One Unihibited Night

Started by Xantham, June 15, 2012, 06:51:36 PM

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One Uninhibited Night


Dr. Todd Thornton had created a marvel of science.  He was employed as a Marriage counselor, but he was a part-time inventor as well.  He had been playing around with effects of sonic frequencies and he stumbled onto a machine that seemed to create an ultrahigh frequency sound that created in nearby people a feeling of openness, a willingness to listen, and general peaceful harmony.  His entirely unscientific testing placed its limits at about 20ft.  For him as a marriage counselor, it was genius.  Sessions became much more fruitful.  What he didn't know was that the machine was working on a deeper level as well.  It also removed almost all inhibitions when active.  It was like a switch that turned off the brain's self-editing capabilities.  This did not matter much during strictly controlled sessions, but recently, still unaware of the side effects, he had built a second small version that he was going to give to troubled patients on a short term basis to help them away from the office.  He had simple instructions:  Pick a spot in the house, call it your talking zone.  Turn this machine on and leave it there.  Anytime the two of you feel the need to fight, go to your talking zone, breath deep and talk, instead.  This is the story of one of those couples.  They took the machine home and made the living room their talking zone.  Sometime that night a gathering took place in the living room.  What could possibly occur when four people got together with no inhibitions?


This is going to be a short free-form game.  All action takes place in one night.  Understandably, it will be a little heavier on the sex and a little lighter on the plot.  However, I am not looking for a complete lack of story.  The set-up is what makes the payoff interesting.  I want the people to slowly devolve.  The machine does not create sex-crazed machines, it just removes inhibitions.  If you need a parallel, think about alcohol as a remover of inhibitions.  This does the same thing except without the sloppy side effects.

Example of machine behavior:

No Machine
Male:  Wow, your wife has nice tits!
Other Male:  What the Hell! (Punches Male) Who the hell do you think you are, talking about my wife like that!

Male:  Wow, your wife has nice tits!
Other Male:  It's true and they are wonderful to hold, but I don't think you should be discussing my wife like that.  We do not have that kind of relationship.

Some things to think about:  What happens if someone leaves the circle of sound?  And when they come back?  The machine does not erase memories.  The visitors can be anyone, with any relationships, though I think it would be most interesting if they were a couple as well, or somehow knew each other and not disparate individuals.  All kinks are welcome, but the machine definitely turns off violent tendencies.  Things I think would be interesting:  An incestuous connection, Emergent D/s tendencies (within machine guidelines for violence), Fetishes, Emergent bi-sexual tendencies.  This is just a short list.  Please pick at least one thing for your PM.

For the game, I will play the husband.  I am looking for a wife and some guests (at least two, but a few more are doable.)

If you are interested, please send a PM with the following information:

Character Slot:  (Wife, Guest)
If guest, how do they know Husband and Wife and possibly other character(s)?:  (This will not be set in stone, but act as a jumping off point.)
One interesting thing about the character that might emerge:  (As per above)

Once we have at least a foursome, we will do fuller bios.

Please reply to this post only if you have an urgent question.  Some details will be worked out in planning.