GM needed for pirates/magic/angels

Started by Sabby, April 11, 2008, 07:40:11 AM

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^^^ thats the game. Needing a GM for it. Will be a long time game, hopefully a strong one with dedicated posters.

The kind of GMing we need is for the players to write their posts and you step in to write the outcomes. I may shoot my pistols at an armored enemies neck area where I could kill him instantly. You would be the one to post whether he gurlgles and dies, gurgles, falls and cuts a rope to cause added choas, takes it to the helmet and falls off a railing, or takes it to the chest, turns and strides at me with sword raised.

Would love a GM that can post daily :)

Ok, so its not exactly a GM. I would still handle the narrative and story. The role would just be for fights, brawls and general ruccus.