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Author Topic: Justice League Reboot  (Read 19872 times)

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Offline Jmorty33

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #25 on: June 14, 2012, 09:51:08 PM »
Still working out some kinks in Wally's bio.

Offline Gannameade

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #26 on: June 14, 2012, 10:31:39 PM »
What kind of pic?  Comic or real life person pic??

Name: Green Lantern/Indigo Lantern - tribe
Real Name: John Stewart
Age: 32
Apperance without Costume: 
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Base of Operations: Atlanta, GA - JLA HQ
Powers/Abilitys: Power Ring - that is able to work though various functions based off of the willpower of the wearer.
Weaknesses: Not effective against yellow that much.
History: John Stewart was an architect who was selected by the Guardians of the Universe as Hal Jordan's backup after Guy Gardner was seriously injured in a disaster. Although Jordan objected after seeing that Stewart had a belligerant attitude to authority figures, the Guardians stood by their selection. Jordan complied and recruited and equipped Stewart with the standard uniform and power ring. To Jordan, Stewart's first mission began badly with the assignment of protecting a racist politician and Stewart took advantage of averting an accident to embarrass him in the process. However, Stewart soon proved his worth when an apparent African American assassin shot at the politician, but Stewart refused to intervene with Jordan to move in response to the attack. However, Stewart had good reasons for this apparent dereliction of duty when he stopped a gunman from killing a police officer in the outside parking lot at the event while Jordan was pursuing a decoy. When Jordan confronted Stewart for his actions, Stewart effectively explained the situation of the ruse and the fact the politician staged it for political advantage. With that adventure, Jordan concluded that Stewart was an excellent recruit after all.
John was on Oa, supervising the demolition of the buildings left in ruins after the Black Lanterns attack, and planing the reconstruction. He is called suddenly to the Guardians' chamber, where they order him to join Alpha Lantern Boodikka in a mission to robot planet Grenda, Stel's homeworld, where the communications ceased abruptly without explanation, and Lantern Stel and the population are missing. John agrees and departs with Boodikka. After arriving in the planet, the two confirmed the Guardians report: the entire population mysteriously disappeared. John asks Boodikka if something of her older self remains despite been turned into a Alpha Lantern, after she asks him why he refused to join the Alpha Lanterns. Boodikka responds that her changes are only physical, and she still have her former personality, John doubts about this affirmation. The two discover what seems to be a Green Lantern House Sector, that, accorded to Boodikka, its not registered. After entered inside, they discovered Green Lanterns Horoq Nnot and Stel, the last one tells John he must flee from the planet immediately. Suddenly, Boodikka turns against John and attacks him; despite John fights back, he's surrounded by more rogue Alpha Lanterns and is defeated. Its reveled that the Alpha Lanterns have begun a revolt against the rest of the corps, allied themselves with Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, and take control of Grenda to use the planet as their hidden base to turn Green Lanterns into Alpha Lanterns. John Stewart is last seen wounded and bleeding, been taken to Henshaw by Boodikka. The Cyborg Superman then begins the cosmic surgery to turn John into another Alpha Lantern.

Recent Activity: Hiatus from JL
Equipment: Power Ring - Power Battery: Indomitable Will: John Stewart's willpower exceeds the limit on his Green Lantern Power Ring.
Green Lantern Ring Mastery: As noted by many, Stewart's constructs are never hollow. He builds them from the inside out, down to the last nut and bolt.
Architect: John is an accomplished architect having had a hand in building the new Hall of Justice as well as rebuilding Coast City.
Marine Training
Flight Combat Expert
Compassion:John has the ability to feel great compassion to such a degree, he can successfully use an Indigo Tribe Power Ring and an Indigo Tribe Power Staff .

Known Enemies: Long list.

Offline Iblis121

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #27 on: June 15, 2012, 04:29:17 AM »
Superhero: Green Arrow A.K.A. Emerald Archer, Ace Archer, Battling Bowman
Real Name: Oliver Queen
Base of Operations: Star City, California; Various
Age: 25
Sexual Orientation: Straight, Switch

Peak Physical Condition - Due to his time on Starfish Island, and a persistent exercise regiment following the incident, Ollie is now in peak physical condition within human limitations. He can lift at least up to twice his body-weight, and has the speed and stamina to keep up with an Olympic runner.

Master Archer - Oliver Queen is perhaps the finest archer ever known, able to shoot 29 arrows per minute. He has a wide-variety of trick arrows, ranging from bola arrows to time-bomb arrows to his infamous boxing-glove arrow. He uses these arrows sparingly, however, preferring the time-tested simple arrow. Green Arrow has shown the ability to shoot an arrow down the barrel of a gun, pierce a drop of water as it leaves a tap, and shoot almost any part of the human body with pinpoint accuracy; although he aims only to wound and not kill when he shoots. Whether his skill is natural or due to some sort of meta-human mutation is unknown. Ollie simply chalks it up to natural talent.

Master Swordsman - Ollie is also very proficient with a sword, though it is not his preferred weapon of choice. He is knowledgeable in several forms of swordsmanship, but is most proficient at fencing due to exposure as a child.

Acrobatics - He has displayed on many occasions that he is an expert in acrobatics, and often uses this skill while evading enemy fire, or repositioning himself for a better shot.

Advanced Hand-to-Hand -


Green Arrow has the typical weaknesses of a normal human, though his costume provides some slight protection as it is reinforced with several thin layers of kevlar, as well as metal plating on certain critical areas (Torso, Forearms, etc). He also hinders himself sometimes, occasionally putting the thrill of being a hero ahead of the actual goal: helping people. Not only that, but he finds it hard to put aside emotional attachments, and has a short temper, as well, sometimes resulting in lethal force being used when it may not be necessary.


Custom Bows: Green possesses two bows, both of which were customized to his specifications. His pride and joy is his standard bow, the same bow that saved his life. Upon returning home and deciding that he would continue fighting crime, he had the damages brought to it on Starfish Island repaired. He is also in possession of a more modern Compound Bow, but uses it sparingly due to it's drastically different feel in contrast to his traditional bow.

Arrows and Trick Arrows: In his comparatively short career as Green Arrow, Oliver Queen has custom designed many unique arrowheads, many of which are interchangeable and can be used for any size arrow shaft. Most of the time, Green Arrow prefers to use standard wooden arrows with a 75 cm to 90 cm shaft, steel heads and plastic fletching. Necessity, however, is the mother of invention, and as his career went on, he found himself in many unique situations that required unique arrows. The first arrow he ever "developed" was on Starfish Island, a fire arrow which he used against China White.

List of known developed Trick Arrows
Acid Arrow
    Bait Arrow
    Balloon Arrow
    Bola Arrow
    Boomerang Arrow
    Boxing Glove Arrow
    Buzzsaw Arrow
    Diamond Tipped Arrow
    Drill Arrow
    Electronics Arrow
    Blackout Arrow (Localized EMP)
    Exploding Arrow
    Fan Arrow
    Fire Extinguisher Arrow
    Flash Bang Arrow
    Freezing Arrow (Liquid Nitrogen)
    Glue Arrow
    Grappling Hook Arrow
    Greek Fire Arrow (Oil fire)
    Handcuff Arrow
    Harpoon Arrow
    Jet Arrow
    Magnesium Flare Arrow
    Mini Arrow
    Mummy Arrow
    Net Arrow
    Parachute Arrow
    Psychedelic Arrow
    Rain Arrow
    Reflector Arrow
    Rope Arrow
    Safe Cracking Arrow
    Smokescreen Arrow
    Sonic Arrow
    Trap Arrow
    Teargas Arrow


Robert Henry Queen, when he was alive, was a millionaire industrialist who had always been known as a bit of a playboy in his early years. During that time, he often flirted with his decidedly female help, and at times even went beyond mere flirting with the women. The result of one such fling was young Ollie Queen. When the woman approached Robert Queen with the news that she was pregnant, he took responsibility for his child without question. He decided to marry then woman he impregnated, twenty-nine year old Moira Benson, not wanting to abandon her or his son, and so Ollie kept his father's surname. Oliver had always idolized Robin Hood as a child. His father often told him stories about Robin hood, and even claimed that they were rumored to be very distant relatives of Robin Hood. True to their supposed heritage, Oliver was a natural archer, even at that young age, and frequently practiced with a bow and arrow set his father bought him one Christmas. He was mildly traumatized the first time he killed an animal and for a long while he refused to hunt, but he never stopped using his bow.

After many years, the already rocky marriage between Robert and Moira Queen was beginning to deteriorate. While he cared deeply for Oliver, having groomed him through the years to eventually run his business, he didn't feel the same for Moira. Robert was growing weary of an empty marriage. Moira, on the other hand, was growing tired of depending on Robert and taking care of a son she never wanted. It had always been about the money, and using her pregnancy as a trap to live off her employer. Robert decided to take the family on a vacation, a hunting trip in Africa, where he could connect with his wife and help his son get over his fear of hunting. Moira wasn't willing to continue with that life, however, and called in a few favors. She assured Robert that she would arrange the hunting trip herself, paying the safari hunter an exuberant amount of money to help her get rid of Robert. Robert was mauled by lions on that trip, an attack that could've been stopped by Oliver, had he not hesitated to shoot the animal. His hesitation would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Moira was shocked to learn that Robert's wealth was not left to her in his will, but rather to his son, Oliver, who would inherit it when he was of age. This enraged her, especially with the knowledge that Oliver's eighteenth birthday would be upon them within months. She spent the time preparing for that day, and hatching a plan that would leave her rich. Ollie's eighteenth birthday was spent on a luxurious cruise-liner, where family members and business partners of the late Robert Queen showered Oliver with gifts, one of which was a used in a recent film adaption of the legend of Robin Hood. Moira, however, celebrated that day as the day she would be fabulously wealthy. Later that night, when she found Ollie awake on the port of the ship, contemplating his new life with his new bow in hand, she pushed him overboard, so sure that she would never see him again that she stood by to watch. She was the last thing he saw before succumbing to the abyssal ocean in a panic and the world around him went black.

When he awoke, he found himself washed ashore on the remote, isolated Starfish Island, clutching that same bow, which kept him from afloat when he finally passed out. With no sign of civilization to be seen, he was completely stranded. During this time spent without food or shelter Queen developed his skills as a hunter to survive and gained mastery over his bow. Despite a situation that would've driven the average man to madness, Ollie's will to live proved strong enough to keep him sane, and the experienced helped him grow. Having previously taken everything in his life for granted, the experience humbled him and taught him self reliance. The discovery of drug smugglers on the island, run by the ruthless international crime lord China White, would prove to be a test of character. Using his new skills, he attacked and destroyed their heroin operation, then delivered them to the authorities before returning home. It was then that he realized that he had found his destiny. After confronting and his mother and having her arrested, he chose to use his abilities and resources as a crime-fighter. With a nickname coined by the press, he made it his mission to protect Star City, moonlighting as Green Arrow while simultaneously running his father's businesses.


Nearly seven years have passed since he first became Green Arrow, and Ollie hasn't stopped doing what he does best. Still a solo act, he finds himself taking on little more than petty criminals and local Super Villains. Despite that, he's made quite a name for himself, and while he doesn't strike fear into the hearts of his enemies in the same way Batman does, criminals have learned that Green Arrow's no one to be trifled with. He's also expanded his combat knowledge, dedicating months and millions of dollars to growing more proficient at Hand-to-Hand combat and Swordsmanship. Outside of his Green Arrow getup, Oliver Queen's companies have grown in success and he in popularity. With his down-to-earth attitude, liberal-leftist ideas and frequent philanthropy, the people have come to admire Oliver Queen. In a recent interview, he was asked if he would ever be interested in getting into politics, possibly running for mayor. Despite jokingly commenting on how good he'd be at it, he declined.

Known Enemies:

Merlyn: Green Arrow often heard of the exploits of "Merlyn the Magician," a well known archer, and was less than impressed, confident that he was far better than Merlyn. To his surprise, Merlyn challenged Green Arrow to an archery duel and ended up defeating him. While the loss was quite a blow to Ollie's ego, it is not the source of their bitter enmity. Merlyn uses his talents primarily for crime, which naturally pits he and Green Arrow against each other as full-blown enemies rather than simple rivals.


Offline Darthvegeta800

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #28 on: June 15, 2012, 10:15:14 AM »

Superhero: Batman

Real Name: Bruce Wayne

Age: 38

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Base of Operations: Gotham City

Powers/Skills: Genius-level intellect, great willpower and experience, uncanny powers of deduction, Master Detective. Has mastered the use of a variety of martial arts, weapons, tools and gadgets. He is also quite adept at labwork, forensics, research, explosives, chemistry etc. Speaks dozens of languages fluently. Is capable of driving and piloting a variety of crafts. Is a master of stealth and the use of fear, intimidation and terror to manipulate his foes. Has displayed a great talent in tactics and foreseeing the moves of his adversaries.

Weaknesses: Batman is paranoid and is hard to trust anyone to any degree. He is clearly a controlfreak. Furthermore his highly analytical approach and desire to foresee all, manipulate events to his advantage and prepare for every scenario has caused him to come across as detached, unfriendly and even inhuman. His traumatic youth is both his greatest strength and weakness, more than once misused to weaken Batman.

Gadgets and weapons: Besides the classic utility belt, a wide assortment of vehicules, gadgets and projectiles, Batman currently has a cybernetic implant heightening and improving his vision and a robotic arm capable of deploying several offensive and defensive gadgets tailored for the mission at hand. Ever since the events pitting him against Darkseid, Batman has begun to wear heavier armor.

Although this Batman's backstory is much like that known to us all, there have been several elements that have deviated from what we know.
First and foremost Batman's main love interest is not Catwoman but Talia, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul.
He managed to court her and free her from Ra's Al Ghul's influence, defying the Demon's Head. Ra's Al Ghul's offer of Bruce Wayne becoming his heir was refused. Adding insult to injury, Talia became the Huntress and an official part of Batman's web of allies and apprentices, 'the Batfamily'.
A cataclysmic event saw Batman the singular reason of Darkseid's demise but at a terrible cost. Huntress (Talia Al Ghul) was seemingly killed in an explosion that also permanently mutilated Batman. Having lost an arm and an eye in the battle, the badly wounded Batman was left mentally and physically scarred by these events. The love of his life and mother of his child was killed, something he blames himself for. Furthermore he himself is forced to go through life with a robotic and cybernetic eye. The psychological damage more than his appearance caused Bruce Wayne to become even more detached from public life, living mostly in seclusion. Having failed to save his parents, to save the 2nd Robin and now his wife has become an increasing weight on his psyche.
Partially blaming events on idealistic and unpragmatic choices made by the Justice League during the battle against Darkseid, he has become highly reluctant to assist them, in turn damaging their cause as his expertise is rare and frequently vital to foresee or correctly react to complex threats and situations. Where most of the Justice League brought heart, logic or raw power to the whole, only Batman brought his degree of tactical insight, deduction and polyvalence.
Batman's allies in the Batfamily and the Justice League are seeing him slowly decline further and further into eerie cynicism and dark melancholy. His vigilante ways are becoming more brutal and his loathing of ally and enemy alike has grown.
Unknown to the Batman though Huntress has not perished. But instead has been prepared as the ultimate weapon to tip him over the edge and break the Bat's mind just like Bane once broke his back. And when the Batman's mind shatters, the villain in question will have free reign to execute a plan well beyond the intellectual insights of powerhouses like Superman or Green Lantern...

Activity: Currently Batman is waging a radical crusade against crime and corruption in Gotham City. Recent events seemingly pushing him to his own limit. Never before was the Dark Knight so feared by his enemies. However some of his allies have also begun to feel worried about his state of mind.

Known Enemies: The most notable and dangerous in his most extensive gallery of foes are 'The Joker', 'Bane', 'Darkseid' and 'The Court of Owls'.

Known Allies: The Justice League, the Bat Family,...

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Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #29 on: June 15, 2012, 02:01:34 PM »
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Superhero: Huntress
Real Name: Talia Ra's Al Ghul
Age: 37
Orientation: Heterosexual
Base of Operations:Gotham City

Powers/Skills:  Archery ,Criminology, Martial Arts, Investigation, Stealth.
Weakness:  loss of memory, difficulty in trusting others, dizziness after long periods of physical effort.

Gadgets and weapons: A small sized crossbow mounted on either or both of her forearms, utility belt,  a collapsible, combat metallic staff.

History:  Daughter of the infamous Ra’s Al Ghul, she defied her father and joined Batman’s side as his wife, becoming the Huntress. The explosion took place at a time when everything seemed wonderful in their personal life and when their teenage daughter was becoming more and more skilled as the Robin. Talia was saved by one of her father’s men, but unfortunately lost her memory.  Ra’s Al Ghul made sure she wouldn’t regain her memories and made efforts to turn her against Batman and the others. He had to play the part of the mentor and regain her trust, for she didn’t remember anything from her “previous life”.  Due to the loss of memory she also gained a different personality. The only thing left from her past are her skills and abilities which reached a new height after the intensive training she received under her father’s care.
Activity: As Ra’s Al Ghul right hand, she is an important part of her father’s/mentor’s organization.
Known Enemies: Batman and his allies, Bane.
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Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #30 on: June 15, 2012, 07:37:42 PM »
Are you still looking for players for this?

Offline Raziel

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #31 on: June 15, 2012, 07:51:02 PM »
I'll get Clark's bio up tomorrow :P

Offline Iblis121

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #32 on: June 15, 2012, 08:09:12 PM »
Are you still looking for players for this?

Yep, we're still looking for players ^^

Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #33 on: June 15, 2012, 08:24:09 PM »
May I place dibs on


I'll work on a character sheet tonight.

Offline Iblis121

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #34 on: June 15, 2012, 08:47:03 PM »
I don't see a problem with it. Nobody else called dibs on her xD So you should be all set.

Offline JDrew Spider

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #35 on: June 15, 2012, 11:11:34 PM »
I'll be taking the role of Black Canary :)

Offline Iblis121

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #36 on: June 15, 2012, 11:29:06 PM »
LOL Wow. And I was JUST saying to loislanekent that we probably wouldn't be getting a Black Canary for a while. Guess I was wrong xD

Offline JDrew Spider

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #37 on: June 16, 2012, 12:01:55 AM »
Superhero/villain: Super Hero in process
Real Name: Dinah Lance
Age: 23
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Base of Operations: Gotham City

Canary Cry
: Dinah is able to project sonic waves  with her vocals that are capable of incapacitating or fatally wounding her enemies.
Echoing She has the ability of echo location and using repetitive chirps she can locate any animate or inanimate objects in the dark or when she closes her eyes.
Top GymnastShe is a junior Olympic level athlete, capable of peak human strength, endurance, agility and stamina.
Boxer Trained by former heavyweight champion she is skilled in Boxing, Muay Thai, and Capoeira
Weaknesses: She can sustain injuries just like any average woman of her category. Her big mouth can sometimes lead her to getting into trouble with the wrong crowd because she's very liberal in her thinking and doesn't always see the world as pure right and wrong
History: Dinah was the daughter of a cop and musician. Her father was well established guitarist and singer and her mother was a good cop. However she took more after her father and started to pursue a singing career at an early age. One day she caught her father snorting cocaine with his friends inside their home. Dinah was scared to tell her mother that she was afraid her father may have been a drug addict and kept the secret for weeks until her mother found out. At age 13 her parents divorced when her mother confronted her father about his drug addict, leading him to get incarcerated for several years. During the time after father's incarceration she took gymnastics and while training at the gym she meet an older gentleman named  Ted Grant otherwise known as Wildcat. He introduced  her to all forms of fighting, which she quickly excelled in. Ted became like a father figure to her and she would often confide in him about her miserable home life. At 18 she began to work at a club in Gotham  against her mother's wishes. Her mother didn't want her to have anything to do with music , but listen to it. She took a job as a waitress, but when she saw a singer perform on stage she fell inlove with the idea of singing. Telling her mother she would become a singer instead of going to school for law, they got into a big argument. Being of age she began to save up enough money to get her own apartment in a very shanky side of town, filled with scum and prostitutes. When she told the owner of the club she should be singing instead of wiping tables he laughed at her. However Dinah was persistent and he gave her an audition. She sang for him and he loved her voice so much he placed up on stage to work immediately. Several months had past and she became quite a local star. On the night she had returned to her mothers house she found her mother dead in the bedroom with her throat cut and her father standing over her. Shocked Dinah screamed accidentally releasing her canary cry causing her crazed fathers brain to seize up and he died of an aneurism right there on the spot. Ever since that day she could never forgive her father for what he did to her mother and she could never forgive herself for not being able to save her. Ever since then she has remained vigil to ensure nothing like this ever happens to anyone else.
Activity:  Mobile and vigilant on the streets of Gotham
Known Enemies: Drug dealers and Kingpins

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Offline JDrew Spider

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #38 on: June 16, 2012, 12:04:55 AM »
LOL Wow. And I was JUST saying to loislanekent that we probably wouldn't be getting a Black Canary for a while. Guess I was wrong xD

Lois had asked me to play Canary earlier , but I finally made up my mind to do it.

Offline Iblis121

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #39 on: June 16, 2012, 12:06:20 AM »
Lois had asked me to play Canary earlier , but I finally made up my mind to do it.

Huh. Mkay then xD

Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #40 on: June 16, 2012, 09:06:37 AM »
I have a question:  Is Zatanna too close to Raven?  What I mean is there's already a Raven and bringing in a Zatanna would create a large overlap of powers, and I think that would be a little bit of a rude thing to do.  I had planned on limiting her powers quite a bit, but I still feel that would cause two characters with very similar skill sets to be on the same team.  Maybe it's a silly concern but I wanted to know what others thought.

Offline JDrew Spider

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #41 on: June 16, 2012, 09:11:43 AM »
I think that would be interesting, but  let's see what Ms. Kent has to say.
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Offline Ghostraven

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #42 on: June 16, 2012, 12:04:50 PM »
I think Raven,  Etrigan and Zatanna are all different enough to work and as JDrew said I think it would be an interesting dynamic with the three together.



Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #43 on: June 16, 2012, 02:00:15 PM »
Superhero/Villain:  Hero in Process
Real Name: Zatanna Zatara
Age: 21
Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual
Base of Operations: Where ever her show takes her

Powers:  Zatanna is a homo magi, a human born with the affinity to manipulate magic.  Her unique genetics allows her to control the magic she was born with as well as learned magic.  In memory of her father, and as an arcane focus, she casts spells by speaking words and sentences backwards.  So far she has shown a strong affinity toward elemental magic, the ability to manipulate minds, transmute and transmogrify objects (both organic and inorganic), heal herself and others, and attack her opponents with energy blasts.
Skills: Zatanna is a skilled illustionist, showgirl, and stage magician even without resorting to her arcane abilities.  She is skilled in sleight of hand, hypnosis, and improvisation.  She also is multi-lingual and knows English, Spanish, and “Backwards Speech”. 
Weaknesses:   Her powers are reliant upon her self-confidence.  She is reliant on Mnemonic Incantation, meaning if someone does something to cause her difficulty to speak, she is rendered powerless.  She is unable to alter magic that is of a higher level than her own.  Overuse of her magical powers can deplete them to the point that further use puts a considerable strain on her body and the only way to restore her mystical powers is through considerable rest.

[b[History:[/b] Zatanna Zatara is the only daughter of the late, great, world-renown Giovanni Zatara.  Zatanna never knew her mother and her father never spoke of her.  He did often speak of her great lineage with blood connections to historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, Nicholas Flamel, Alessandro Cagliostro, Evan Fulcanelli, and Lord Arion of Atlantis.  Growing up, Zatanna never really knew how much of this was the truth and how much if was part of the legend and story her father built around him for his stage career.

For her early childhood, she had an estranged relationship with her father, who was often away performing and carrying on his act while she was left with relatives to attend school.  At the age of fifteen, he hired a private tutor for her, when she began travelling with her father, and performed with him as his assistant.  Over the next few years they grew close and she eventually forgave him for being an absentee parent during her younger years. 

Eventually, she graduated from being his assistant and began developing and performing her own tricks and feats of illusion, usually as a precursor for her father’s grand feats.  It was shortly after her twentieth birthday that something went terribly wrong and her father died on stage, apparently a victim to his own trick.  Devastated, Zatanna closed the show and withdrew from the public spotlight. 

It was during this time that Zatanna began to learn about the truth of her heritage and her father’s death.  She was contacted by her father in her dreams where he awoken her dormant link to the arcane and slowly began teaching her how to control and tap into her abilities.  After a month of training, however, Zatara suddenly stopped visiting her dreams and she lacked the knowledge and skill to discover what had happened.

She has recently reopened the show, and is using it as both a way to train her newfound abilities and to hopefully draw out her father’s murderer.  She is fairly certain that one of her father’s long standing rivals was responsible for his untimely death, but has a gut feeling that there was something more to it that she doesn’t yet understand.
Activity: Along with reopening her show, Zatanna has taken to keeping an eye out for criminal activities and has thwarted a few robberies in progress.  She has also tended to frequent the poorer parts of the cities she visits giving away free tickets to her shows as well as hoping that her obvious wealth and “weaker” gender will draw out some ill reputable scum.
Known Enemies: none yet

*Edited to show picture
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Offline FragarachZ

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #44 on: June 16, 2012, 05:25:20 PM »
Jason/Etrigan are mainly in Gotham, but Jason is known to be traveling around. I'd be up for partnering up/working together with Gotham and/or mystical heroes, whom can also have an ongoing friendship with Jason, in which case he'd trust them with the reversing spell in case Etrigan ever turned loose.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #45 on: June 16, 2012, 05:37:59 PM »
I agree with Ghost it would be quite a bit of fun to see the three of them working together.

I do have a question, my understanding is that the game is happening as the JL begins to form, but there are certain back stories that have the League already formed.  I understand this is a reboot, but is there a timeline or history to the world that we can read to help us better understand the setting?

Offline Iblis121

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #46 on: June 16, 2012, 05:54:36 PM »
The only backstory I've noticed that can't be right according to the game's setting is Green Lantern's. Everyone else seems to be fine.

The only people who's histories should even mention being part of the Justice League are the founders, who, in this game, are Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Martian Manhunter.

I just made things easier for myself by assuming Green Arrow has no allies at the moment and that he's been doing solo work. There aren't really any other notable heroes in Star City, anyway. If someone wanted to be Speedy, I wouldn't mind it, but unless that happens, Ollie's been on his own.

EDIT: I think the main thing we all need to know is how long the Justice League's been established and/or how long has it been since they've begun recruiting people.
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Re: Justice League Reboot
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What kind of pace can be expected for the game now?  As I recall, it was fairly slow before.

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Re: Justice League Reboot
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Maybe Dinah could partner up with some heavy hitters in Gotham. She's still a fairly new hero however.

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Hey Lunar :]

I'm not really sure what the pace of the game will be. I'd imagine slow, at first.