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Author Topic: The Whore (F seeking M for re-occuring one-shots/short-term)  (Read 728 times)

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Offline EvaleighTopic starter

This request thread is a set of ideas following a specific character.  I have other ideas, thoughts, requests, etc elsewhere but to satisfy this particular nagging girl that sits in my head screaming to be explored I have made a thread to satisfy this experiment.  The experiment of course is exploring the ins and outs of this particular girl through her various encounters.  The majority of the games involving her are intended to be short-term or one-shots depending on how it is set up.  There are potential for a more long-term psychological game but I would like to fully exhaust the depths of her self-degradation first.

I prefer detailed plot-lines that are at least a single paragraph (preferably a lot more) in length.  I will play on the forums or via PM but not e-mail.  (I'm horrible at keeping up with e-mail games)

Amber is the sort of girl who knows she is beautiful, after all every guy she has ever met has told her so.  On the surface, Amber's social life is the only life she has ever really known or seemed to care about.  She is the center of attention, invited to all the best functions and loves to have fun with her friends.  She's the outgoing sort of girl that everyone loves to her face and every guy wants to be with especially given her reputation for being 'easy'.  What no one in her social circle ever truly realizes is how fragile Amber's world really is.

Amber certainly knows how to use her body to get what she wants from men but she has never really loved any of them. She uses sex like a defense mechanism ever allowing anyone to get close enough to see if she's anything more than a shallow, sex-crazed party girl everyone on campus knows and lusts for.  When truly pressured she never says no; the more assertive the guy the more likely she will cave even if her first response is to push him away; and even the most degrading acts she can 'justify' if traded for goods or money.


Amber and Peer Pressure

Amber was trying to keep to herself and keep out of trouble studying in the public library when a boy from her school saw her.  He knew about her reputation and began to strike up a conversation making lewd comments and suggestions to her as his hands began to wander.  She did her best to shy away from him but he simply would not give up his lusty desires.  Finally more afraid of being kicked out of the library or causing a scene she vanishes with him in the stakes to solidify her title as campus slut.  (Semi-non con, teasing, public)

Amber and the Virgin
He was a nice guy really, very shy most of the time and quite insecure with himself around girls. The problem is that he had one that he really liked and though they had been dating awhile he just couldn’t bring himself to go all the way because of his inexperience.  He needed to get experience but how could he do that when he had a girlfriend?  Amber had kind of a reputation of course around campus and finally he worked up the nerve to approach her.  He told her about his situation, about how he really needed to get better about girls and doing things.  He told her that he’d heard about her from a friend and really hoped that she could keep their encounters a secret and help her out.  He’d pay her of course.  Amber was reluctant to agree but feeling sorry for him she finally relented to become his personal ‘sex ed’ tutor.

Amber's nap
She had been up partying all night the night before and was utterly exhausted as she stumbled into the lecture period.  Choosing a seat far to the back so not to attract the professor’s eyes she felt herself doze off.  She was so tired that she did not feel the hand of the creep beside her slipping in to molest her during the classroom lecture.

Amber and the Stalker
He knows her routine, he knows her patterns, he knows where she lives.  She has no real idea who he is only that no matter where she goes he seems to be able to find her.  The first time she encountered him was when she was out for her morning jog and he grabbed her from behind and forced her into the bushes.  He took what he wanted of her body and left her on the ground and was gone before she recovered.  The chance encounter she was ashamed of and never reported yet it began to happen again and again.  In the stairwell at the school, in the parking lot on her way to classes, and even in her own bed when he snuck in through her window.  No matter where she went if he decided he wanted her, he would find her.

Amber and the Porno
Amber replies to an ad looking for sexy college sweethearts and finds herself in a dump of a hotel with a bunch of guys.  They offer her a grand to help them film a little movie and for that amount of cash she readily agrees not realizing the sort of degrading things she would be told to do for the camera.  With a very demanding director and an assortment of props and men she finds herself a brand new star with her legs spread open.

Amber and the Puppy
The frat boys thought it would be an awesome game to play, a cruel trick that would entertain them one drunken evening when they called Amber up and invited her to a party.  What she did not know when she arrived was what kind of ‘party’ it was and she soon found out she was the only girl there.  Teased relentlessly they refused to let her leave until she played some party games with her.  Having Amber pretend to be a little bitch they put a collar around her neck and walked her like a dog, made her play fetch with a dildo and then had her service a couple dogs on her own.

Amber Needs some Cash
Desperate for some money Amber stoops to a new low as she puts up an ad online with pictures of herself provocatively dressed offering a 'no strings attached' evening to the highest bidder with a promise of a 'happy ending' to any date they shared.  The only question is what sort of man ends up winning her night's affections and what will he do with them?  (Completely open)

Amber and ...
She's a college freshman, a socialite and miss popular who attends classes, tries to get a job and loves shopping.  She's your typical teenager in so many ways who hides her insecurities under a layer of sensuality and flirtation.  The possibilities for settings and pairings are nearly endless and given a person or a place one can easily evolve.  I would love to hear suggestions on this or even give me part of an idea and see where it takes us.  If you take a gander at my O/Os it may give you an understanding of my limits but honestly there is a lot of options here.

There are of course other options the above are only a few thought up in a moment.
A few more broader concepts that I have toyed around with but do not have a full idea formed to support them are: Old/ugly man, homeless guy, something in the ball-pit, public transportation, road trip, cop, banker, etc.
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Re: The Whore (F seeking M for re-occuring one-shots/short-term)
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The following are past/current games that include Amber.

Amber and the Geek
Amber's grades have been slipping; a consequence brought on by spending too much time at parties and not nearly enough time studying.  With her professors breathing down her neck and mid-terms coming up she is pressed to find a tutor.  She does not have a lot of spare money but that does not seem to bother one rather ambitious geek who decides to propose his own arrangement.  He would not only tutor Amber and help get her grades up but he would personally do her homework to help pad the numbers as well.  The only thing the red head had to agree to was to attend every meeting of the Dungeons and Dragons club in lingerie and obey her tutor's every command.  (D/s, consensual, potential gangbang, humiliation & degredation, roleplay within roleplay). (Taken)

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Amber and the Family Reunion
Amber was a little estranged from her family and with very good reason, the root cause of her issues were deeply rooted in her past.  Yet as the year draws to a close her father decides to make a surprise visit to the campus and not knowing any better her roommate lets him in.  He coerces Amber into allowing him to sleep in her apartment though the relationship is a strained one and with very good reason.  It is not long before old habits spring up again with her father coercing Amber to once again be his little cumslut.  (Incest, coercion, d/s)

Possible addition: Not only did daddy come for a visit but he came with a very special surprise as well.  Her younger brother was finally a man now and it was high time that he learned what to do with a woman.  Held down by her father, she was taken by her younger brother forcing her to continue family tradition much to her shame.

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Amber and the Auction
It was the annual sorority auction and Amber is among the contestants on the block up for sale.  The rules state that the 'winner' gets Amber to wait on him hand and foot for the following 72 hours.  Of course the intention was to be a couple of parties and maybe a date with the beautiful girls of the house but the boy that wins Amber's raffle has something else entirely in mind.  He plans to make her his own personal sex slave for the weekend the only shame for her is that he is not the sort of guy she would typically go for.  Possibly fat, nerdy, ugly, cruel or some combination of the lot.  (D/s, consensual, humiliation and degredation, leash & collar)

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Amber Needs Cash

Amber and the Birthday Party
It was Michael's birthday party and all the coolest kids were there.  Amber was living it up of course dancing and drinking with all the other girls and while flirty she did not plan on making an evening of it until the birthday boy himself began to come on to her.  It was his birthday of course that she conceded to give him a very special present in one of the bedrooms.  Yet just as Michael was 'done' and leaving he tagged in another guy as the line began to form outside the bedroom each hot-blooded male eager to have a swing at free sex. (Taken)

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Amber and the Play

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