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Author Topic: A Demonic Problem(Transformation/Corruption, closed for the moment)  (Read 885 times)

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Offline DragnarTopic starter

Heya! I just got approved, and, well, I'm here for a reason after all.  :P I'm looking for someone to play the dominant half of a demon/mortal pairing, in which the other half(Me!) is transformed, bit by bit, into something that better suits their partner. Pretty simple concept really, and I've got a few ideas how it could go. Both the demon and the mortal can be either male of female, and I'm willing to play either one. Only caveat is that I don't do M/M.

A Summoner Corrupted
An apprentice mage, in an attempt to impress his master, tries to summon a powerful incubus/succubus. Things go horribly wrong partway through the ritual though, and either the summoner is instead called to hell as the demon's pet, or the demon is summoned free of any sort of binding. Either way, the unfortunate summoner is now at the demon's 'mercy', and it won't be long until their new master's magic has them shaped into the perfect toy...

Seduced by an Angel... wait no, the other thing
A demon(ess) is on the prowl, hunting down a new human to play with. Their last one broke so easily, and they plan to make some... modifications, to the next one. Make them more fun, and more able to survive their infernal desires. Step one though is to find a suitable candidate. Maybe start at the tavern, knock one of the drunken louts there into shape? Or aim higher, kidnapping a royal heir for their pleasure?

Biting off more than you can chew?
Or maybe things go the other way around: A demon aims to conquer a mortal, but ends up their thrall instead, or is summoned and bound by a far more powerful mage. Either way, their powers are now at his or her command, and they will soon be forced to change themselves (or be changed) into a mockery of what they once were, slowly being taken from powerful demon to whimpering sex slave.

Heaven and Hell
No conflict is quite so heated as that between angels and demons, between absolute purity and absolute corruption. But it seems that, more often than not, the angels lose the fight. And the fight itself, their defeat? That's just the beginning of their fall. How long it takes, how much resistance they put up... these things vary, but in the end it's always the same: Capture by demons means eventually becoming every bit as depraved as they are, the fall from grace making it all the more delightful for them.

Spoils of War
Demons are not known for getting along peacefully with other beings, and for many this extends even to each other. And when two demons and their minions clash, what happens to the losing side? It's a simple enough answer: To the victor go the spoils. And when those spoils include their enemy, their servants, and all their concubines... Well, it can be quite the victory celebration.

Also, here's a quick list of kinks I'd like to see in this: (None except the two big ones really are required, these are just some pluses for me.)
Transformation and corruption, obviously: Be it from human to demon, demon to sex toy, or something stranger still, my character isn't getting out of this in any state resembling where they started.
Breast Expansion/Lactation: One of my personal favorites. No real limit on size, though if they reach the point that my character can't move, I'd rather that particular change be temporary.
Genderbending: Maybe the dominant side of this relationship just isn't happy with their new toy's current form...
Excessive Cum: Demons are... rather more fertile than humans, after all. Same as the breast expansion, no real limit on how much it is.
Futanari: By no means required, but it DOES roll all the best features of both genders into one~
Bondage: Well, my character is going to have to be kept under control somehow...
Exhibitionism: Why keep your new pet to yourself? I'm sure they won't complain too much about being shown off...

Edit: Bit full for now, though I'll open this back up later.
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Offline DragnarTopic starter

Re: A Demonic Problem(Transformation/Corruption)
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2012, 03:17:55 pm »
Added two more plot hooks, and fixed up some formatting.

Offline ZanaLyrander

Re: A Demonic Problem(Transformation/Corruption)
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2012, 09:45:21 am »
I'd be interested in the Heaven and Hell or Spoils of War scenarios, I love playing demon characters.