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Author Topic: Catch-22: Very Bad Ladies Versus Very Bad Men ~ 5 needed, 3 males, 2 females  (Read 785 times)

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Offline Zombie ApocalypsoTopic starter

Catch-22: Badass Ladies

Human life is insignificant, it can be bought, sold, traded and taken. It was the summer that he made us masters that we created Catch-22.

We were set up to be bought and sold to big named corporations, brainwashed to feel nothing. If guy in the city needed a hit on somebody that did him wrong, we were there to name a price. We haggled, calculated and inevitably kidnapped and murdered for an entire season there would be bloodshed and tears; that was until he came a calling. He bought us out, and in turn we would be vigilantes.

But pasts haunt. They are like petulant infections that carry disease and rot sugary sweet. When we thought that we had been forgiven of our sins and forgotten, we would find parasites seeping from beneath old wounds ready to infect again.

They thought they could take us down; they came with their guns, knives, and corruption. The only thing we could do was laugh and say “Honey we are a The Ladies of Catch-22.” Before showing them just how badass we could be.

Then they started getting smart, they sent men after us, sexy men…At first we snuffed them out one by one, but we were lonely and hungering for a normal life. In the battle of the sexes there was no winner, only too much fraternizing with the enemy.

Our story begins with the Catch-22 Ladies Sector, and three very bad women and three very bad men…


Catch-22 Badass Actresses

From the time she was born she led her life like a romance novel always hoping prince charming would come take her away…Everything she does, she does because she has deep compassion and adoration for almost every person she meets. After fighting a criminal she would rather take them into custody in hopes that they would one day be reformed good people.

Powers~ the lover has the power to wield the four elements…(Kind of Self Explanatory)
However her powers only work if the element is around her, for instance she cannot wield water in the middle of the desert if she is not first carrying water or near a large source of water…

Belligerent and defiant this badass woman loves to party and brawl. Her emotions are only comparable to that of a rabid badger…Growing up in a living hell she knows only survival of the fittest~ If there is a criminal she wants to kill it, if that criminal offers a price for his life that she takes the money and kills him anyway….Her counterparts even wonder if she feels at all….

Powers~ This Lady Vigilante, has all the characteristics of a vampire/werewolf/hybrid thing…She can transform her entire body into that of a wolf, cat or bat, above all she is a creature of stealth, strength and manipulation. There are pieces of Necromancy to be found amidst her assorted powers… as well as travel to the river of Styx to bring back a villain if she feels they haven’t got their just desserts….However once the sun raises her powers no longer work, so with her she carries a rare assortment of weapons…

Sense and Sensibility~ And then we have our intelligent one, She thinks things through before making irrational decisions, being the dividing line of the three it is up to her too take one side or the other… She leads her life through science and religion and only makes decisions if it seems like the implications will be easy to handle…

Powers~ Sense and Sensibility wields the powers of the Mind…Telekinesis, Telepathic, Empathic(Controller of Emotions) and Mind Transfer…She is arguably the most powerful of the three but will not make a decision against her two friends and if they do not agree she makes a decision for them or doesn’t make a decision at all… She is most loyal to the Catch 22 and would stop at nothing to protect them…

Together~ When the three come together though they haven’t quite yet realized it they have the power to manipulate time and all matter down to the smallest detail…


Very Bad Men

Photographer~ This man has been sent by a big corporate magazine and newspaper company to film the woman and get a hold of some blackmail pictures… To do so he must go under cover and follow them throughout all their daily actions…Because he is innocent he favors the evilest of the three and often gets more shots of her then the rest…

A crooked oil company has sent an Assassin to kill the girls so that the company can go about it’s business unchecked…He will have to go undercover and befriend the girls or risk them ganging up on him…He is very angry and mean but warms towards the innocent sister because of her pure love for all things…

Priest~ He is not your average exorcist, and doesn’t necessarily believe in god...  He is ordained by the pope specifically for the reason of protecting Catholic artifacts…Among these artifacts sits the holy lands, in order for the pope to wage war the three sisters need to be out of the way so that they don’t get in the way… He favors the smart sister because; well she is intelligent and offers a wide variety of interesting things for the two to talk about…He gets to know them because of a chance encounter while he was suppose to be trailing them.

Some stuff...

This is basically going to be somewhat free for all...

The three girls live together...

So things do not get confusing we will have a posting order...

I expect that the kinkiness might have a group setting once or twice...

If not..Then a thread can be made for wherever they choose to have their fun...

Ummm...I dunno...Suggestions?

The positions available as of now...

Sense and Sensibility




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Offline CrazEGrl

Seems interesting so I'll take the part of the lover please

Offline Zombie ApocalypsoTopic starter

Alrighty..Now comes the hard part...Waiting..

Offline Antone

 *peeks in momentarily.... might be willing to try... if the idea is still up for doing...*