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Author Topic: Plots of Passion - M for Female partners  (Read 1590 times)

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Plots of Passion - M for Female partners
« on: June 11, 2012, 02:43:19 PM »
Here are my big list of plots. Revamped with new and old plot that I still crave.

Step Mom's Pleasure -- NSFW

Jason came back early from the school today, never thinking in his wildest dream to find his new step mom finishing up her love session with a cucumber. Hearing her moans of pleasure, watching her pussy still spasming and leaking from her orgasm got him instantly harder than ever before.

Girlfriend's Mom
NSFW Inspiration
Jack was visiting his girlfriend at her house only to find her out with her friends. The one to welcome him though was her mother, a sensual divorcee in just her robes, being interrupted in the middle of a passionate masturbation session. The result ....

The plot itself can be changed keeping up with theme of Jack and his gf's mother.

A Table Turned - Older Sister
NSFW Inspiration
She might have been the one to seduce him but she was no longer in control for sure

NSFW Inspiration
Who did he get caught with ... it seems Jack was fucking his gf's older sister.

NSFW Inspiration
When your older sister caches you with her friend, supposedly already having a boyfriend, you two must let her join her.

Some more NSFW inspiration photo

Somehow, after she had gotten married, sliding his cock up into her mouth and slow fucking it until he came, felt even better.

The Client
Inspired by "The Client List".

The story of a married/divorced female masseuse early in her job. She has been shocked at first what the job often entails in "The Bliss" but now she was finding the gig very attractive. It made her feel sexy and powerful as her clients watches her with hungry anticipation and how they writhe in the grip of her lithe fingers as she works her magic on them.

I can be flexible in the male character department. It might be a string of males with different demand for her or a single regular client and how they come together. Things will move beyond handjob at least with one special client.

A completely different kind of twist could be where the lady is at the gig not for money but some secret desire for power .. of control. I will be happy to discuss details and explore the idea if you are interested.

He Was The One For The Shoot
We have all seen celebrities doing photo shoot after photo shoot. We have also seen how they sort of change their styles and participate in some extra risque photo shoot that put them in the lime light. For some it works perfect that those photos keep revolving around for years in prominence for some it doesn't.

In this story the most famous risque or simply passionate photography of recent years come from a highly talented photographer (probably quite young) who is very reclusive and choosy. Everyone might want him to shoot them but it would ultimately his choice and if he shoots you are going to be the talk of world. His photos are sometimes topless, sometimes totally nude .. sometimes fashionably clothed but always radiant in passion and always the talk of the world.

Your character would be one really looking to reinvent herself and is adamant for a shoot by him and he agrees. And now she learns his secret in his very own private studio. His shoots are so passionate because the women in shoot is always writhing in passion. Whether its soft husky words of seduction or depraved passion, or those careful expert touches .. unknown to the world his women are always wet and throbbing for him as he shoots them. There hasn't been one who hadn't been too ready to be taken by him after the shoot ends, to be ravaged all night long. Would she be any different?

Model suggestions. (photos to come later)
Elizabeth Hurley
Emma Watson
Emma Stone
Olivia Wylde
Keira Knightly
.... a lot more :)

The Gigolo
When a twenty three year old student finds himself with a classy slightly older woman after he meets her in a hotel party as the waiter, he thought himself lucky. He was shocked and maybe insulted and finally intrigued at the possibility as she thought him a Gigolo and pays him handsomely.

Thus beings his new life as she passes on his name to her friends and he started serving a steady stream of clients.

What if one day he finds that two of his clients actually live in the same apartment/house. Can you guess who they are?

It Started At The Concert
Liz Johnson was a sensual and beautiful woman at 39 with an equally gorgeous daughter Jenna. The neglected mom, the wife of a world trotting and probably cheating husband, she was now at the new year concert with her daughter at her insistence. She was looking gorgeous in her black dress flowing beautifully on her lush curves but her mind was in an unsure turmoil wondering why she was here .. the throng of people with loud music feeling the air failing to really capture her attention.

That all changes when someone bumps into her which would have have been nothing until she found her back tightly pressed against a jeans covered erection, hands coming around her body to grope and tease her with soft sensual caress. Hot moist breath on her neck made her shudder and a soft kiss followed by the passionate whisper, "You are looking so very gorgeous and sexy ... you shouldn't be alone".

So the story goes on to find how Liz gets seduced by a much younger man right in the middle of a busy concert and goes back to home, a rush of guilty pleasure as they race against the clock of her daughter's return.

The New Neighborhood Writer
At first all they knew was that the new guy who bought the house at their posh neighborhood was ruggedly handsome, most likely single and seems to not go to work. Then someone found out that he was a writer so he worked from home. Then in a welcome visit someone else finally found out what he writes about. Jason Mark was actually "A Passionate Writer" .. a pseudonym for one of most famous erotica writer. Quite secretive about his own identity, his writing had the perfect mixture of sensuality and raw kinky passion.

As the secret came out secretly among the ladies, they starts buying his book and reading them secretly. Jason with his own looks could easily take the place of some of his heroes and with how charged his writing was, it made all the lady wonder about how he was for real.

We can pursue one particular lady and NPC some other or if you a courageous lady/ladies would like to play multiple of them you are surely welcome.

The Surprise
At 35 Leila Johnson was a rather young and very successful DA (or maybe the assitant DA). She is a rather good looking woman but a real tough and confident woman. Her aggressive, no nonsense attitude makes it tough for the men in her life to be comfortable and confident around her. She naturally didn't like pansy men. So it was no wonder that her relations were few and far between.

It was all going very smoothly if albeit lonely and she filled her days with her work until one day she got quite the surprise. Getting back early one day a little after lunch she went through her door with a silent efficiency only to stop in shock as muffled groaning and moaning came from inside. Taking deep relaxing breath she moved forward with the phone ready in her hand for a speed dial to 911.

What caught her eyes through the open door was never a possibility in her mind. It was her building manager, lying sprawled on her silken bed sheet, feet spread and placed on the floor and his throbbing ohh so huge cock was wrapped around her silken lingerie (her one secret indulgence) as he played with himself with closed eyes.

Actually have another version where an actress find her poolboy or gardener in a similarly compromising position.

Working Dirty
Original idea from Alleycat since she had been MIA for a while now at E unfortunately.

It all started couple of years back when a falling star came to vivid stardom with a non-simulated sex scene in a mainstream movie. There wasn't so much visual as was the knowledge that there were real sex happening and the combination made it a box office hit. It started after that, coined as working dirty every year one or two movie would have such scenes. Some were properly done into box office hit and some into sleazy porn status.

My present thinking is that we start at the casting, negotiation phase with the actress. I will play the different male character needed for the game. The reasoning for why the actress would decide to work dirty (assuming its her first such movie) is up for discussion though I have some ideas.

Her Client, Her Crush - A Little Surprise
Unprofessional crushes happened to other people. Elizabeth herself has always been driven and completely professional and she prides herself in it. As a publicist her reputation was really good and male clients felt real safe with her. At least that how things went before the unthinkable happen and she found herself drooling herself about one of her client. Her long marriage burning out couple of month ago may have something to do with that or maybe she had just hit that particular age. But it wouldn't have been that bad if the newly minted celebrity client of her wasn't as young as he was.

Elizabeth's first unprofessional crush lets her invent herself as a gorgeous Cougar.

The Unexpected Office Menage - M/F/TS
At 33, Lilian was one of the top VP of the company. Single, gorgeous yet too driven for a relationship as far as what everyone at office knows. And if one has eyes like Marcus, he would also see how enamored Julie was with the lady of the office, not that Marcus himself was much different. What intrigued him was that Lilian actually seem to be interested in Julie, from what little Marcus could glimpse from her look as he had the chance to as her executive assistant.

It is only after Marcus had a glimpse into Lilian's very intimate secret that he understood what was happening. But to Lilian's surprise, Marcus wasn't too intimated by her surprise and he found a way for her and Julie to come together.

I think you got the clue. Would be lovely to see Julie's surprise and how they all cope together :)

A Night Of Secret Pleasure
She stood there looking gorgeous in her elegantly cut yet very sexy dress. There was a pin drop silence in the lushly decorated room, the huge soft bed with the sinful satin cover just behind her but it all felt so alive to her, every beat of her pounding heart drumming in her ear.

Nicole's eyes suddenly rose to the door as she watched the door started it open. The time was finally here and the man who entered through the room looked graceful and confident something that Nicole herself was always. But her grace and confidence seem to be strangely lacking at her own expectedly bold action.

So Nicole was tired of the selfish and miserably arrogant men in her life and has decided to take a daring action and had arranged for one secret night of pleasure. Starting right at the evening this mystery man was suppose to give her one unforgettable night of pure sensual bliss.

Irresistible Mouth
Julianne's body jerked up taut and she almost lost her balance, catching the edge up the table she had her rump on. Taking a hitched gasping breath she tried to keep balance with her feet and swiftly grabbed the black hair nestled between her leg, actually the hair of the young man down there. "Stop Jason" .. she whimpered almost moaning out loud as she felt another stroke of the wet tongue. She was gasping and shuddering as she tried to think. This was the 4th time this week that Jason, her ridiculously youthful pool boy has surprised her with his mouth on her. This shouldn't be happening. That little tongue action shouldn't be so irresistible. She was the grown up but it felt so good, she thought as she gasped and her hip seem to push back against her tongue on its own volition.

Out In The Open
She (her / her was shocked speechless. The man was hairy and soft bellied but somehow had a manly vibe. Maybe it was the thing jutting out of those dark pubes, the slightly curved fat cut .. her mind shy away from what she was watching, absently licking her lips. She must fire him she thought. The dirty man was butt naked and he had himself in a tight grip, leaking .. stroking with his eyes closed.

Then the eyes opened .. met hers and held and she gasped. Mind confused and unsure of what to do as he took a step forward toward her.
She met the gardener somewhere out in the huge country estate she was staying temporarily. Maybe it was some friend or producer's estate that she was staying for a couple of weeks.

Getting to know the family
Karen Roberts had been a single mom for a while and a successful businesswoman of reputation on her own right, not just keeping hold of but enhancing the family fortune of her husband. A reserved and classy woman who before her marriage had even dabbled a bit on some modeling too. Now she is a cool businesswoman with a young little rebellious daughter Lucy.

But even for a strong woman such as her companionship has it charms and a help with her daughter was a promising aspect. Robert Langdon was again a reliable and reputed businessman she knew and trusted. So it was a sort of dynastic marriage of convenience. The result was not as good as expected. The young spoiled son Carl (Robert didn't have much time for him growing up) and Lucy was not a good combination and both of them were out with business too much.

So it was decided to have a vacation in an island retreat .. a whole week of enjoying themselves in the sun and sand, them having a honeymoon and the family getting to know each other. But Robert had a last minute emergency and the plan was in ruins or is it?

Here things are a little flexible. The family does get to know each other ... rather intimately :) Maybe Lucy comes to watch Carl pound away at a lovely local maid or a guest? Or does Karen (now Langdon) somehow does the unthinkable and seduce (or get seduced) by her new stepson? But somehow it ends up with three bodies getting tangled up together and Karen finding that there was pleasure to have even at this stage of her life.

-- Can either be a single female player willing to take on both Karen and Lucy or two players.

Finder Thread
Here's a NSFW photo thread with some one line plot seed along with the photos if you are interested to look at.
The thread[url]

PM me with your interest
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Re: Plots of Passion - M for Female partners
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2012, 10:07:10 AM »
Massive update.

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Re: Plots of Passion - M for Female partners
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2012, 03:03:36 PM »
Some plots added at the top.

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Re: Plots of Passion - M for Female partners
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2012, 01:26:41 PM »
Updated with "Step Mom's Pleasure"