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May 11, 2021, 11:29:41 pm

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Author Topic: Craving F/F (Fantasy RP Idea, open to more)  (Read 656 times)

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Craving F/F (Fantasy RP Idea, open to more)
« on: June 09, 2012, 10:18:17 pm »
I've never really done an adult F/F rp before, but I've played many female/bisexual characters before, and had one or two love-scenes with them in my rp on Second Life. I've recently really started to crave doing a story on here like that. To set this up nice and easy to breeze through, here's the general idea:

- I am craving a F/F Pairing, this is pretty much the one absolute, set in stone, non-negotiable part of this.

- I'd prefer to play more of a 'pursued' type. Not really 'submissive', necessarily but I'd prefer if my partner's character was the one to initiate and direct things more.

- I don't care what gender my partner is irl, as long as they can be play a female character at least semi-passably. (I like to think I'm not too terrible at it myself, though I suppose that's for my partner to judge.)

- I'm not too particular on the setting, and open to many suggestions, I would prefer not to set it in the real world, though a modern fantasy/sci-fi world is fine. It can be something simple. If the rest of this appeals to you, and you want to do it in a real world setting, just message me and I'll see if we can come up with a story I like.

- I don't require novels or masterpieces, or really any minimum post-length. I do, however, ask that my partner be familiar with the English language, and at least TRY to give me good posts consistently. If you can't think of much to write here or there, or find a short post does the job just fine, that's fine. I don't require every post be filled with padding just to meet a minimum length, I just ask that you give me the most you can. At least one full paragraph on average is probably a good place to shoot for, and more is always welcome.

- I'd prefer a more romantic love story to simply sex.

- Any other questions, feel free to message me.

I do have one story idea already in mind if anyone is interested, though as I said above, I am open to alternate suggestions. It would be set in a fantasy world, an alternate version of a world I'm currently making an rpg in, using rpgmaker (/shamelessplug). It's a standard fantasy world mostly, except that magic and monsters aren't natural parts of the world. There is a long and complex back-story to them (which I intend to focus more on in my rpgmaker game), but the public knowledge is that they're rather recent occurrences (the last few generations). Humans (and elves) with magic are considered freaks and shunned by society, which is dominated by the human Vitaskan Church ("Schmistianity"), along with those who possess other strange abilities.

My character in this story would be a girl by the name of Anna, tanned skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She's a bit rough and boyish in her personality and, and the fact that she was born with super-human strength didn't exactly help. However, she's also sort of innocent, though playful. She looks at the world through a simple view of trying to do good, and beating the crap out of people who do bad. She's a very cheerful and easy-going person, even though her life has been difficult due to her abilities.

An ideal partner for her would be someone who is more cunning, and mature. She has physical strength and willpower, she needs someone who has brains. Perhaps someone magically inclined, though that's not necessary. It would likely be someone also shunned from society, though perhaps someone well-off who could understand the hardships of her life, as Anna is rarely obvious about it. As for physical looks, I'll leave it largely up to you, though it would be nice to balance Anna's athletic build with a more curvaceous, feminine build.
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