Sir Lady Knight(I need a Male Please)

Started by Zombie Apocalypso, April 10, 2008, 10:47:16 PM

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Zombie Apocalypso

In the magical realm of Eltheria the dividing line between boy things and girl things is very strict. Woman can become agents of the queen, healers and ladies in waiting., they can practice the game of the court and learn to flirt their way into rich families. They however are not allowed to go into battle as a knight or a magician, they cannot occupy 'unsafe' territories like forests with wild beasts unless under the watchful eye of a man with a sword, they cannot even work in the stables. All the things they 'cannot' do are considered a man's job. Well one girl has set out to break all the rules. She knows she has all kinds of useful talents and strengths and decides she shouldn't have to sit at home to let them go to waste. So she crops her hair short and signs up to become a Knight under a male alias.

Becoming a knight when one makes a scrawny looking man turns out to be much harder then it looks. She finds herself on the losing end of brawl after brawl. That is where she meets him. He isn't very smart, especially in the use of magic but he does know how to defend himself, they make a deal. She helps him with his studies, teaches him a few tricks and he helps her toughen up. What he doesn't know, is that his new accomplice is a girl...

I need a male to play her best friend in the Knight School...He would not know she is woman for a little while into the roleplay...But he does think that something is off with his new best friend. What she doesn't know is that he is a very influential person in the kingdom of Eltheria.



This is going to be somewhat comical..As we get into the roleplay (when he finds out who she is) there can be some darker details, blackmailing and such.

I am looking for something to play him...

I dunno...We can work things out from here on...Any suggestions?


What kind of personality were you looking for, for the male character.?

Zombie Apocalypso

Not quite certain...Strength, Loyalty. An intolerance for Liars would be a nice attribute to throw into the mix, as well as a keen eye in using 'knowledge' to the best of his ability...Other then that, anything to twist the plot..

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Zombie Apocalypso

I thought so...My description was rather vague to say the least...I was hoping to remedy that when I mock together a first post...


This has a very Mulan ring to it...which happens to be my favourite Disney movie.

I'd show an interest, but I've been beaten to the punch. Though, when you say the male is you mean like he is a Princeling? Or the son of the army's General?

Zombie Apocalypso

He could be anyone from a Prince, to army general's son, to prince of thieves, or even some kind of strange god-like character...That was left up to the discretion of my roleplaying partner..

Demoboy tom

I wouldn't mind joining at all.  I could be... the captain of the guard!  Yeah, that would be super controversial as to when he finds out that his best friend is a girl.
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This actually sounds like a very good rp to play..I play a really good male if I do say so myself.

Is the spot already taken?
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I would also like to express my interest. I like the plot and think it could be alot of fun.


Am willing to apply for the position. Am known as Knightcutter in other realms


Cutter, I thought I would let you know that new applicants are not allowed to participate in adult roleplays until after evaluation and approval. :) If you have not already, please make a thread in the Introductions forum and answer the questionnaire provided on Elliquiy's front page.

Thank you!
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I just want to applaud the great idea. Outstanding! Wish I had thought of it.

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As a newly-approved member, I proudly present myself. If you wish, I can introduce a character, conception and personality for you, eithre via pm ou posting here, if u wish.
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A & A


This sounds like an interesting project that could be very enjoyable.

How about your knight is the seventh son of the seventh son of the greatest knight the kingdom had ever known. However he as two very big secrets. Both are curses.
The first curse is that of his family. The more girlfriends that he has the greater his ability to fight and of course he would want to let his best friend in on that secret. Might be an interesting thread when the two go out to get some girls so they are nearly invincible for the fight coming.
The second curse is on his head alone. Whenever he gets close to being intimate with a girl something happens to prevent it. It could be mild like receiving an urgent summons to something major like the kingdom is being raided.  :) He knows of he curse but not how to break it so his potential isn't as great as it could really be.

Just some ideas if you are still open to pursue them.
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