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Author Topic: The Pennyworth Chronicles M and F spots available  (Read 788 times)

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The Pennyworth Chronicles M and F spots available
« on: June 15, 2012, 04:48:33 pm »
NOTICE: We need at least six characters to get through act 1. We have 2 already so we need four more in order to kick the game off. If you're interested in getting in please feel free to PM me or write a reply underneath.

Let me start by apologizing for the longevity of this post. I know it's a lot of reading however I've put a lot of thought, detail, and effort into this game to provide it's players with a fun and creative experience. "The Pennyworth Chronicles" is the main title and will hopefully have several chapters added to it. My plan is to add new characters and make certain changes to the game so that it evolves alongside the players with each chapter. I've created my own custom DC Universe so if after reading the plot(s) in Section 1 if you're still interested in playing make sure you read the timeline of past events in Section 3 so you have an idea of what's happened through out the characters history along with a quick and dirty bio for each character in Section 4 of this post. Oh yeah and don't forget to read that all important Section 5 which covers Game Play and also don't forget to read the Rules.

Section 1 = Plot
Section 2 = List of Playable Characters
Section 3 = Timeline of Past Events
Section 4 = Character Bios
Section 5 = Game Play
Section 6 = Rules

1. Plot(s):
Chapter 1 "One Cave Fits All"
     (A)"Welcome To Gotham City, Population 8, 168, 564-, The Home of Batman" that's what the sign outside the Gotham City border says. It was a nice sentiment that the city included him on the sign, but did he deserve it? After 17 years of crime fighting, the continuous saving of thousands, but what difference did he really make and who's life? Those were the questions on the aging dark knight mind. Inadvertently these thoughts had been placed in his mind like seeds by the infamous Ras Al Ghul who had recently captured the defender of Gotham. While in captivity Ras the Immortal tortured Batman in efforts to finally break his will and turn him to the dark side. Eventually Batman, Bruce Wayne, was rescued by Ras's daughter Talia and the son she had with Bruce but never told him about Damien. After being pulled from the pits of captivity Bruce's mind slowly pieced itself back together culminating in his new view of the world and ending in these thoughts that now plagued him. Bruce had been Batman for 17 years, in that time much had happened he came to the conclusion that he was not ready to give up the mantle of the Bat so instead decided it was time to hit the reboot button. There had been so many friends and allies, an entire surrogate family that he had pushed away in his quest for vengeance that if he truly wanted to start a new that he would first have to reconcile with them. He had sent out invitations to all of his closest allies asking them to move into Wayne Manor, share the cave, and act as a single unit dedicated to the original goal of making the world a better place. "A new start for all," the invitation said but Bruce knew that having all of those people with their sorted pasts and dysfunctional relationships could mean disaster. But if they all felt the way he did, if they all really wanted to try over then he knew it would work. "It may be difficult at first," Bruce explained to his trusted companion Alfred, "But if they are truly dedicated then nothing will be able to stop us."

     (B)A new speed drug has hit the streets of Gotham City and has been sending it's takers to rehab faster than the Flash. Little is known about the drug called Nuke, other than it has highly addictive properties. Soon the poor citizens of Gotham will find out about the consequences that a small overdose of Nuke can have on a human being. Junkies all over the city will be turning into raging nightmares of testosterone and hormones. The Batman and his team have to stop the druggies from raping and killing people all over the city while also trying to track down the makers of Nuke and putting it to stop. They also have to either find an antidote or face the soul wrenching repercussions that come with taking the life of another human being in order to put these near unstoppable beasts down.
(Basically when people overdose on Nuke they kinda become rage zombies like the reapers from Firefly/Serenity and the only way to stop the adrenaline fueled rage pumping through their systems may end up being to kill them before they kill you. Keep in mind most of these characters have never taken a life before so it won't be easy for them to make that choice and some may avoid it. But what happens is up to you and how you decide to play your character of choice.)

2. List of Playable Characters(s): (Those with a strike through are already taken. Also they play in the order in which they are listed, so for example Batman is player 1 Catwoman is player 2 and so on.)

     1. Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Taken by Mysterchr)
     2. Selena Kyle aka Catwoman
     3. Dick Grayson aka Nightwing
     4. Betty Kane aka Flamebird
     5. Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl
     6. Jason Todd aka Red Hood
     7. Timothy Drake aka Red Robin
     8. Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl
     9. Cassandra Cain aka Batgirl
   10. Catherine Kane aka Batwoman
   11. Helena Kyle aka Huntress (Taken by AribethAmkiir)
   12. Damien Wayne aka Robin

3. Timeline of Past Events: (Please make sure to read this along with your chosen character Bio so you know what's happened in the past. I've tried to put enough detail in it without going overboard. The timeline begins at Bruce's first year as Batman, more things will be added to it later at the release of future chapters.)

-23 Year Old Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl of Batman for the first time.
-22 Year Old Selena Kyle appears as Catwoman, a lesser known and mysterious cat burglar, appears for the first time in Gotham City.
-Batman and Catwoman began a casual sexual relationship that abruptly ended when Catwoman fled the city after learning that she was pregnant with Batman's child. She chose not to reveal the pregnancy to Batman in fear that it would compromise her secret identity and be the end of her career.

-Bruce Wayne continues his career as Batman
-Helina Kyle, daughter of Selena and Bruce was born.

-13 year old Dick Grayson moved into Wayne Manor and began training to become the Dark Knights apprentice.
-Bruce Wayne began another sexual relationship with the enemy, this time with the beautiful but deadly Talia Al Ghul, which also ended in a hidden pregnancy.

-Damien, son of Talia and Bruce was born.

-15 Year old Dick Grayson had finally finished his training and became the first Robin.
-Selena Kyle, Catwoman, returns to Gotham leaving her daughter Helena with her sister and brother in law in Flordia.
-Following in the footsteps of Batman and Robin came two new herions, the first Batwoman and the first Batgirl.
-25 Year old Kathy Kane became the first Batwoman alongside her niece Betty,
-15 Year old Betty Kane became the first Batgirl.
-Betty and Dick began a young love relationship.

-Kathy Kane was murdered.
-After the violent death of her aunt, Betty Kane was forced to move with her parents to the West Coast. She continued to be Batgirl on occasion and also returned to Gotham City on occasion.

-20 year old Barbara Gordon became the new Batgirl of Gotham City.
-Barbara and Dick began an affair even sleeping together, she was his first but he wasn't hers.
-Betty discovered the affair and left Gotham, while also giving up the Batgirl persona for good.

-Barbara Gordon is paralyzed by the Joker.
-Dick Grayson blames Bruce for what happened to Barbara, his reasoning is that the Joker couldn't have gotten away with it had Batman killed him. Grayson has since grown out of this believe but only years later.
-Dick Grayson gave up being Robin and decided to walk away from heroics for good.

-Grayson moved to LA where he ran into his old flame Betty Kane who was now in law school.
-Grayson and Kane started a relationship that was doomed to fail due to him still having feelings for Barbara Gordon.
-Grayson and Kane also started a new crime fighting career under new names, Nightwing and Flamebird.
-16 Year old Jason Todd becomes the new Robin

-When Grayson and Kanes relationship failed he moved back to Gotham City, expecting to leave his adventures as Nightwing in LA however the need for a hero was to great and he found he was unable to sleep at night without the heroics. There already being a Robin in town he decided to redone his Nightwing persona, with a makeover look.
-Bruce demanded that Gotham was his city and Grayson take his heroics else where, so Grayson moved to Bludhaven a small city with the same violent citizens right next to Gotham.
-Barbara Gordon returns to the fight, this time as Oracle. The information broker and tech guru for the member of the bat family.

-Jason Todd was thought to have been killed by the Joker, however he was resurrected by Ras Al Ghul and kept secret from Bruce Wayne.

-15 Year old Timothy Drake becomes the new Robin.

-Tim Drake gives up the Robin persona after being pushed away by Bruce.
-15 Year old Stephanie Brown picks up the Robin persona in order to convince Tim that Batman still needed a Robin.
-Jason Todd returns to Gotham as Red Hood, an anti hero who believes in killing villains rather than arresting them.

-Tim Drake returns as Robin.
-Stephanie Brown becomes Batgirl however she is quickly dismissed by Batman, saying that she is nothing more than a distraction.
-Jason Todd again returns to Gotham this time as Red Robin, but after finding it to difficult to stop himself from killing the bad guys quickly retires.
-Selena Kyle moves to Florida to be closer with her daughter.
-17 year old Cassandra Cain becomes the new Batgirl.
-20 year old Catherine Kane, niece to Kathy and cousin to Betty, becomes the new Batwoman.

-Betty Kane returns to Gotham bringing her Flamebird persona with her.
-Jason Todd returned as Red Hood but was quickly kicked out by Nightwing.
-Cassandra Cain goes missing.
-Stephanie Brown becomes Batgirl again, this time as Barbara Gordon's choice.

-13 Year old Damien Wayne became the newest Robin
-Tim Drake becomes Red Robin at the arrival of Damien.
-Selena Kyle returned to Gotham bringing her daughter with her.
-Helena Kyle has become Huntress.
-Cassandra Cain returns from a journey of self discovery and continues to call her persona Batgirl.

4. Character Bios: (I know this section seems a bit bland at the moment but like I said it's a work in progress. Feel free to use what ever image references you want in game, and plenty of them, the images here were only chosen for presentation.)

Bruce Wayne aka Batman

Age: 40
Leading Skill: The skills that truly put Batman ahead of the rest is his power of detection.
Brief History: When Bruce was just a boy he witnessed the murder of his parents right in front of him. That night Bruce swore vengeance against the criminals that ran Gotham City. All though the criminals have since evolved his battle against them has never been harder.
     -Bruce and Selena have had a romantic yet casual sexual relationship in the past. Bruce tries to avoid those feelings, unlike Selena who loves pushing his buttons.
     -Bruce is the surrogate father to many,  but he is also the biological father of two. Until recently he wasn't even aware of their existed.
     - After Barbara Gordon was paralyzed by the Joker and Dick Grayson took off for LA Barbara and Bruce grew close, to an almost romantic sense but they haven't pushed that boundary.(yet)

Selena Kyle aka Catwoman

Age: 39
Leading Skill: Catwoman's biggest advantage over any foe is her ability to tip toe in and out of anywhere undetected.
Brief History: Selena was sent away to a boarding school along with her younger sister when they were younger after their parents died in a car accident. Selena began her career as a cat burglar at young age. All though she donned her costume before Batman, Bruce still holds the record for longest consecutive time in the fight.
     - Selena has been in love with Bruce since she first met him as Batman.
     - All though Selena has flipped flopped back in forth from the side of good to bad, since her recent move to Florida and return she's stayed on the side of good. Making her a valuable alley to Batman and his family.
     - Despite the age difference Selena and Dick Grayson have shared a romantic kiss or two, but never going beyond second base.
     - She also really wants her daughter Helena to look up to her as a role model but often she acts more like the cool parent trying to make up for the time that Helena spent living with her sister and brother in law.

Dick Grayson aka Nightwing

Age: 27
Leading Skill: Dick Grayson has been doing acrobatics since before he started walking. He's the only one on the team that's ever been mistaken as a flying super hero.
Brief History: Dick Grayson was the youngest flying Grayson at the circus it was a happy childhood. Until one night his family was murdered right in front of his own eyes. Bruce Wayne witnessed the event as well which brought back painful memories of his own childhood. Hopping to guide the young Grayson away from spending the rest of his life seeking vengeance like he did, Bruce took Dick in. It wasn't long before the boy wonder figured out where Mr Wayne was disappearing to every night. That's when Bruce realized he wouldn't be able to stop Dick from whatever path he chose, so instead he would have to train him making him the first Robin. After a few years as the dark knights apprentice, Dick branched off and became a solo hero as Nightwing.
     - Dick has held serious relationships with Betty Kane and Barbara Gordon.
     - Dick often doesn't know if he should look at Bruce as a father figure or a partner.
     - Dick and Jason are often at odds over which was a better Robin to Batman.

Betty Kane aka Flamebird

Age: 26
Leading Skill: Betty's endurance helps her push longer and faster than the others on the team.
Brief History: When Catherine Kane decided to become Batwoman Betty, Catherine's niece, couldn't resist the chance to join her and get cozy with that cute boy Robin. Sadly Catherine was murdered in the line of duty. Her death played a hard toll on Bruce but even harder on Betty. Betty's used the death to push her harder. However her parents decided that with the death of their family member it was time to move away from Gotham. Betty was forced to move with them to LA, she continued to be Batgirl on occasion and also returned to Gotham City on occasion. That ended after she caught her boyfriend, Dick Grayson, cheating on her with Barbara Gordon. Grayson eventually moved to LA where he ran into his old flame Betty Kane who was now in law school. The two picked up their relationship where they left off and even started a new crime fighting career under new names, Nightwing and Flamebird. The relationship was sadly doomed to fail due to Grayson still having lingering emotions for Barbara Gordon. Recently Betty Kane has returned to Gotham City bringing with her the Flamebird persona.
     - Betty has been in love with Grayson since before she knew who was behind the mask.
     - Betty hates Barbara Gordon for stealing Dick away when they were younger.

Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl

Age: 29
Leading Skill: Barbara's skills with computer tech makes her a valuable player to any team.
Brief History: Unlike the other members of the family Barbara Gordon doesn't come from a tragic background. Instead she simply had a calling that drew her to heroics. After some time as Batgirl, the Joker came to her apartment looking to get payback against her father the commissioner. The sadistic madman shot her point blank in the chest hitting spine and leaving her paralyzed. The Robin at the time, Dick Grayson, took this event harder than anyone else. He even broke up with her stating that seeing her in a wheel chair only reminded him of how he couldn't protect her. Barbara and Dick have since made piece with their break up, but she still wonders if that's how he sees her. As some girl he couldn't protect. Recently she had new cybernetic muscle enhancers developed by Wayne Tech surgically installed to her spine returning her ability to walk again. Skipping the usual therapy that would be required by such a recovery she immediately put on the cape and went out for a stroll on the rooftops and returning to her post as Batgirl.
     - Once in love with Dick Grayson but now holds mixed feelings on the subject.
     - All though her relationship with Batman is more of a father daughter one, she has on occasion wondered what a sexual relationship with Bruce would be like.
Jason Todd aka Red Hood

Age: 23
Leading Skill: Unlike his Judo master of a mentor, Batman, Jason is more of a street fighter. Using brute boxing skills more often then acrobatics and fancy kicks.
Brief History: Jason Todd was an orphan when Batman came across him. He had been taking captive and forced into an underground fighting ring, where crime bosses would pit kid against kid. Seeing the anger and resentment behind the young boys eyes, Bruce connected with him. Jason was invited to move into the Manor and became the second Robin. His career as Robin was sadly short lived when the Joker took him hostage and beat him to death. He was later resurrected by Ras Al Ghul in one of the Lazarist pits, however his resurrection was hidden from Bruce for a couple of years until his resurrection was complete. Upon awaking and finding out that Batman didn't put a bullet in the Jokers head for the way he had brutally murdered him, he felt all that rage from childhood come back to him in full force. He took the identity originally used by the Joker, the Red Hood, and sought out vengeance of his own. Jason became an anti hero often killing foes rather than disabling them. It's taken a lot of work but finally he's gotten back to the point of realizing that by killing his enemy he because his enemy. But he is still one of the few member of the family to have taken a life.
     -Jason had a small crush on Barbara when they were younger despite the wheelchair.

Tim Drake aka Red Robin

Age: 19
Leading Skill: Despite being a black belt and going through all of the same training as the previous Robin's underwent, Drakes best skills are actually his people skills. Often being able to talk information out of an enemy better than Batman's interrogation techniques.
Brief History: Like Barbara Gordon, Tim didn't come to heroics out of tragedy but it's rather a calling for him. After seeing Batman in the news without a Robin for so long he just assumed the worse and took it upon himself to become Robin. He's had his moments of doubt but always returned to the cape.
     - He held a short relationship with Stephanie Brown but quickly broke it off stating that she just got in the way of his duties as a crime fighter.
     - After so long of being the youngest member of the Batfamily, Drake got used to being the "baby". Now that Damien has arrived he often gets jealous of the attention his replacement gets.

Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl

Age: 18
Leading Skill: Stephanie's father was a criminal and often had criminal friends that she was close to. Those friends of her fathers still turn out to be valuable sources of information.
Brief History: Stephanie's father was a low level criminal called the Spoiler. After her father's capture and incarceration Stephanie took it upon herself to restore the wrong doings of her father as a crime fighter. Like her father she was considered low level and unimportant. Most of the punks she would run into on the streets laughed at her rather than run away. She had planned to quit heroics and become a normal teenager until she meet Tim Drake. After meeting and falling in love with him she was determined to earn herself a spot on the team. First as Robin, then an attempt at being Batgirl before cast out by Batman for being to immature. Some time later she returned again as Batgirl, Batman feeling that she had become more grown up allowed her this time.
     - Stephanie is in love with Drake no matter how many times he says no she just keeps coming back.
     - She is willing to do ANYTHING to get the respect and attention of Batman that he gives the rest of the team.
     - She thinks that Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain have both had their turns as Batgirl and should step down to give her a chance at the mantle.

Cassandra Cain aka Batgirl

Age: 19
Leading Skill: She's been trained as an assassin since birth, enough said.
Brief History: When Cass was born she was immediately sold into slavery the buyer at which was a trained assassin himself. He was looking to train an even better assassin. This worked for some years and she became almost as good as Lady Shiva, but after her first kill she could not look herself in the mirror. She barely knew how to speak yet she fled seeking out the one person who could maybe help her, Batman. Batman took her in but quickly learned how trusting of men she was. He assumed that the man who had took her in had probably raped her, feeling that it was probably better a woman help her he sent her to live with Barbara Gordon. Gordon helped break down the shell that Cassandra built around herself and even taught her to talk. The two were pretty close until Cassandra decided it was time for her to go on a walkabout to learn who she is inside without even saying anything to Barbara.
     -All though it may be rumored that Miss Cain prefers the gentle touch of a woman in her bedroom it is also said that shes been giving glances at Jason Todd and liking what she sees.

Catherine Kane aka Batwoman

Age: 22
Leading Skill: Catherine worked with special forces as a tactical adviser before being wrongfully discharged. She's often consulted with on major sting operations.
Brief History: Catherine is niece to the late Kathy Kane and Cousin to Betty Kane. Following High School she joined the Special Forces where she quickly rode up the ladder thanks to her skills at strategic planning. Sadly that career to a sudden end when a superior officer demanded she give him sexual favors and she refused. She tried to fight the discharge but to no prevail. She missed her job at which was a natural. After discovering her former Aunt's identity as Batwoman she saw it as an opportunity to get back into what she loved.
     - Catherine is an open lesbian, that's not say that the right guy couldn't convince to go both ways though.
     - Due to having little to no actual training as a crime fighter she often questions herself.

Helena Kyle aka Huntress

Age: 16
Leading Skill: Helena has natural agility that gives her great speed in fighting situations.
Brief History: Custody of Helena was given to her aunt Mary and uncle John shortly after she was born. Helena's mother, Selena, knew she wouldn't be a good role model for her daughter and felt that she had to give her up. Selena still visited occasionally but sole custody remained with Mary and John. A few years ago Selena moved to Florida to be closer to Helena. She immediately recognized her daughters talent and took it upon herself to train Helena to be a crime fighter. Helena saw it as a chance to get closer to a mother she didn't really know. Helena also didn't know who her father was until just a few months ago. On Helena's first night out as Huntress she met Batman, to whom her mother introduced the two as father and daughter. Bruce of course being the ever so cautious detective ran a DNA test which proved conclusively that Helena was his child. Helena has only recently begun her career as Huntress and is still considered to be in training despite her instance that she is ready to go out on her own. She hasn't been given much experience outside of dealing with punks and thugs. She's been forbidden by both her parents from approaching any big name villain. She's also been told that she must maintain good grades in order to continue going out as Huntress. If her grades get low she'll be grounded from crime fighting until they improve.
     - Helena has only just begun her career so her history is pretty blank.
     - She has not yet had time to build any type of relationship with any of the other members of the family, that is outside the sorted relationship she already has with her biological parents.
     - Helena lived with Mary and John with no other children, so the idea of now having a brother, Damien, excites her and she hopes to grow closer to him.

Damien Wayne aka Robin Very Important Please Note: Damien is not 16 and therefore in accordance with the rules of E he is allowed to be a functional playable character in the game however he is to have NO involvement with or witness to sexual acts of any kind. PERIOD!

Age: 13
Leading Skill: Well trained assassin since birth much like his older surrogate sister Cassandra Cain except for his training was not as intense nor mentally damaging.
Brief History: Son of Talia Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, the genes of the worlds deadliest assassin mixed with those of the worlds greatest detective. Damien was born to this world destined to do great things. If Damien's grandfather Ras has his way Damien will grow to one day inherit Ras's title as the Immortal Demon and carry on with his life's work of ridding the world of evil one gruesome murder at a time. Talia not wanting her son to grow up to be the monster that her father wants him to be, she made sure to teach the boy things like love. Damien has so far proven to be on the side of good, a bit arrogant, he often brags of being the youngest person to ever be Robin. He too has only recently begun his official career as a crime fighter just like his sister Helena. All though unlike Helena he knew who his father was his whole life even though his father was never even told about him. Damien has been put on the same restrictions as his sister, maintain high grades, no driving the batmobile, and above all never take on a high stakes villain.
     - Damien is arrogant and often insensitive.
     - Due to having a similar background he often gets along with Cassandra Cain better than he does with the others.

5. Gameplay: (This is how to play the game, pay attention because it's not the typical style in which most games on E are played.)

The Pennyworth Chronicles use a very unique style of game play that isn't quite free form but also isn't based on any known published systems, at least known that I'm aware of. As the Game Master it's my job to ensure the game keeps moving. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask either in the OOC or by PM but please leave the game thread to the game. A map will be provided for each location at the beginning of each quest that takes place at that location. With the one exception to that being the map of the family headquarters, Wayne Manor. A maps of the manor and cave will be provided at the beginning of the game. The Game Master, me, may post new maps of the manor and cave at any time. Which brings me to my next point alongside my Game Master duties I will also be playing other roles. I will be playing the role of Bruce Wayne, Batman, the leader of the team. This way I can easily help point the players in the direction of goal and assign missions. When posting as the GM I will post in RED. When posting as a NPC, which I will be doing from time to time I will post in BLUE. I will also be posting as bosses, including the main villian, which I will do in GREEN. As for the main villain and bosses in order to keep the mystery in the game that information is being kept confidential. Part of the game is to uncover who the villains are.

The game will start at Wayne Manor, it's new residents are making themselves at home when the alarm goes off alerting them to report to the batcave. The characters will all assemble there and at this time the players do not have control over there characters. At that point Batman will explain the situation as it stands at that time. He will then pair off the characters into smaller groups and send them off onto separate "missions". Lastly the Game Master (again me) will post the maps and set the scenes for the begging of each separate quest before relinquishing control of the characters to their players. At that point it's up to the players to move their characters through their quest. They are free to interact with the other character(s) at the location or even comm link to another character if so desired. However if the character you're trying to comm link to isn't paying attention to your posts your call may be ignored. Players are also able to create their own NPC's, however players are never allowed to have any control over another player's character. That right is reserved for GM and any appointed sub GM, more on that in the rules section though. The players will continue to move through their request, interacting however they feel fit with each other and the environment until the GM states that those players have achieved their mission goals and grants them permission to return to the manor. Once at the manor when it is the players turn they have free roam through out the house and cave to do and interact as they will, but only during their turn and only with characters that are also at the manor. Characters will remain at the manor until sent on a mission by Batman, alerted to report to the batcave by the GM, or until they've unlocked a hidden mission. (if their is such a thing, hint hint.) Now you are given free roam for the most part through out missions and the manor so if players want their characters to run off to a rooftop somewhere and bone out their frustrations that perfectly ok. But please keep in mind that in order for the game to progress for all of us we need those characters to complete their missions. So feel free to hump just please don't spend the next six weeks going wild all over each other while on a mission, it kinda screws the rest of us up waiting. Oh and if you're caught screwing when the GM sounds the alarm alerting everyone to report to the batcave treat as if you'd really been caught in the act by an alarm, shuffle your pants on and get to the cave. When characters arrive to the batcave after being called to report, that means the next act is starting and a new set of orders is being given out so each player needs to sound off with "HERE" so that Batman can change up who's teamed with who and give new missions assignments out. Then much like the start of the game the player(s) will temporarily loose control over their character while the GM sets up the new locations, scenes, and places the parties in their appropriate places. Just like before once the goals have all been achieved the GM will grant those characters return to the Manor where characters return to free form and await their next set of orders. That's not to say the characters have to return to the manor but until they do the next act cannot begin. Try to keep your eyes open for side missions and the like though. And most importantly don't forget to interact with the other characters. That interaction is what will drive the story beyond just reaching the end of the game. Also feel free to add any image references you want during your post.

Another thing I wanted to add in here is to keep in mind that you're not only crime FIGHTERS, you're also supposed to be detectives so don't forget to detect.

6. Rules:

     1. Have fun, if you want your character to sleep with another character but the other player doesn't don't stress. There's plenty of action to go around.
     2. Damien Wayne is not 16 and therefore in accordance with the rules of E he is allowed to be a functional playable character in the game however he is to have NO involvement with or witness to sexual acts of any kind. If two characters want to screw and Damien happens to be in their party, then the characters are going to have to go somewhere else that is not in front of him. If you're playing Damien it's ok to not give the other characters privacy alone however remember you are NOT allowed to spy on them or take part in any of those activities. Also if you go around kicking doors in the manor in to prevent characters from having privacy Bruce Wayne will punish you.
     3. Players will play in turns, the list of who goes when is above in section 2. Players are given 48 hours from the last players turn to post their turn or they will be skipped and have to wait until their next turn to play. Note that says players not the GM posts, my characters posts as Batman do count as a players post though. I don't plan to kick anyone out for missing a turn here and there but if you make it a habit then other players will suffer and I will be forced to make it a big deal.
     4. I get it things happen and players are unable to play for certain periods of time. If this happens to you please tell me ahead of time otherwise I'll assume the character has been abandonded and put it up for grabs to someone else. If you tell me ahead of time I can call the player's character back to the batcave and bench that character for up to two months. If after one month you still have not returned I'll have to put that character up for grabs as well. Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on a case by case basis provided you communicate with me. I'm very compromising person and I just want my players to have a good time.
     5. No god modding, granted none of the currently available characters even have super powers but still don't walk into a new location and beat everyone on the map in the first move. That's not fair to the other members of your party.
     6. While in the game thread stay in character, if you want to chat to one another that's cool do it in the OOC or PM each other.
     7. Play true to the character, I've put A LOT of time and effort to create a world in which these characters could exsist together the least you could do is stay true to that. I've given plenty of great insight into some of their history and personality traits. I'm also available if you have any questions about your character and how I think the would act. If you feel that any characters bio is lacking feel free to let me know and I'll gladly spice it up for you. 
     8. This game isn't just about reaching the end, it's about the interaction and development between the characters.
     9. One character per player, this may change later but for now lets all just get use to the unique game play and to the characters we are playing before changing it up.
     10. Don't kill a character unless pre-approved by me. That's not me saying your characters can't die and by all means get them as injured as you'd like. I don't mind if some of the characters eventually die off, more characters will be added once the first chapter or "episode" is fully complete, the main villain is defeated, and the second chapter begins.
     11. Don't impregnate a character without pre-approval from me.
     12. Non-con is allowed only when both players have agreed to it through either the OOC or PM. If you make the agreement via pm please shoot me a pm letting me know it's going down just so that I know it was pre arranged in case there's a disagreement about it later.
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Re: The Pennyworth Chronicles M and F spots available
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2012, 05:16:43 pm »
Just putting my hand in as interested, playing as Jason or possibly Dick

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Re: The Pennyworth Chronicles M and F spots available
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2012, 08:31:15 pm »
Awesome Caelcormac, if you don't mind me asking what was it that caught your eye about this game? I mean other than the tremendous amount of effort that's gone into creating a detailed back story for everything?

Alright, for those whom are impatiently awaiting to see the rest of my glorious plan for this game I'm back to work on it tonight. I've got a couple more Bios to finish up then it's on to game play and rules.

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Re: The Pennyworth Chronicles M and F spots available
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2012, 01:13:37 am »
So as you can see from earlier I've made a few edits and added in a whole bunch more. We'll be ready to start just as soon as we get four more people signed up. I predict there will be some minor changes but for the most part what's up top is everything you need to know to play. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask here or shoot me a PM.