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Author Topic: Anime RP thread.  (Read 474 times)

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Offline Mech PilotTopic starter

Anime RP thread.
« on: June 11, 2012, 11:51:19 PM »
Maybe something here can catch the interest of someone. (Mostly anime RP)
So. Its been a while since I've been here (or any Roleplaying Forum for that matter) since I've been cut off from the online world since my laptop broke. Now that I have a new one, I'm back, and I hunger for RP's.

First things first. I don't want smut. If you're planning on just sex, you probably don't want to play with me. I like plots and story, and character development. I like sex, I like it a lot, ambients full of it, and stuff. I just don't like characters that meet, fall in love and get naked on the first three posts. So yeah, not for me. That does not mean I won't understand a drunk character in a bad streak doing something crazy. I just won't like if you do something like that with the only intention of getting to the sex part right of the bat.

Now, if you're not scared by now, we can talk about games itself. I like anime based RPs. It doesn't need to be based in an anime, but rather, have that japan-oriented, anime-like feeling. THose who really like anime will understand what I'm saying. Now if you want to play in a specific anime setting, I'm ok with that too, if I know the setting you wish. Can even do Canon characters, even though I don't really like playing them. I like playing OC's. If you play with my OC, I can play canons for your canon or OC. If our idea match right away, good. If it don't we can double, so both of us end up happy.

Other thing we can do is GM'ing games. About GM'ing I'm really picky on this. I only GM on IRC based chat, so its real time. It gets slow and complicating by forum. Then you can have all the cannon characters in a show, plus original characters fighting for your attention both male and female, and a whole plot revolving around your character. That's my favourite kind of game. But if I do that, you have to do the same for me. You know how it works, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. I'm all about fairness.

I observed that I hardly invite anyone to play anything, because they set to play what they like. In a Teacher x Student roleplay, most want to be the student. In a Celeb x Fan, most want to be the fan. In a Supernatural Creature of Any Kind x Human, most wants to be the human. Well, of course, we all want to be the center of attention of someone we couldn't or even maybe shouldn't be. Guess what? I do too! Do I shut off the option of doing the other part for you? Nope, I don't, as long as you also do something for me.

What I require: Open mindness. If you're too pick about ages (always respecting the rules of the forum, of course), gender, and stuff, I don't think we're right for each other. I my characters to be young, and having relations with older, more powerful women. I don't like playing an older character to be with a younger girl. That does not mean I won't do it. If you please me, I don't have anything against doing it t please you. Its all about being fair.

If you got this far and something caught your eye, let me know. PM for faster response.


Code Geass
Gundam (Seed, 00, Universal Century)
High School of the Dead
Dragon Ball Z
Saint Seiya
Yuyu Hakusho
Detective Conan (Case Closed)
Any Harem Style anime (Love Hina style)
Any romance/slice of life-like anime (Working!!, Karekano, Kimi ni Todoke)
A lot of other Shounen anime. Ask me maybe?

I know a lot of series and movies, but by default I don't really like the Idea of playing something with a real person's image. Just feel uncomfortable and creepy. Again, ask me. I don't shut down anything in advance.


Vampire x Human (Hunter or normal human)
Vampire x Vampire
Demon x Human
Demon x Angel
Angel x Human
And all that.

Can do Celeb x Fan, if the Celeb is ficticious.

Mother x Son
Older Sister x Younger Brother
Teacher x Student

Yes, here's the ones I'm interested for my characters. I can, though, do other like Father x Daughter, or something, for a charming young girl that can do me a RP favor or two. =)

All kinds.

** PLOTS **
-- NARUTO --

Post Shippuden
Characters: Sasuke's son x Sakura (for poetic justice)
Tags: MxF; Mature (Kind of incest I'd guess); Shota (can be arranged not to be, but I'd like it that way); Action.

An idea I had some time ago. After everything is dealt and done on the manga's arc, Sakura ends up training Sasuke's child (born from another girl from the cast), after he graduates the academy. This can go a lot of ways. Action required.


Characters: OC x OC
Tags: MxF; Mature; Incest; Suspense; Action; Drama.

They're both from Konoha, and the mother had an involvement with a minor Uchiha ninja before the clan's massacre. She was a really genius like kunoichi herself, and got to Jounin pretty young, being a very respected and strong kunoichi. She got pregnant, and after she gave brith to a boy, he got kidnapped by one of her enemies, who threatned to kill him if the mother did not join her. She made the mother commit a serious crime against the village, and deemed a traitor, the mother had no choice but accept the enemys proposal and left the village, becoming a missing-nin. She couldn't know she was getting into a minor arm of the Akatsuki organization.

Time passed, the boy grew up quickly and raised to Jounin level as quickly as his mother, showing to have inherited her talent. He was only 13 years old when he made to Jounin, and received the mission to go undercover as a genin to protect another genin who was being target for whatever reason. His team was attacked by the mother and her team, they fought and talked, but he failed into convincing her of coming back to Konoha. He managed to fend her team off, and they split again.

Once back to Konoha, they decide to use his background to their advantage, and devise a plan for him to go undercover into Akatsuki. Her mother is officially branded traitor and wanted by Konoha, and he fakes an attack on the Hokage as retaliation, leaving the village soon after, becoming a wanted criminal himself. Couple of years later, he finally manages entering Akatsuki, and end up being teamed with his mother. Now, becoming close to her once again, who will he be loyal to? His mother or his village? Will she repent for what she's done and come back to the village with him when his mission ends? Will they even survive it?

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Re: Anime RP thread.
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2012, 12:30:08 AM »
Sent you a PM :)