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December 14, 2018, 10:18:28 PM

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Author Topic: Crimson Snow (seeking female character...more characters later)  (Read 588 times)

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Offline SerpentKissTopic starter

Know Your enemy

Cygnar: Possessing the most advanced magic and technology in the realm, the Kingdom of Cygnar fields a well-rounded force that battles for the good and just King Leto Raelthorne. Caught between its old enemy Khador and the newer threat of the fanatical Protectorate of Menoth, Cygnar will need every ounce of ingenuity and bravery it has to survive the coming storm.

Know Yourself

Khador: This vast kingdom has had a rivalry with Cygnar for centuries, opposing Cygnar's magical and engineering skill with unearthly toughness and brute force. Khador's methods may be unsophisticated, but they are possessed of a martial skill and spirit second to none.

Know you're world
Khador has a long standing rivalry with Cygnar as the two most dominant kingdoms of the region. There are periodic bloody skirmishes between these two nations, particularly along their shared border. Other battles are sometimes fought by intermediaries such as hired mercenaries, although both governments usually deny responsibility for these hostile actions. Tensions continue to mount and some major armed struggle seems inevitable between King Leto and Queen Vanar. Such a war could plunge the entire region back into chaos and strife.

This story takes place in a world very different from our own, where magic and machine are blended together and powerful sorcerers known as Warcasters battle for the sake of their nation, whether for peace, power, greed or something much, much more. This story focuses on a devastating battle that happened between the Khador and Cygnar on the borderland mountains that separate them. On these icy, frozen peaks, a small skirmish happened not to far from the main battle, where a small group of Cygnaran lancers, lead by the battle hardened Major Katherine Laddermore, encountered Khador's Iron fang Uhlans, lead by the enigmatic figure known only as the Drakhun. It would appear that both sets of Cavalry were trying to outflank the main army, both meeting on the only possible, passable reach. The battle ensued, with neither side gaining any ground. In that end, it was nature that one them over, a freak avalanche taking out the horses and all the riders. Except two. Katherine and the Drakhun had survived miraculously. With neither of them knowing where on the mountain range they were, they must now work together to reach the bottom Khador or Cygnar, which ever land they may end up in. They must fight the natives, as fearsome as they are, fight the elements, and fight the increasing sexual tension between fellow warriors, to make it back safely and get back into the war...

Currently I'm looking for someone to play Katherine, whilst I shall be playing the part of the unnamed Drakhun. Obviously they'd start off in the armour, but they wouldn't need it all the time as it'd eventually become a survival hindrance (leading hopefully to many an erotic encounter). More characters will become available as we encounter them, though if anyone has any character suggestions, feel free put up a character suggestion here.

This'll probably have BDSM, rough sexual themes, as well as non-consent (never know when they might be captured)

If it does become a bigger game at any point, I'll probably need a GM too.