in the open streets. Sexual tension from their flirtatious and adrenaline filled meetings are taken home. Will they be able to keep their secrets from each other or will their bed be able to withstand the abuse of what they take home from their jobs.
Plot Possibilities: Will they ever find out who the other one really is? Will they be able to accept each other when they do? Can their marriage survive? Will one attempt to convert the other? Could it be done by force? These are all ideas that can be talked about or fleshed out. I am open to really anything.

My life would suck without you
    Genre: Modern Fantasy, Vampire
    Possible Rating: Bondage ||     Setting: City    ||     Pairing: M/F or M/F/F    ||    Preferred Character: Vampire  ||     Seeking: Human Servant/Created Vampire/Animal to Call/New conquest
The Story:You say sociopath like it is a bad thing, but Gerard has been living as one for hundreds of years and he seems quite fine. Then again it is all relative. Exploring the bond of a vampire borne of logic and cold calculations and a woman that cannot live without him. They push each other away and yet at the end of the day they have to come back. Without each other their power is weakened and there is always enemies at the gates
Plot Possibilities:This can be the story of how the two of them are tied to each other or perhaps decades later where they look to add to their growing collection. I am open to almost anything but have been craving a vampire story of late and Gerard has been one of my favorite characters for quite some time.

Your Princess is in Another Castle
    Genre: Fantasy
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: Wilderness, Castle, Fantasy World    ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Knight  ||     Seeking: Evil Queen
The Story:The land is ruled by an evil queen, every so often a hero emerges and like any good queen she cuts down the threat or recruits them for her own desires. This time however she has the chance to see it from the other side. She is caught bathing in a spring that is said to help keep her beauty be eternal, placing two ogres at the water’s edge to ensure her privacy. What she was not expecting was for a young hero to think that they were about to take her hostage and to become a sacrifice for the queen.
Plot Possibilities:Does the queen go along and be nothing more than a damsel in distress enjoying the attention of the knight who does not know better? Does she corrupt him to her cause or was her cause just all along? Did she seize the kingdom from an inept king and is now building them up for a darkness that only she can see?

Warden by any other name
    Genre: Modern Fantasy, Dresdenverse
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: City    ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Warden/Wizard  ||     Seeking: Fey, White Court Vampire, Any troublemaker
The Story:Warden and Guardian of the west coast was not all that it was cracked up to be. Resources were getting thin and his territory was expanded. What is a wizard supposed to do other then try to keep up. The world is fraying and while saving it is reserved for weekends and overtime pay.
Plot Possibilities: It might be another day for a Warden of the White Council but not everyone is out to get the wizard. There are some that are working against him but others that seem to just enjoy messing with him. Could it be a vampire of the white court that thinks of the warden as a new toy or a tool to further her aim. Perhaps a farie from the winter court that has taken a vacation from the wars and is looking for a good time.

Cold Iron, Hot Knights*
    Genre: Modern Fantasy, Fairy, Sidhe
    Possible Rating: Light/Bondage ||     Setting: City/Hollowed Hills/Somewhere Inbetween    ||     Pairing: M/F  or F/F ||    Preferred Character:  Sidhe Knight ||     Seeking: Sidhe Woman
The Story:I have been having a Sidhe desire lately and would like to see what we can come up with. Seelie/Unseelie it doesn't really matter. It could be a forbidden romance between a knight and a Sidhe woman from the opposite court.
Alternative: The queen gives one of her personal guards to a Siren. He was once a god of the sea but now power has faded and many have forgotten the name he once wore. However, the queen has never been known for her benevolence and has made the guard swear off any romantic entanglements with the Siren. Can the Former Sea God and Creature born of the sea find a common ground, will he forsake everything and slake a thirst he did not know he ever had?

Plot Possibilities: Anything you can think of, still just a craving and do not have any solid ideas yet.

Poof! What do you need?
    Genre: Modern Fantasy or Fantasy, Demon, Fallen
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: City    ||     Pairing: M/F or M/F/F    ||    Preferred Character: Demon  ||     Seeking: Summoner/Toy/Anything inbetween
The Story:A demon is called to this plane but like all power there is a catch. It is impossible to fully bind the greatest of demons and it ends up being a partnership. A negotiation each time a task needs to be done with those that are blatant orders being corrupted beyond the spirit of the desire. After all did not the origin of lawyers come from the infernal plane?
Plot Possibilities:Is it a great and powerful sorceress looking to expand her power and try to bond a strong familiar, or perhaps the decendent of one that has already summoned the demon and has just stumbled upon a book that happens to have his name. Will the demon even demand a play thing of his own to taunt the very woman that claims to be his Mistress.

Bound to Serve
Genre: Modern Fantasy/Fantasy, Magic, Demon, Teasing, Bondage
    Possible Rating: Light/Bondage/NC ||     Setting: Mage School, Urban City, Castle    ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character:  Mage   ||     Seeking: Succubus
The Story:A Sorcerer just starting to become self sufficient in his craft decides its time to summon a familiar. After all, everyone else has one and the neat things they could do with the familiars would really help him in his day to day life. The spell perhaps goes wrong and instead of a minor spirit a Succubus decides to answer the call. How will this new found familiar affect his life. Will she use her powers to actually help him like a good familiar should or does she seek to make his life a living hell
Plot Possibilities: Is she running from a demon lord and does not want to get sent back? Does she eventually start to like the sorcerer and they try to find ways for him not to die. Do they tease each other half to death and then some? Does he force her to serve and find ways around the soul sucking? Does he have to break her and train her to be a proper familiar?

We are Not A-mused
Genre: Modern Fantasy, Renaissance
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: City    ||     Pairing: M/F   ||    Preferred Character: Artist  ||     Seeking: Muse
The Story:An artist catches the eye of Greek Muse and falls in love with him before he can even see her. Her image torments him in his dreams and he cannot help but paint, write, and sometimes both at the same time. She poses as a human woman to get closer and the proximity is enough to make the flame of creativity burn brightly.
Plot Possibilities:Does their love cause the Artist to burn out and be nothing more then an empty husk? Is there a jealous Sister of the Muse that does not like the devotion that he gives her? Does the muse take pity and search for a new lover for her artist before being over come with jealousy? Does the Muse have a darker desire, feeding on an artist until they burn themselves out and eventually come into a horrid end. This story does not end with the artist's death, for there is something else lurking wishing for such inspiration.

Time after Time after Time...
    Genre: Modern Fantasy, Time Travel
    Possible Rating: Light ||     Setting: Anywhere you can imagine    ||     Pairing: M/F   ||    Preferred Character: Time Mage   ||     Seeking: Companion
The Story:The doctor meets magic. There isn't too much to this particular plot yet. He is a master of Time and Fate. Finding his latest companion by diving on her and tackling her down on the street. Then when nothing happens looking fairly perplexed. It is not until he realizes the time that he is a full day early. Nothing like being in the wrong place or the wrong time. Or was it?
Plot Possibilities: Traveling through different times. Zany Magic. The possibilities are endless.

Fire Reborn
    Genre: Fantasy, Dragon
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: Anywhere you can imagine    ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Knight/Adventurer  ||     Seeking: Dragon
The Story:Similar to the above prompt but only this time in reverse. A young knight seeking glory or permise under command from a king to slay the dragon that has been seen over the land. He gets to the cave and finds a beautiful woman. Perhaps she was captured by the beasts! Well he is honor bound to save her.
Plot Possibilities:Is the woman really the dragon but in human form? Is it a case of mistaken identity that turns into something more? Does she reveal herself and take the man captive? There have been many male dragon/female captive plots but this idea tickled my fancy enough to list it. How would it work in reverse?

Mist and Flame
    Genre: Fantasy, Political Intrigue, Master/Apprentice
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: High Fantasy    ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Mentor/Retired War Wizard ||     Seeking: Sorcerer in need of more training
The Story:The war was over but that did not mean the fighting had stopped. Tempers started to cool between the two great nations but that did not mean the victor go the spoils. The lands were scarred where the great battles took place. Power and magics unleashed that the world had never known and hopefully never will again. Although the magic colleges still teach the art to those that can use it they are closely monitored and distrusted by all the people. Some have rejoined the colleges hoping to settle down and teach once again but others, those that delved into the magic that is no longer taught out of fear, vanished. It has been fifty years since that last battle, those that have the gift to harness the forbidden magic are quietly displaced. Sometimes however a teacher remembers another time and seeks to place a student so that they can learn, and save their own lives
Plot Possibilities: Exploring the mentor/apprentice relationship. Political intrigue! When she is trained does she convince the tired wizard to go back to the civilized world and reclaim back the world that now fears them. Is there another war brewing and they need to step into stop it? Are they both from opposite sides of the border and have their own prejudice to work though.

Reborn in Fire

    Genre: Fantasy, Dragon
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: Anywhere you can imagine    ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Dragon  ||     Seeking: Human/Dragon
The Story:A woman is sacrificed to a dragon, the reason can be up for discussion. She could be a disgraced warrior, a sister of a prince that did not like to share power. The dragon comes down and instead of eating or cooking the woman takes her back to his lair. There she gets to know the dragon, hate turning into friendship all the while she meets the other 'captive' of the cave. A charming man that seems to have made peace with the dragon, in reality it is just the dragon's human form.
Plot Possibilities: Does hate turn to love? Does she fall for the human and the secret that they are one in the same cause problems. Could she learn the ancient art of magic and go back to over turn her brother. Does she perhaps have dragon blood that is awakened and find that she has a second form?

Dragon/Human-Light Pairing: Available
Dragon/Human-Dark/Bondage Pairing*: Available


    Genre: Fantasy, Renaissance
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: City    ||     Pairing: M/F   ||    Preferred Character: Fencing Teacher  ||     Seeking: Student/ Board Socialite /Woman Seeking Vengence
The Story:A teacher is called in to teach the fine art of dueling. His student, something that is uncommon if not unheard of a woman seeking to learn how to dance with steel.
Plot Possibilities:The woman could be wishing to learn the blade to take vengeance for herself or her family? Could the teacher be a retired vigilante and she is seeking to learn his secret? Perhaps she is just a board socialite looking for something to do that her father would not approve of.

Forced Together

    Genre: Fantasy, Renaissance
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage-NC? ||     Setting: City    ||     Pairing: M/F   ||    Preferred Character: Force User (Sith or Jedi)  ||     Seeking: Apprentice/Prisoner/Jedi
The Story:There is not much of a story here yet, its more of an idea, as it would depend on the pairing. Is it a story about corruption, where one is falling to the dark side? Is it a story of redemption where the Jedi and a Sith are stuck on a planet together and have to rely on each other to get out? Or perhaps just a standard Master/Apprentice relationship that goes wrong

Fandoms: First, I will absolutely never play a canon character. I find that exploring the world that has been created by another, perhaps even adding onto it, is far more enjoyable. It also helps that everyone is on the same page.
  • Desden Files: How can you not like a world were sarcasm and wit run rampant
  • Laurel K  Hamilton: Enjoy her world even if I wish to strangle the woman for her characters
  • Wheel of Time: The intricate world always begs to be explored.
  • MistBorn (anything by Brandon Sanderson)

System Games/Group Games/Freeform:

Dream of Fire
 Genre: Modern Fantasy, White Wolf, World of Darkness, Mage
    Possible Rating: Light ||     Setting: Anywhere you can imagine    ||     Pairing: Any   ||    Preferred Character: GM/Story Teller   ||     Seeking: Player(s)
The Story:It is the middle of November, and the weather has gripped the city with a murderous heat. There are no cool breezes nor is there any relief from the overwhelming heat. Some say that it is global warming but the heat and unrest extends into the spirit realm. The very fabric between the worlds is in flux and new souls awaken to the call of the super natural. What will you do when you awaken?

 Genre: D&D, Fantasy, Freeform
  || Setting: Anywhere you can imagine    ||     Pairing: Any   ||    Preferred Character: GM/Story Teller   ||     Seeking: Player(s)

Currently there is no story. Will wait to see what kind of characters/players are interested

Taken Stories: Could be interested in variations of these ideas but not direct duplication. Inspire me and I will happily reopen any of them.

Faith of the Fallen

For the Fallen
    Genre: Modern Fantasy, Angel, Demon, Fallen
    Possible Rating: Light-Bondage ||     Setting: City    ||     Pairing: M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Fallen/Angel  ||     Seeking: Human/Angel/Demon
The Story:A lonely angel/former angel of death. No one quite understands who and what he is. His job the solemn task to conduct the souls of the departed to the next great mystery. Perhaps he is a fallen angel, loving the humans too much to take their life and instead gave it back to them.
Plot Possibilities:Does the angel of death meet a human that he cannot reap? Perhaps another Angel takes pity on his lonely quest and attempts to befriend him, or maybe a demon attempts to complete his fall.

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Re: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)
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Changed Layout, Added Stories, Still looking for partners! Send PM

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Re: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)
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Updated Story Status, Added two additional stories (Bound to Serve; Cold Iron, Hot Knights)

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Re: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)
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Updated Story Status, Added four additional stories (Warden by any other name, Mist and Flame, Dream of Fire, Pathfinder), Reopened Time after Time

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Re: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)
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Re: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)
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Re: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)
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Added Your Princess is in Another Castle, Reopened a few story ideas, open to reopen more for the right person/idea. Currently taking a few more stories. Feel free to send a PM.

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Re: Cerigo's Current Cravings: (Plot Heavy M, Seeking Partners)
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Reopening stories, getting back into writing 1on1s again. Feel free to send PM if any of the ideas interest you or if you have an idea of your own.