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Author Topic: Spy Song~Male Needed  (Read 688 times)

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Spy Song~Male Needed
« on: April 11, 2008, 11:17:52 PM »
A young woman, trained in the art of magical trickery by her father the king of thieves has been kidnapped and taken across the ocean to a land in turmoil, to be sold as a slave. A trickster god inhabits such lands, walking in mortal form after being cast from an immortal pedestal by his brother. This trickster causes trouble, but cannot do great damage for fear of being taken by his brother to a place of which he would be unable to return for some millenniums. In order to regain power he needs strength, a strength he can only gain by the hope and eventual honor of his people. The task is difficult, most of his people have been taken into slavery or pushed to banishment by his brothers people. So when he meets a young troublesome woman with potential at a coastal slave auction he scoops her up and throws her into a world of treason and shamed peoples. The young woman didn't ask to carry the weight of the world, all she really wants to do is get home.


Some little character rules and insight...

Rules for the God

1. The god cannot use great magic or his brother will know

2. He cannot tell people that he is a god or prove it to them or else his brother will know 

3. He cannot use his godly magic to force a person to do anything...He can use his magic to persuade...

4. Number three doesn't apply if he is not using magic...So without the godly aid he can go around shooting and killing and making people do his bidding with soldiers as well as other implements..

5. As long as the stories are widespread his brother will never know of his stirring trouble...

Rules for her..Just for the noting

1. She will not tell him who she is and he cannot know unless she tells him...(There is a mighty price on the head of a thief if word got round there would be more trouble to worry about then a troublesome god)

2. She assumes the stature of a slave and does not speak of her magical gifts and is rather suspicious of anybody who asks..Which in turn makes it difficult for him to simply come out and plead his case

3. Her first and foremost desire is to get home...She doesn't like the heat or the strange food..


Demons Mate

Every millennium a mortal female is born who can withstand the kiss of a demon. These females are called Devils mats. Not only are they a rare occurrence but they must face peril each and every day because they hold the keys to unlocking the demon realms and unleashing hell on earth.

Twenty three years after the arrival of the new millennium the demons get together and hold a convention in a Venice hotel to discuss negotiations of peace between two warring parties. It just so happens that a young woman has also arrived in the old country. She is an artifacts dealer and has come from Britain to deliver a book to an old witch who resides in the general area. The young woman knows she has some kind of supernatural connection, just the other day she was having coffee with a sprite. What she doesn’t know is that she has just delivered herself to the hands of devils.

One such devil, a demon king to be precise has a random chance encounter with the lady in a café one evening. He is the first to realize she is one of the few who can mate with him. With her so close to the convention, in the same hotel, it won’t be long before the others discover the secret. The Demon King needs to mate before another can claim her or she falls to the perils of her job.


Wow I am just full of ideas today...

Anyway...This one is pretty self explanatory if you have any questions please ask... Looking for a Demon King
A King and his Body Guard

A king from the lands of Mysani has agreed to meet with representatives from a rival nation to talk peace through the security of his marriage to the rivaling nation’s daughter. It wouldn’t be diplomatic for him to ask the princess to travel such a far way away from home so he has agreed to make the journey. Gathering a few of his best knights and a talented female assassin they begin to make the trek that on the horseback should only take a maximum of two weeks from the edge of his kingdom. Things seem to be going well for the first few days until their assassin rides ahead. In the time of her absence the team is attacked by raiders leaving most of the knights severely injured. When she returns she brings news of people up ahead who don’t look to friendly. They do not have the man power to fight through the mess, they could turn back but the king desperately needs the alliance. Soon after they decide to instead take another route, over a group of mountains that will lead them directly to the kingdom they seek. Since the knights no longer have the power or health to make the journey they are sent back and the king and his assassin press onwards.

But the trip isn’t going to be as easy as they originally planned. The mountain terrain is cold and harsh and there is known cannibalistic villages scattered throughout the mountain range. Not to mention, the two begin to explore treacherous feelings for one another which tends to make things a bit awkward to say the least.


Stuff and what not...

It would begin just after they separate from the knights...And I would hope that when they make it through the mountain pass and too the next kingdom that there is something going on between them and the king feels strange marrying the rivaling nations princess...

And Not sure what else is left to be said...Looking for a male to play the king.....Roles can be switched...The body guard could be the assassin and the queen could be traveling to marry a prince from a rivaling kingdom...


Beauty and The Beast

A man cursed for his vile and thoughtless nature is banished to a castle by a witch and turned into a beast in an attempt to teach him a lesson. He is allowed to leave once a month to lure a woman who might break the curse. One morning he nears a ballroom and waits just inside the forest thicket then begins to howl setting a trap to make it look as if he were an injured man. A young woman dressed in a blue veil comes to his aid and he immediately takes the opportunity to whisk her away to his enchanted castle.

During the day she can often be seen in the garden, reading or picking flowers. But she is always wearing a veil; he never gets the chance to see her face. As his curiosity grows he realizes that she has to shed the veil at night in order to sleep. However, at night he is a monster and he is afraid that if she sees him that she will grow to despise him. Alas he can see little more then bits and pieces of her through a crack in the door or if she should happen to be wandering during the evening. As his perception of the mental beauty, and the parts of her he does see his eagerness to see her unrobed quickly becomes a frightening insatiable hunger and he begins to take more risk. 

She is allowed free reign of the castle both day and night, except for the doors that are locked. The veiled lady has curiosities of her own and soon begins to wonder just what is on the other side of those doors. There is howling at night and shuffles in passages she can only ever hear. Since she only ever sees the man maybe a few hours during the day she begins to wonder if there is not somebody else in the castle she could talk to. She too begins taking risks..


He has a few hours during the day when he can resume a normal male appearance…All other hours he is the beast…

This will probably be a slower roleplay and I am up for suggestions on how to improve the plot…


Yay I decided that I would add my latest Idea here rather then creating a new thread..

Anybody interested? I am up for suggestions and haggling over information..
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Re: Spy Song~Male Needed
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I'll send you a pm ^^