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Author Topic: Predators and Prey (seeking M\M, non con, bondage, dark themes)  (Read 6706 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Before we get started, I'd like to address a few things. Please actually read my Off\Ons. I've had a lot of people Pm me claiming they have read it but its obvious they barely skimmed it.

What I want in a Writing Partner

- Don't make me think of the entire plot, please. That's incredibly frustrating.

-Don't care what gender or sexuality you are, I will play with any one.

-I like reliable partners that won't post a few times then vanish or disappear with out a trace for lone periods of time. Its very frustrating to put work into an RP only to have a partner vanish.

-I tend to let my partner know if I don't like the way the story is progressing or if I have questions or suggestions. I really want a partner who will help move the story alone and add to it instead of making me do all the work and just responding to the posts instead of pushing the plot forward. I also want a partner who will communicate. As for grammar, as long as I can read it, that's all I care about.

-I play switches. I don't like playing a purely dominate or purely submissive charter and don't like playing against a character that is pure submissive or purely dominate.

-When it comes to smut, I don't do pure smut or smut heavy stories, there has to be plot

-I play multiple characters, and heavily prefer M\M and I play primarily anthros though I do play the occasional human though they always have an anthro partner since I find human character only RP boring. As stated before I have no love for humans that have animals ears and tails slapped on. No matter how you cut it, its still a human. With animal ears and a tail stuck on.

-When contacting me, pique my Interest. I find it rather disheartening opening a PM and there's a one line response to my request thread. Tell me why you are interested in my plots. Tell me if you have any ideas to add on it to it or have an RP plot I maybe interested in.

-I can play as canons or OCs. My OCs come from my favorite fandoms. Like my canon characters, I play primary males that are non submissive switches. The rare female I play is the same.

-No Cybering

-I strongly favor AU's and Crossovers.

-I only RP in the forms, IM is reserved for plotting and the like

-Never use the 'but I don't know anything about the fandom' excuse around me. Most people simply refuse to try to understand anything about a fandom and rather make up excuses for not wanting to try.  You're voluntarily restricting yourself as a writer.

-I like to write Rape scenes. As in full on rape, no 'she\he ends up loving it'. If I am going to write a rape scene or have my character involved in one, then I refuse to have my character enjoy it if they are the victim. 

Brief List of Kinks/Limits:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

-settings in my fandoms and and fandom-inspired RPs
-Anthro cyborgs
-Canon x canon or OC x OC pairings
-Story-driven RPs
-non human robots
-Rough sex
-Switch Characters
-Darker plots and themes
-Torture (just no killing my character or removing limbs)
-Slavery\Pets with the one being the 'pet' being unwilling and not being 'and she\he\it grows to love it' type
-Anthros, real anthros, not humans with animal ears and tails
-Non-human partners
-gags, the ring and bit gag being my top favs
-Obsessive Relationships
-Passionate sex
-gore (with in reason)
-Abuse Of Trust

Things I have no interest in

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

- Scat/Watersports
- Vore
-One Liners
- Being ditched
-Killing my characters (killing NPCs is fine)
-Slutty characters
-Purely submissive characters, also known as door mats. A character that just lays there and allow other characters to do what ever they want to them is a massive turn off
-Monster boys\girls
-Humans with animal ears and tails
-human only RP
-any school based
-Unrealistic proportions
-excessive amounts of body fluids

A story that you're interested in NOT listed?

If we share O\O's and interests then send me one of your ideas. I have currently only a few ideas at the moment but I'm willing to hear your ideas. Anything involving Five Nights at Freddys WILL catch my attention.


White Fire

Crack, not 100% serious, light hearted, M\M, potential F\F, Titan\pilot

The IMC has accidentally uncovered an alien artifact and the Militia, not wanting to see another Ark weapon be made, attacks the small compound. Unknown to them the IMC was in the process of rigging the cavern containing the artifact to explode, burying it since command had decided it wasn't worth making another Ark-like weapon. After all they couldn't harvest a plant for its resources if they destroyed the planet. That and it's unstable, endangering their compound.

The Militia launches its attack and a stray round hits the artifact and it explodes in a brilliant white fire that engulfs everything in the cavern. When the humans come to, they realize they are unharmed. No one had grown a second head or had tails or changed colors. Their Titan partners how ever......have been reduced from their normal twenty foot height to just at seven feet tall and are clearly unconscious.

What could they do other then retreat and now have to deal with the fact their Titans are not only vulnerable, they have to learn a whole new set of skills.

There's not much to do other then to sit back and enjoy the potential hilarity or take full advantage of it.

The Viper has you

M\M, dark themes, non con, bondage

"If you are having a party and didn't invite me..." a wiry smile tugged at the edges of his lips.

"Something better. We captured that Vanguard, fished it out of the wreckage-"

He didn't let Blisk finish. "Is it still alive?"

Another series of crashes followed by the screech of metal on metal that made him cringe came through the ear pieces. "Yeah, its still functioning. Got some fight left in it."

"Keep it functioning. I don't care how you do it, just keep it functioning." he could easily imagine the cold predatory smile that the merc leader was wearing now. As an after thought he added "What about its pilot."

"He's a bit banged up but he's alive."

"Even better."

Howard Leyland AKA Viper, survived being attacked by Militia forces and survived the crashing of the ship he had been on. Needless to say he wants some pay back on the two who are responsible for shooting him and his Titan out of the sky.

To say Viper is a sadist is like saying King Kong is hairy and he wants to inflict a lot of pain on the ones responsible and draw it out for as long as possible. As if to add insult to injury, the merc leader, Blisk has decided he's keeping the pair as well as trophies.

Snipper Canyon

Sci-fi, M\M, possible bondage, possible kidnapping, possible rape

What I'm looking for: Someone to play male human that is a dominate or a switch, preferable another soldier on either side.  No futa or submissive characters. Given how harsh the environment it, a character  with survival skills will be important.

I am looking for a player that can post at least once a day or every other day, can post at least one to two paragraphs.

General Setting and Content: Scifi fandom Titanfall 2 AU, set on an original planet that is largely desert, scrub-land and canyons and has harsh daytime and nighttime temperatures that will push characters to their limits. 100 plus degree day time temperatures, 20 and colder nights, a lack of resources, scavengers and more are constant threats to the characters. They will be forced to work together.

This will NOT be a smut heavy RP. There will be smut but this is a more character drive RP and smut won't be the focus of the RP.

What I'm not looking for: Romance with the captors, humans with animal ears and tails, futa, victim grows to like it cliche, victim falls in love with captors cliche

The Plot:

As much as I love the canon characters, I've been thinking of doing something that involves the story being told from a different point of view. Plant that has a large desert with steep canyons that are a maze and dotted with numerous abandoned mining colonies.  The IMC has taken interest in said colonies  due to their resources, my still unnamed character is a long distant scout, he and his partner were ambushed and if it hadn't been for the other IMC forces showing up, he and his Titan wouldn't be around. While the fighting is commencing the near crippled Ronin retrieves his injured pilot and retreats underneath a natural over hang that leads to small shallow cave.

The IMC abandons them since they wont waste resources retrieving what they see as a replaceable scout meaning they have to survive 100+ temperature days, nights that are on average 20 degrees and colder, lack of resources, scavengers, and more. There is the near by battlefield that contains some resources but its only a matter of time before they are either found or have to leave the safety of the area to find more  resources

Your character can be in the same situation, abandoned by the IMC, if Militia, they missed the evac. Either way they are now stuck in the same general area (with or with out a partner of their own). What your character(s) want with mine will be up to you. They could be intending to take them due to their knowledge of the IMC encampments and the like but missed the evac and have to wait. They may just want to survive and see the benefit in teaming up or they may have more sinister plans in mind.

Predators and Prey

M\M, betrayals, non con, torture, kidnapping, dark themes, human\human, Titan\pilot

The General Idea:

This RP deviates from a moment in the game were BT and Cooper have stolen the Ark weapon from the mercenary group called the Apex Predators but the ship is going down and going down fast. The last clear memory Cooper has is his friend and companion, BT using his own body as a shield to protect him. After that, everything is a hazy dull blur of memories, the shriek of metal tearing, the roar of flames followed by voices. He wakes up in bed in what appears to be a med bay,thinking the Militia had found and rescued them he relaxes.

The truth can't be further from the truth. It wasn't the Militia  but the Apex Predators that got to them first. After getting the Ark weapon back and sending it to the IMC, the leader, Blisk, decided to keep both Cooper and BT. After all his contract never stated anything about killing either one, just the retrieval of the Ark weapon.

Blisk admires the pairs tenacity, stubbornness and strength and can't think of a better pair of trophies. He wants to break them both, not completely, after all he wants some of the fire to remain.

Even if they do escape, they will have to deal with the trauma they have suffered on-top of having the Apex Predators hunting them.

What I'm looking for: Someone to play Jack Cooper from Titanfall 2 and any needed NPCs. You don't need to know much about the fandom. Male only characters and no submissive ones. I don't care what gender the players is, only what the character is. 

This game will involve torture (no mutilations) rape, slavery, non con and other dark elements. Keep in mind Titans and their human partners have a neural link between them and are capable of feeling what the other feels, they can feel the others emotions and pain through the link and can communicate through it as well. One can block the other temporally if needed.

What I'm not looking for: Romance with the captors, humans with animal ears and tails, futa, victim grows to like it cliche, victim falls in love with captors cliche,

Sympathy for the Enemy

M\M, betrayals, non con, torture, kidnapping, dark themes, human\human, Titan\pilot

Former IMC pilot joins a small Militia group while on Typhoon. He pretends to be on their side, doing his level best to convince them that he wants to leave the IMC and join them. He waits for the encoded message from the IMC, once received he waits until the primary target is largely alone then moves into incapacitate him while IMC special ops swarm the others. The small group is stripped of their weapons and armor and taken to an IMC base were torture and worse wait for them.

Even if the one who betrayed them has a change of heart and tries to help them, there's no doubt the Militia  will either kill him or leave him behind.

Spoils of War

M\M, non con, lost on a hostile planet, dark themes, human\human, Titan\pilot

The drop ship was attacked in an ambush stranding Militia members on a hostile jungle planet. To make it worse they are all separated by thick jungle and deep ravines. And the IMC is hot on their trail

Beyond Loyalty

 human\human, Titan\pilot, M\M, torture, non con, dark themes

I feel what you feel .......Its a well known fact that the bond between Pilot and Titan is a close one and can become closer over time, breaking past known boundaries thanks to the neural link.

The IMC has never been one to care since they see their fighting units as disposable until they came to the realization of how much more efficient and dangerous the  Militia  Titans are due to their close bonds....some are rumored to even be intimate. Command staff take it apon themselves to  hire an ex Hammond Robotics scientist that was fired due to preforming unorthodox  and unethical experiments.

The war is like a chess game and command is tried of trying to wipe the board so they decide to instead take out key Militia pieces and outposts instead, weaken them as a whole and they have someone who is not only willing to do horrible experiments on captures Militia , she's willing to test prototype weapons on them.

This idea involves those key pieces and pushing them beyond their limits, putting stress on their bonds but some bonds are not formed from loyalty but something deeper and the stress only strengthen them

Fall out 3

AU, M\M, Institute has fallen, dark themes

Takes place shortly after the Last Danse quest in which the Lone Wander refuses to murder Danse in cold blood for being a synth. Despite working for them, the Long Wander, my character, is not loyal to the BOS and is instead loyal to the people of the Commonwealth. He has eyes and ears all over the Commonwealth as well as many contacts.

Danse gets to experience the Wasteland through a new set of eyes. He gets to see first hand how the raiders and hardships affect the people of the Commonwealth and hopefully come to a new understanding.

The Runaways

Futuristic, humans, non humans, M\M, can be crossed over with a fandom

Re booting and heavily editing an old one. Its deep into the future and cities have become walled off to protect them from the 'wastelands' outside the city walls. These 'wastelands' are ruined towns and city's, vast open stretches of overgrown forests. Most of what the inhabitants of the cities need is made right there in the city by the lower classes that serve as low paid slave labor. For everything else there are small towns outside the walls that are forced to provide for the city or be wiped out and have everything taken from them.

This story focuses on a small group of outcasts, the lowest of the low, those who live in the run down Red Light District of the city and have to fight for everything they have. The cops rarely venture into the Red Light District, prostitution, drugs, and all manner of illegal activity run rampant here. 

This small group of odd individuals want nothing more but to leave the city and venture past its walls but the rich control the city and they control the gate, only those with a permit can get through and they have no hope in hell of getting one. So that means they have to do things the hard way and sneak out 

The Roommate

Human x Human, Anthro x human, MxM, potential rape,potential bondage

Maybe having a room mate isn't such a bad thing. Vincent was starting to regret getting a roommate due to the possible reactions they may have to his closest friend who lives with him but the bills need to be paid and his crap job as a guard at the local amusement park doesn't pay well.

He's not looking for any kind of relationship and doesn't really want one, he has a few friends he's slept with but it was just sex, no string attached just the way he likes it. He doesn't want to be weighed down by a committed relationship but some times people get too close. Or someone gets jealous.

The down side is that nothing is ever without strings........

And then there's explaining Springtrap..........

I am looking for a male character, human or anthro, that takes on the task of being my characters room mate. My human OC has a 'friends with befit " thing, he sees sex as something casual and doesn't want any strings attached but jealousy can be a strong thing. Or your character can be the kind that is into clubbing and likes to go to parties and does drugs and the like and wants to haul my human OC, kicking and screaming if need be,  to the clubs. Vincent hasn't been to one since high school and wants to stay away from that lifestyle but your character wants to drag him back into it.

But Vincent's close friend isn't ' too keen on the idea and will do his best to stop your character, which may lead to your character having to do something on the extreme  side
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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Re: My RP Cravings/Idea's, Mad Scientist, Transformers
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2013, 11:38:26 PM »
My Characters


Name: Rachel Schmidt
Orientation: Gay
Age: 22
Appearance: 5'6" short light brown hair that resits all attempts at styling it, bright blue eyes, she has acurvy well toned body of someone who works out on occasion
Job: professorial artist and writer of children's books

Bio: Parents divorced and she lived primary with her father who worked as a night guard at some kids restaurant. Her father eventually brought home some of his work when the restaurant closed its doors for good. The two became very close good friends. Over the years they remained close, even through the rocky parts like when her father returned to drinking once then gave it up again when it dawned on him the damage it was doing to his family.

At 18 when she was about to graduate from school, her father was killed by a drunk driver. The news was devastating. Her dead beat mother, whom dumped her on her father when she was young since her mother wanted to continue with her hectic life of rich people parties and the like, returned to her life only to try and take her fathers money from her. Needles to say it didn't work and Rachel and her life long companion moved out to her fathers home town, the beautiful historical Cold Creek.

Personality: friendly, social , non judgmental, she's pretty open with a lot of things.

Name:Ana Harwell
Gender: female
Orientation: Bi leans towards straight
Age: 25
Appearance: 5' 5", short light brown hair she's died black that is often unkempt, pale skin, large brown eyes (contacts), she's a little on the chubby side
Bio: Was kidnapped at an early age by an unknown company and kept in an under ground facility and tormented physiologically. She latter escaped with help only to find her mother refused to take her back and passed her off to relatives. Through out her childhood she was plagued by horrible nightmares and was in and out of therapy and no one ever believed her when she tried to tell them she had been kidnapped and taken to this massive underground place.

As an adult she gained a protective friend and constant companion and to this day is still looking for the underground place that kidnapped her

Job: free lance artists, website designer

Personality: Always looking over her shoulder, doesn't trust others and doesn't let them get too close to her. Is never with out her companion.

Name: Jeremy Fitzgerald
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi
Age: 22
Appearance: 5'6, lean, straw blond hair that is often unkempt, blue eyes, pale skin that burns easily and he has a smattering of freckles over his face which makes him look younger then he really is.
Bio: After turning down a well paying and cushy job at the rapidly becoming populer Critter Country, much to his parents disappointment since they had pulled many strings behind his back to get him a job at the amusement park, he got a job at the newly reopened Freddy Fredbears Pizzeria. Preferring to work with the character he grew up with as a child instead of the glitchy, dead eyed shells at Critter Country.
Job: Night guard
Personality: Even tempered and a bit naive, talkative, so socially awkward its almost painful, prefers to be with a few close freinds and go to the local Fridays and the like then to go to large loud, crowed parties. Hates being called Jer-Jer, currently refuses to believe stories about how dangerous the animatronics at his job are

Name: Vincent EndRers
Gender: Male
Orientation: Unknown at the moment
Age: 26
Appearance: 5'7, he's a beanpole, pale skin that burns easily in the sun so he wears hoodies and long sleeves outside and since he gets cold easily he will wear hoodies even in summer. Short ravens wing black hair that resists all attempts at styling it
Job:  Nightguard, Youtube gamer, gamer nerd
Bio: Vincent moved out when he was 18, putting as much distance as possible between him and his dysfunctional family. His father was very hard on him, pushing him to be like his older brother who was good at sports and though Vincent was gay due to his general disinterest in woman and total lack of interest in anything 'manly'.  His step-mother was largely absent, too busy with her job and too busy having parties for clienteles to care what her kids did. His step sister stole, did and sold phsycription drugs. Since they attended a expensive private high school, scoring the drugs was easy. She got Vincent hooked on some of them and it screwed up his life pretty badly. Realizing he was going down the same path his step sister was, he got off them, cleaned up and moved out.

He's since cut off all contact with his family, not wanting anything to do with their special brand of crazy bull shit.

Personality: friendly, social , non judgmental, he's pretty open with a lot of things.

Location: Single story house that is largely off grid, has a generator and solar panels, there's a well on the property, open floor space. He got it dirt cheap from the bank since the original owners couldn't afford to keep up with the payments. Lives with a permanent roommate that is rather.......unusual. And grouchy.

Name: Warren  D'Agosta
Gender: Male
Orientation: straight
Age: 40
Job: Was a night guard at a local restaurant, forced to quit due to injuries, still works as a guard at other places
Personality: Blunt, stubborn, once he's made up his mind about something he'll see it through to the end. He's not easily angered and doesn't care if any one stares as his scars, not his concern if it bothered someone one that he looks like he got into a fight with a combine.   

Appearance:  Tall and lanky, short dark hair, dark eyes, almost always has at least three days worth of stubble on his face, his right arm sports several old surgical scars and his chest, primary the right side, front and back, has several ropy scars crisis crossing the pale flesh. Several smaller more fine scars are visible over his lower abdomen, shoulders and hip from the animtronics claws

Bio: Worked at Freddy's Pizzeria as a night guard, slowly made his way up the ranks to become the head Security Guard and found out the hard way the job came with certain....perks. And he became privy to the darker underbelly of the small chain, learning how management cut corners, paid people to look the other way and hide things under the carpet and were damn good at it. Due to the contract he singed he couldn't say anything to any one, even if he did, who would believe him? Who would believe him that the creatures the kids so loved were not only alive and had minds and wills of thier own and walked around at night, they were dangerous.

The incident that happned in 87' that ended his job and nearly ended his life is something he doesn't talk about. Shortly after the last of the employees left and he started his shift, he discovered the grisly remains of four kids hidden in a maintenance room. He checked the bodies for any sign of life before dashing to the security office and calling the cops before heading to the front lobby to unlock the doors and allow the cops inside once they arived. He doesn't remember much of what happned a few short minutes latter other then feeling something clamp down on his shoulder. The rest of the attack is a blur, other then the soft wet snap and crack of bones, the sound of teeth scrapping against bone, lots of pain and being shook like a rat terrier with a rat at some point. That and the distinct deep purple color of his attacker's fur.

The only thing that saved him from certain death was the sirens and flashing lights of the cop cars coming through the large front windows that startled the attacking animtronic into dropping him before fleeing back into the darker parts of the restaurant.

The attack resulted in several broken ribs, a shattered humerus, shattered ulna and radius on his right arm, numerous lacerations, contusions, a broken humerus on his left arm and a  traumatic pneumothorax. During the long hospital stay he was visited by the company lawyer whom informed him that the company was not only paying off all his hospital bills but giving him a generous bonus. Well generous to them. 

To this day he firmly believes the company had covered the murders up and believes they knew the entire time someone had lured the kids off and killed them, covered it up until nightfall intending to make him a scapegoat. If their pet monsters had killed him all the better. 
Warren frequently suffers from nightmares stemming from the brutal mauling and often takes OTC sleeping pills in order to sleep.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
All he currently knows is that some kids were lured away from a part during the chaos by someone in a spare guard uniform. This person had to be a former employee since their face was never seen on camera and they knew the layout well enough to avoid any of the other employers, the cameras and the anaimtronics.

When the company owned the restaurant and the one before it, they did a lot of corner cutting. Never bothered with back ground checks, did only the very minimum in training for their employees, paid the health inspector and the building inspector off, never bothering with employee drug tests despite the fact some of the employees where clearly high when they started thier shift

Shortly after the murders and the attack, the restaurant was shut down, much of it was sold off and the rest either left to rot or moved to a new location. The new restaurant is re branded and the company is far more careful about their employees though they still cut corners where they can 


Non Human

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Offline StrawberryDream

Re: Lots of Sci Fi, Dark and gritty plots M/M, F\M NC, Excotic
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2014, 02:21:02 PM »
I love your Pet plot. I kinda want to be a scientist, but I am also looking for maybe a kidnap roleplay? My Ons and Offs
For some reason I cannot message you.

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Re: Endless Nights (horror, NC, Exotic,Furry)
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2014, 10:49:41 PM »

Took off all my old RPs and added new ones

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Re: Endless Nights (horror, NC, Exotic,Furry)
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2014, 09:50:25 PM »
Updated again. Added some new ones and clarified the older ones

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Re: Endless Nights (horror, NC, Exotic,Furry)
« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2014, 12:19:12 AM »
Major update,


The perfect toy

The Perfect Toy 2

Settling the Score

Last of Us

Locked Down

Grand Reopening

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Re: Still Life With Crows (non con, furry, bondage, extreme, exotic)
« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2014, 01:49:15 PM »
 Still Life With Crows Taken

Added Flicker of Hope

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Re: Still Life With Crows (non con, furry, bondage, extreme, exotic)
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2015, 04:57:13 PM »
Updated, removed one, added Hyde Light

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Updated heavily. Added

Job from Hell

Bump in the Dark 

Hyde Light

The Break IN

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Re: Things that go Bump in the night (non con, bondage, extreme, exotic
« Reply #9 on: February 08, 2015, 03:35:01 PM »
Added four new ones, will be adding more latter

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Re: Really want some Walking Dead Au
« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2015, 08:18:57 PM »
Added Walking Dead Au and took off two old ones

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Re: The Plot Bunny Cometh (anthro, dark themes, M\M, M\F)
« Reply #11 on: April 26, 2015, 12:51:19 AM »
Heavy duty updates. Erased all but one or two of my old ones and added in lots of new ones.

Office Blackmail.
The obsession
It was a stormy and dark night............
Survival Strategy
The Pet
Ticket to Ride
A creators work is never done
Fright Night

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Re: The Plot Bunny Cometh (anthro, dark themes, M\M, M\F)
« Reply #12 on: June 11, 2015, 08:38:28 PM »
updated, removed most the old ones and added

The Warehouse

The Runaways

Temple of the Wind



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Re: On the hunt for something dark (anthro, dark themes, M\M, M\F, FNaF)
« Reply #13 on: August 20, 2015, 02:56:04 PM »
Updated with some new ones, deleted some old ones, did some rearranging. I have some more things I'm going to be adding latter

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Re: In search of the apocalypse (anthro, dark themes, M\M, M\F, FNaF)
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Updated with some new ones, deleted some old ones. I have some more things I'm going to be adding latter

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Re: A Night of Debauchery ( dark themes, M\M, M\F, possible F\F)
« Reply #15 on: October 20, 2015, 06:36:16 AM »

Major update, deleted all but three or so of my older plots and added

Wolves at the Door

Lost his Mind

Humanity's last stand

Truth or Dare


Don't Mind me

The Dead Hours

Rejection and Revenge

On Stormy Seas


will be adding more and posting up when I wake up

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Re: A Night of Debauchery ( dark themes, M\M, M\F, possible F\F)
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minor update

did some editing and added one new one

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Re: A Night of Debauchery ( dark themes, M\M, M\F, possible F\F)
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minor update

did some editing and added two new ones and erased most the old ones

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Re: A Night of Debauchery ( dark themes, M\M, M\F, possible F\F)
« Reply #18 on: January 14, 2016, 11:08:04 PM »
Deleted several and added

The Roomate

The Re claimers

The Pet

From the wilds

The Ex

Girls Night


Will be adding more latter

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Re: A Night of Debauchery ( dark themes, M\M, M\F, possible F\F)
« Reply #19 on: February 09, 2016, 07:25:52 PM »
Edited a lot of things, erased three stories and added in The Dinner, from the dark returned and the pale rabbit

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Re: A Night of Debauchery ( dark themes, M\M, M\F, possible F\F)
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Just a monthly bump. Deleted a few stale plots and updated a few other things

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Re: ( dark themes, M\M)
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Deleted one and added three new ones, the Runaways, the Dinner and Friends with befits, doing a lot of editing

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Re: From the dark returned( dark themes, M\M)
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monthly bump, deleted most the plots

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Re: From the dark returned( dark themes, M\M)
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monthly bump, deleted most the plots

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Re: From the dark returned( dark themes, M\M)
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Delted most my old ones and added

Dame de Pique

The Pet Trainer

Finders Keeepers

Friends With Benefits

The Dinner


The Golden Years

The Runaways