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Started by Afreshmint, June 09, 2012, 07:30:08 PM

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HI everyone! I am new to this site and figured one of the best ways to get involved was to just throw myself into the swing of it! You can find my on's and offs link in the signature (I will make it hyper soon I promise) and following this little intro piece you can find some ideas that interest me and that just might interest you as well!

I am in my twenties and am attending college as well as working so I am a busy guy, but I try to make time to respond to any replies I receive in a game within a day or two at the longest (if this is impossible I will let you know) and I enjoy writing with partners that have their own ideas and enjoy varied and deep concepts. I am not adverse to pure smut and I do indeed enjoy it, but I also like some rp's to have substance even if that substance works in tandem or parallel to the smut. I favor fantasy and sci-fi ideas but am not adverse to more modern roleplays (though admittedly those are usually the ones for me that are more about the sex than the plot.) I am willing to play fantasy characters (But none of them inspired by Twilight or any other teen-love-fest books) and villains as required.

I can play multiple characters but prefer to play males and focus on one individual. I do DOM but only because I happen to be good at it and I find numerous partners that enjoy it and it is not required for my own enjoyment of an RP (a strong sexy woman can be just as erotic as a slutty submissive after all) though if that's your cup of tea I encourage you to give me a try because I have been writing that style for quite some time.

I get most of my kicks out of my partners enjoyment so if your having fun chances are I am too.

My only hard no's are scat, vore and pregnancy so if your looking for stories that include that your out of luck! SORRY!

Also, if you see something on here that you like or are interested in then please PM me and do not reply to this thread!

What follows will be updated semi-regularly as ideas come and go.


TYRANT - This one is rather straight forward, I envision a dark or semi-magical land ruled over by an Iron Despot. This character can be either male or female, you or I and is completely open for back-story or personality provided they fit the despot motif. The other character will be either a rebel lord (or lady), a courtier or anyone else who feasibly could cross the despot or spend alot of close time with them.
This is just the basic premise, it's all really open for addition or debate and might be added too if ideas pop into my head quickly.

BLACK COMPANY - A story set between characters that takes place in the world of this popular book series, not between cannon characters but perhaps between minor characters at key moments in these stories.


Warhammer 40k - Yes I love this universe, it's so... GRIMDARK! This would needless to say for anyone who ever read one of these books probably fall into the extreme section of the spectrum just because of how grimdark the setting actually is! God it is so depressing and I love it to death!

The idea of a pair of characters in a mad universe where their lives mean nothing coming together in a frenzy of violence, lust, perversion and despair is just...

Ahh... Sorry about that... Can you tell I really like this setting yet?

Like the fantasy settings there really are no hard set in stone ideas... Want me to play a space marine? Do you want to play an Inquisitor or Imperial Guardsman to my Dark Eldar Raider?

If your a girl and you've read 40k and liked it... PM me! :D


So folks! A new little desire seems to have overtaken me! I have come to desire an Rp set in the Batverse!

Specifically an rp with Harley Quinn.

Now I am willing to play Batman, Joker or anyone else for that matter that the female player wants, provided shes willing to play Quinn!

Now i am not looking for a *light* setting. It could be just a one shot or a series but expect it to be a little grim, since the urge for this rp is decidedly kinky! If you would be interested in this kind of rp send me a pm and we can start plotting for it!