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March 03, 2021, 12:38:26 pm

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Author Topic: Sentinel City - Interest Check (A light superhero themed gender bender game)  (Read 16805 times)

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Online Callie Del Noire

Does she lose her powers as the suit frays like Emp does? Excellent comic by the way. Hilarous!

Offline Latooni Subota

Not so much, but she DOES tend to attempt fleeing once her suit has reached CRITICAL LEVELS of skimpyness! Of course, whether or not that's successful? Random chance. It's very possible that some of her powers could backfire or stop working, in order to make things more interesting against  . . oh . . that supervillain with a bondage theme, or the one with tentacles . . . XD

Offline Roxy Rocket


How many people are we rolling with at this point?

What's our balance of men/women and good/evil?

How are we set for fetishes?

Is anyone worried they won't have someone to play off of?

Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

I have 8 approved characters, 2 more people working on characters, and spots reserved for you and two others.

I think we have more women than men, and it's currently 2 villains to 6 heroes, but the two working on characters right now are creating villains.  so it'll be 4-6 with most of my NPCs falling on the villain side.

What fetishes are you asking about?  The game is placed in the NC: exotic thread, but I would like to take this opportunity to say that the game isn't about smut, it's about "stupid" comedy.  I won't prevent people from following their fetishes, that's why I put the game where I did, but that won't be where my focus is as the GM.

I'm pretty sure everyone will have people to play off of, and I will be watching this carefully to make sure no one's left in the cold.

Offline Roxy Rocket

Neato. I don't think I'm very "with it" based on the other characters so I'm out.

Offline MzHyde

Is there room for another villain?

Offline Caitlin

I can't speak for Ari, but I believe so. We're with only 2 player villains so far. ^_^

Offline Arioch

Two of the pending characters are supposed to be villains. Nothing wrong with extra as long as there is sufficient loot for my character. Else, we'll have some words, many of which will be taunting in nature. Some of which could lead to a discussion on the aerodynamic capabilities of an African vs. European swallow.

Offline MzHyde

Real Name Temperance Matthews
Alias Wicked Witch
Alignment Villain
Bio Temperance Matthews is a gorgeous young woman with a tragic first name. Highschool can be cruel and being a part of a Wiccan family doesn't help. Her mother and father were always interested in nature, magic, and the mystical forces that surround us every day. Despite her good looks Temperance was always viewed as an outsider where she grew up and never quite fit in with any of the cliques. After graduating, she followed her parents around the country as they explored the ley lines that wrap around the planet, and other spots of power. During a stopover in a major city, however, her parents were killed by collateral damage during a bout between a superhero and supervillain. Something inside Temperance snapped. What makes a superhero so 'good'? They think they can do anything just because they have power! They think they're so high, so mighty! Look at them! Bossing around so-called 'villains' who are just trying to live their own way! It's nothing more than bullying! Well, no more. It's time to push back.

Temperance took off, in search of magic. Real magic. She knew it was real. She'd seen villains and heroes on the news using it. She just needed to figure out how to tap into it. Eventually, after years of hard study and work, she found it. Temperance got her hands on an ancient staff of magic and used her arcane knowledge to re-ignite the dormant powers within it. A twenty three year old Temperance Matthews was reborn! Reborn as The Wicked Witch!

--Elemental Manipulation: Temperance can toss balls of fire, ice, earth, water, or air. She can create shapes out of earth, conjure fire and water, and other such spells. Casting spells involves gestures with her staff or hands and uttering phrases. More powerful spells, obviously, take longer and more complex words or gestures to complete. A simple fireball, for example, takes but one word and a quick flick of her wrist. Creating a rock golem would require a magic circle and a much more complex spell phrase. Triggering a massive explosion would require a magic circle and a serious spell chant.

--Alchemy: Temperance can transmute any substance into any other substance. Steel into mud, lead into gold, water into fire. Doing this, however, requires planning and preperation. A ritual has to be performed and a sample of both substances must be contained within a magical vial, along with other ingredients. The prepared vial is then tossed on, for example, a bank vault, which quickly melts down into water and washes away.

--Conjuring: Her own possessions often reside within a 'pocket dimension' that she can transport non-living things to and from. The objects must 'belong' to her, however, for this to work. It is quite handy for teleporting clothing, her staff, or other items into her grasp.

--Teleportation: Temperance can teleport herself to anywhere she has been before simply by picturing it in her mind. Anything living touching her is taken along for the ride.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Temperance has always been a gifted student and she's turned that intelligence towards studying magic exclusively for a number of years now. She has literally done little else than fume and pour over arcane tomes while plotting her revenge against superheroes and 'bullies' in general. Her gift for magic and ability to manipulate the very elements around her are offset by the fact that she is a completely unarmored target. She can create shields with earth or flame, but wears no armor since the magic runes woven into her clothing must remain uncovered. The runes (only see-able by someone with a gift for magic) allow her to cast spells without being harmed by them herself. She is a true 'glass cannon' and relies quite often on planning and cunning to win battles. She will not do good in being ambushed by more powerful beings.

Personality: Wicked Witch is wanted for a number of bank robberies, robbing the wealthy, torching and destroying businesses, assaulting law enforcement and superheroes, and the murder of one hero. She seems to have no agenda beyond delivering 'punishment' to people that she believes are abusing their power. She often attacks large corporations, superheroes, and, of course, banks. A girl has to make a living. In person she can be surprisingly friendly and well-mannered, especially to those she feels deserve her respect. She is less a real psychopath and more just using her new-found power to carve out her own niche in a world that rejected her. Temperance tries not to kill innocent bystanders, but has no qualms about ending the life of some haughty hero.

Ons: Group sex, forced, strong-willed partners, light bondage, large partners
Offs: Heavy bondage, dismemberment/extreme violence/gore, smaller partners

Offline Roleplay Frog

Hmnnn why does this interest me so much.*ponderfaces*