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Started by dreamster, June 08, 2012, 05:48:57 PM

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Everyone loves Pete - the ladies at the 'Sinful Delights' brothel for he takes care of unruly patrons, the patrons too since he is familiar with their tastes and makes the proper arrangements every time, the local cops for Pete's never late on sending them their cut and even calls them on friendly visits for free handjobs by the new girls now and then, and the owner of the establishment Mr. Lorenzo.

But there's a sadness in Pete's heart that will never go away - that of being an orphan. Technically, he isn't an orphan, or at least he doesn't know for sure. Since no one knows who is mom is. Word is he was born at the brothel, but to whom, is a question no one knows the answer to. Or perhaps they don't want to answer. But the question is eating Pete from inside.

The women and the girls at the brothel love him - in more ways than one. Be it the pros in their 40s now, or the young ones just starting work, he is welcome in everyone's bed. He knows he may be fucking his mother or his sister any of these nights.

(But what he doesn't know is that there is no such danger. He's actually the illegitimate son of the brothel's real owner, Lady Catherine - Lorenzo is just a hired hand. Catherine abandoned her child at the brothel's doorstep, and since then, he's been raised by two women - Stella and Eve. They raised him into a fine young stud, and decided he was too sexy and too sweet to them, for them not to have him in their beds. So they revealed to him that neither of them is his mom. He calls them both 'mom' though, and they call him sonny, even in their orgasmic ecstasy.
Lady Catherine heard of Pete's adventures with the women and called him to her house to give him a warning not to mess with the young girls at least - for they belonged to the customers first. But she couldn't help getting smitten by his charms. She knows he's her son, but her desires spin out of control.)

The story follows Pete as he grows closer to Lady Catherine, and soon becomes the manager of 'Sinful Delights'. He, with his three moms, tries to transform their love shack into a booming business, even as he is forever looking for clues about his mother.

Any ladies interested?

Lady Temptress

Hello there. I'm interested to play Lady Catherine.
Lady Dreamer