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Author Topic: Justice League Reboot  (Read 19797 times)

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Offline Metalzephyr

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #175 on: July 24, 2012, 06:00:10 PM »
Well calling official dibs on Deathstroke the Terminator/Slade Wilson! Been working on him, but he needs a bit more. Should have him up late tonight/early tomorrow PST!

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #176 on: July 24, 2012, 06:36:29 PM »
Hi im defiantly playing WW. But im looseing intrest in lois, Im thinking Selina/Catwoman more is me. And playing her rather bad for a change instead of good. MEOW.

Offline Iblis121

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #177 on: July 24, 2012, 06:49:29 PM »
Well calling official dibs on Deathstroke the Terminator/Slade Wilson! Been working on him, but he needs a bit more. Should have him up late tonight/early tomorrow PST!

Alright, great to hear!

Offline Metalzephyr

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #178 on: July 25, 2012, 10:35:10 PM »
Here is the 'hero' so far!

(Yes the un costumed picture does not show his eyepatch, but afraid I don't own Photoshop so players will have to fill it in, sorry)

Superhero: Deathstroke
Real Name: Slade Wilson
Age:  29
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual Male, primarily dominant, but willing to submit to a strong female.
Base of Operations:  The Labyrinth (former military bunker with dated mansion built on top, all interiors retrofitted to modern standards)
Enhanced Mind: In rough terms, Slade’s IQ was raised rather radically by the procedure that changed him, creating a smarter, more mentally agile, soldier. He also gained an Eidetic memory (however, with his history of abuse, this is a mixed blessing).

Enhanced Agility/Strength/Endurance/Senses:  Functionally super-human, all of Slade’s physical attributes have been raised above human standards, and are further strengthened by intense conditioning and training.

Regenerative Healing Factor: The body of Deathstroke heals at an astounding rate, though to what extent is still in question. He has survived otherwise lethal gunshot wounds, shrapnel, burns, and bladed assaults. This extends a resistance to toxins, poisons, and disease as well.

Other Abilities:
Masterful Tactician: With his enhanced mental capacity and years of intense training and field experience, Slade is a masterful strategist and tactician, specializing in special forces operations, and infiltrations.

Skilled Martial Artist, Marksman, and Swordsman: Even before his enhancements, Slade Wilson was a highly talented combatant, and since then has honed his talents even further. He now prefers short range combat, given his visual weakness, but is still a deadly shot at range.

One Eye: In spite of his powerful healing factor, Slade’s right eye is still missing, giving him poor depth perception and a limited field of vision. Yet his confidence in his skills is such that the design of his mask gives away the weakness, creating a rather distinctive appearance for the Terminator.

Personal Code of Honor: Functionally a weakness, especially for someone with his skills. Slade Wilson has a deep sense of patriotism, as well as very strong feelings on what he considers right and wrong. While it is not a widely held code, and doesn’t restrict him from killing his enemies, it does seem to judge abusive individuals, and those who harm children, rather harshly. Though, these are private and intimate beliefs for him, and Slade is not one to explain his code to much of anyone.

Born an only son in Nashville, Slade grew up with an abusive father who pushed around and occasionally beat his wife and son to relieve the stress from his work in the factories. His mother died in a house fire while her son and husband were out, the cause of which is still labeled as ‘suspicious’ on the police file. In part to escape his father’s increasing abuses, Slade enlisted in the US Military at 17, forging his father’s signature on the parental consent form.

In training camp he proved an exceptional combatant, a deadly hand to hand fighter, and a remarkable marksman. Fast tracked into training with special forces, he continued to excel. Following 9/11, like many other soldiers, he shipped out to Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime. He fought there for three years, serving a further one in Iraq, and returned to Afghanistan for almost another year of service. His extended tour of duty was cut short by an IED, which killed several men in his unit, and embedded a fist sized piece of shrapnel in his right eye. His survival was hailed as a miracle, even at the loss of the eye and some heavy scarring around the socket.

Given a number of medals for his service, he was told he could no longer serve on active duty. It was at this time that he volunteered for medical experimentation. The procedure was intended to help soldiers with injuries even more severe than his own, but he just wanted to serve his country, and hoped the procedure might work for him. The procedure failed for almost every test subject, having either no effect or causing unforeseen and occasionally deadly complications. Slade fell into a deep coma, but when he awakened, the procedure did indeed produce some results. While his previous injuries did not heal, further ones healed with incredible speed. His senses, strength, agility, and durability rose well beyond normal human levels, and his mental acuity sharpened incredibly, even gaining an eidetic memory. It also caused his hair to turn completely white, as a minor side effect.

Considered a fluke success, the program was unable to replicate the result and was shut down within the year, with military brass wanting to hide away exactly how much harm the program caused. As a man of honour and a patriot, Slade wished desperately to return to active service. They refused him however, and he fell into depression.

Soon though, offers came, and Slade found himself returning to the same battlefields. This time however, was as a ‘consultant’ for private security companies like Blackwater. He became known as Deathstroke, or occasionally, the Terminator, and ‘consulted’ for several of these companies, serving as a troubleshooter for their most dangerous or stubborn problems. His particular skills, and stunning successes, earned him a fortune, and were applied all over the globe.

Two years ago, Slade returned to the United States, turning his base of operations from merely a safe haven into a modern installation. He did not know why he returned, only that something was missing in his life, and seeking that fulfillment he began to take on local ‘consultations’. Working as a mercenary on home soil brought him face to face against several heroes and heroines, since his employers were frequently serving less than noble interests. There were few of these encounters at first, but they were becoming more and more frequent, until three months ago.  At that time, rather suddenly, no matter how much money was offered, Deathstroke would not be hired by anyone. Slade Wilson embarked on a sort of sabbatical, travelling widely around the world, out of contact, before returning one month ago.

Since his return, Deathstroke has kept his name, but is no longer a gun for hire. He now fights on his own, protecting the innocent and hunting down those who escape justice or can simply buy out the system. While he is known to kill some of his quarry, he does seem to hold to some code of honor that spares most, and seems to cause him to focus on abusive individuals, particularly those that harm children.

- Distinctive helmet and armour, primarily Kevlar mesh, very lightweight.
- Variety of firearms at any given time (sometimes one large, eg/rifle, or shotgun, and always several pistols)
- Longsword (made of a highly durable alloy)
- Explosives
- Variety of knives

Known Enemies: (pending approval from other players)
Known Associates:
William Randolph Wintergreen – A fellow former soldier, serving in Afghanistan with British Special Forces, Slade and Wintergreen have a long history. Probably the only individual Slade actually trusts, he is a close friend and serves as his butler, managing the Labyrinth and the estate above.

Sending a PM shortly to Iblis, as I would rather like him and Green Arrow to have been at odds in the past few years, but did not want to declare that without clearing it first.

Also to clarify, he never killed any other heroes, just fought and occasionally injured, but never very seriously. Just enough to accomplish his mission.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #179 on: July 25, 2012, 11:55:53 PM »
So 1 question about Deathstroke.  He seems to be a lone wolf character, so why would he join the JL?  More importantly, since he's fought heroes and heroines before for ignoble reasons, why would the JL allow him to join?

Offline Metalzephyr

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #180 on: July 26, 2012, 12:04:44 AM »
For the lone wolf bit, part of it is character change.
As part of altering his background to better fit this RP, vs say, being a villain for a bunch of teenagers, I focused in on his patriotism and personal code of honor. Even in the comics he does eventually learn to work with others, and does the right thing (anti-hero style usually). In this case, he is sort of taking the redeemed villain sort of thing. Part of that, is learning to work with others, and setting aside his usually lethal methods (it will take time to transition fully over, but he's making a start).

As for membership, I'm not even assuming he will get full member status. But Slade is banking on the League needing him more than they like him. Besides, he's a better ally than an enemy, and it might be better to keep him close, to see if his 'new leaf' routine is genuine right?

Offline Josietta

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Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #181 on: July 26, 2012, 12:19:29 AM »
Gift (hope it works for you)

Offline Metalzephyr

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #182 on: July 26, 2012, 01:14:29 AM »
Haha that is fantastic thank you Josietta! Time to update my photo :D

Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Justice League Reboot
« Reply #183 on: July 26, 2012, 03:38:28 PM »
possibly, but the League hasn't even formed, so I don't know that that logic works.  we'll see how it works in game.