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Author Topic: Boys, Boys, Boys! (MxM, Death Note, Black Butler ect ect...)  (Read 605 times)

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I am looking for someone who'd be interested in playing one of the red characters.

Young Man x Raven Haired Boy

Those who attended the Church of St. Francis by the gray river in France spoke of an angel who lived in the bell tower, ringing the bells to draw folks to worship.  It has been years since, and the church is abandoned, but the bells still ring. 
A handsome, wealthy man from England decides to renovate the church into his new home, and the "angel" doesn't like this.  Strange happenings occur, things disappear or are broken, and eventually the man catches the culprit in his new house, the "angel", the mischevious black haired blue eyed boy.  The boy has lived alone all these years, somehow not aging, not mixing into society.  Is he really an angel...?
The man must train the shy, half wild boy and teach him manners and social skills.  He feeds, schools the boy and keeps him safe, telling everyone in town he is his long lost son, or brother (you choose).  However, the man cannot contain his affection for the strange boy, and in payment for all he's given him...he wants a physical relationship.  If the boy becomes angry, he disappears into makeshift crawlspaces or goes back up to the bell tower.

The boy's personality is almost otherworldly in this story; he is quiet, slightly naive but with the wise eyes of a much older soul.

Sebastian Michaelis x Orphan Twin

Young Sebastian Michaelis marries a woman against his will.  She cannot have a child, so they decide to adopt.  They get their eyes set on a pair of twin raven haired teens, one a boy, one a girl.  Sebastian begs for the girl, not trusting himself around such a beautiful boy as the other twin.  They send for the girl, and when it arrives, Sebastian is relieved.  Dark shoulder length hair like the sister, pretty eyes like the sister, a gentle young voice like the's the brother.  The wife is stunned by the mistake, but loves him.  Sebastian is terrified.  He's supposed to call this sexy boy "son"?  The boy develops somewhat of a crush on his new father, and Sebastian decides to take full advantage of that..

Man Next Door x Lexi

It is around 1930 in France, Europe (doesn't have to be in France, I just have a thing for making my characters wear the adorable hats).  A boy moves in next door to your character, a quiet, individualistic thing, his beret pulled down over his eyebrows more like a beanie would fit.  His parents are hardly ever there, one wonders if they even exist.  Your character, the man next door (whatever age you like) sees the boy everyday going to and from school, invites him in for a cream puff, takes him to the picture show ect.  The dark haired blue eyed boy is mysterious indeed.  The man happens to be a genius magician of his time, and performs magic tricks, gives the teen little sweets and tells him stories. in exchange to let the man perform increasingly sexual acts.  Lexi is thoroughly convinced that the man is a real magician, a magical man, a time traveler perhaps, a master of the imagination.

Mello x Matt

20 year old Mello is full of surprises; he's a tight clothes wearing, slender, sexy pretty-faced blonde guy, yet he rides a motorcycle, works for the Japanese FBI and isn't afraid to pop a cap.  He's a nice guy though, right...?

He used to be.  The Kira Case has taken hold of his life; he smokes now, drinks way more than he should, and has taken to beating his room mate Matt.  Though they're about the same slender body type, Matt finds it hard to fight off a guy backed with such anger.  They were friends, and started to become more, but something broke.  One night, in a drunken state, Mello overcomes Matt in a tussle and sexually violates him, leaving his best friend wondering just how out of control their relationship has gotten. 

(Mello with his chocolate, unfortunately after he gets his scar)

Matt fights back in this (though still loses), lots of dark themes, blood and violence, non-consensual sex.  Mello goes back to normal, quiet self when sober.


Mello x Near

Mello and Near grew up in the UK and have now moved to Japan to work alongside L.  Mello is interested in Near's body, and Near wants desperately to leave his unexcepting foster home and start anew.  Once they get there, the abuse starts, and Mello reminds him that he is the one who saved him, who took him away, that it would be unwise to leave...  He tries to keep Near down, in the apartment and away from society, keeping him for himself and treating him roughly behind the bedroom door.  Near however, begins finding ways to break free and go out behind Mello's back, finding peace in an old friend, peace away from the yelling, the fighting, the fists and the blood; it doesn't last.  Near belongs to Mello, and the blonde will be dead before he let's him go.

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Re: In a mood for Violence (DeathNote plots, M/M, NonCon)
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New and updated plots!