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Author Topic: Sentinel City - Interest Check (A light superhero themed gender bender game)  (Read 16792 times)

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Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

So this concept is based off of a story I read online and unfortunately can no longer find.  (I would love to give credit where credit is due if anyone knows of this story).

Sentinel City

Location: Sentinel City, a high-tech futuristic metropolis and home to nine million inhabitants.  It is the world’s leader in advanced technology with many leading research facilities and world renowned Universities harbored within the city’s limits.  As a result of this level of technology, the city is nearly pollution free.  Sentinel City is very close to an utopia, if you can ignore the overpopulation of the supernaturally enhanced beings that use the city as their own sandbox. 

However, this has not deterred the citizens of Sentinel City, a resilient and highly adaptable group of people.  In fact, the bestselling book within the city is “How to Survive life in Sentinel City” a thorough guide on how to adapt and adjust to the chaotic and often unpredictable happenings within the metropolis.

Characters:  Player characters will begin the game as normal, everyday citizens going through their daily routine.  An in game event will result in transforming your character into the opposite gender, and a side effect of this transformation will be that the character develops super powers.  The characters must adjust to their new bodies as well as their new powers.  They will be guided by their helpful, individualized and interactive copies of “How to Survive Life in Sentinel City”, and the omnipotent and mysterious ACME company that specializes in equipment and clothing for supernatural beings of every persuasion.

Mood: A very light, comical, and amusing atmosphere where nearly anything is possible and the characters are oddly capable of accepting and moving on, no matter what they encounter.  Ideally we’ll be poking fun of a bunch of different tropes along the way, including (but not limited to) superhero tropes, female/male tropes, gender bending tropes, and fantasy world tropes.

It will be a freestyle, sandbox game with the majority of the story centered on the group of characters and their individual reactions to the changes in their gender as well as their superpowers.  It is open to both heroes and villains.  PvP scenes will be decided between the two players in OOC or PMs.  No Drama, God-modding, or Meta-gaming please.  The game will likely be hosted in the small games, NC: Exotic thread.

Looking for 5-8 players who would be interested in this game, and possibly a few people willing to run NPCs.

Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] Your character’s name?
[b]Alias:[/b] Your character’s alter ego?
[b]Alignment:[/b] Hero or Villain?
[b]Prior Occupation:[/b] What did your character do before s/he got super powers?
[b]Personality:[/b] Describe your character’s personality (1 paragraph please)
[b]Appearance:[/b] Describe how your character looks.  Pictures are welcome, but please add a written description as well.
[b]History:[/b] Just a few short paragraphs about your character prior to gaining powers.
[b]Super powers:[/b] Keep this balanced.  No overpowered characters.  If you have unique ideas feel free to run it by me in PM.
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] Try to give your character a couple weaknesses related to their powers.  Such as somebody who can fly being afraid of heights, or a person who can manipulate shadows being afraid of the dark.  If you can’t think of anything, you can leave this blank and we can work on it together.
[b]Player’s Ons:[/b]
[b]Playre’s Offs:[/b]
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Offline Downfall347

I would be willing to give it a shot! I will start figuring out a character. What limitations were you thinking as far as powers go?

Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

Pretty much anything.  Try to make your character balanced.  The wackier the better, but also realize that you shouldn't have complete control of your power from the very beginning.  Some references could be The Tick, Mystery Men, or Superhero, Inc. 

Offline Downfall347

Alright, and are you looking for a character profile or are we getting character descriptions and the like in game as it progresses?

Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

Just looking for interest right now.  If there's enough interest I'll make up a character sheet.

Offline Laughing Hyena

Much as I prefer the superhero genre I have a PM request for you Ari.

Offline Caitlin

At first I wasn't really sure what to think of this, but as you already knew I was interested in a super hero game Ari. ;D

I'm still not sure about the gender bender part, but I have to admit; it does sound like fun. What kind of posting frequency do you expect of people? Next to the other game I'm in I don't think that I could handle posting more than once a day at most, especially if our zombie apocalypse really takes off.

I'm also not sure if I would want to go from male to woman or from woman to male... Although I am getting a couple of interesting ideas now for the character... ;)

A character sheet would be nice though! Would you want us to fill in a biography as well, or can we do without?

For now please note me as interested, though I can't promise for sure yet that I'll join. It'll really depend on how busy I'll be with GMing our other game. (I hope to get that more clear the coming days, with the current waiting I easily have time for another game, but if things really pick up then I don't want to commit to a game that I can't see through.)

One more question; do the super villains (have to) die in the story, or do they have a reasonable chance of staying alive? I have some interesting ideas for a super power for a hero, but perhaps playing a villain would be more entertaining. Not to mention, most people will probably play hero already and you'll need some bad guys to beat up too. (Just not the face please!) :P

Ps. The hyperlink to your picture is broken, you need to fix that code a little bit.

Offline Roxy Rocket

The Tick is a good model. Superheroes are weirdos, lots of exceptionally normal people are around giving the wacky comedy routine a "straight man" as all wacky comedy routines need.

*Taps her lips in contemp-a-lation.*

I think this is a job for mild-mannered-aspiring-journalist-just-arrived-in-the-city-girl.

Offline Caitlin

The Tick is a good model. Superheroes are weirdos, lots of exceptionally normal people are around giving the wacky comedy routine a "straight man" as all wacky comedy routines need.

*Taps her lips in contemp-a-lation.*

I think this is a job for mild-mannered-aspiring-journalist-just-arrived-in-the-city-girl.

You just gave me a really good idea for a character personality, one that would defintely be fun to read and write about. ;D

Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

@ Caitlin: Post frequency would be preferably one every two to three days.  And no super villains don't have to die.  In fact, they'd be encouraged to live.  Part of the trope we'd be toying with is why villains always return no matter how many times they lose.  The one villain you were telling me about last week would actually work well here, Caitlin.

Also, a note.  If too many people are bothered by the gender bending or don't want to participate, than we could make it optional.

Offline Caitlin

I would prefer to leave the gender bending out yes, but at the same time; it offers such a great potential for a storyline. I also think that as an author I should be able to take on any role and I'm always up for a challenge.

For this character I was thinking of a scrawny white-collar guy with an obession for gadgets that have blinking lights. He's also obessed about bedding a woman, but isn't having any luck at that.

After the transformation he would turn into a gorgeous woman, who constantly gets hit on by men, while he's lesbian himself, though I'll add in some bi-curiosity for the fun of it. She'll also still have trouble finding a partner due to her obessive personality. The obession for blinking lights will remain and will probably cause several humerous plots with all sorts of evil schemes that involve pretty lights.

For super power I was thinking of having her being very flexible/ agile and light. The flexibility would allow my character to avoid getting hit, even though she's not very strong herself. She'd be slightly faster than normal humans, but it wouldn't be like the super speed that the Flash has, more like the super speed of martial artists. As far as being light goes; she'd be falling down like a leaf, so rather than leaving an impression in the ground my character could fall of a building and land several minutes later safely on the ground, after slowly floating down. (This might actually be more of a disadvantage than advantage, since she'll be pretty vulnerable while floating down.)

On top of that I'll add the craziness that I described in an earlier pm. ;)

How would that be for a character? :P

I think that posting once every 2 - 3 days would be okay. This game would be more something fun to write about as a distraction than a full time commitment like or other game. ^_^

Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

Yeah, it's meant to be something light and fun to get away from some of the more intense games you may be playing or just a simple distraction from everyday RL grind.

That character has a lot of possibilities.  I've added a character sheet on the first post.  Feel free to start making characters.

Offline Caitlin

Name: Alan Clarkson (Ellen Clarkson after the accident)
Alias: Illumina
Alignment: Villain
Prior Occupation: Tax inspector
Personality: Illumina is an arrogant, quirky, obsessive, inquisitive, clumsy and dominant woman. She loves gadgets, especially if they produce light and she also has a big love for creating new weapons.
Appearance: See pictures. Her uniform consists out of a tight black latex suit and a cat mask, which comes with night vision glasses that allow Illumina to see in the dark. The night vision doesn't function when it's completely dark, just like regular night vision goggles.
Alan was a tax inspector, a job that he absolutely hated, because it caused him to be very hated. At the same time it did give him a certain power over people, which was something he absolutely loved, even if it effectively killed his chances to find a date. This hate/ love relationship with his work, combined with his obsession for gadgets that had shiny lights, had turned him into one very disarranged human-being. Alan didn't have any friends and even his colleagues tended to shy away from him.

In his cubicle Alan was often found muttering to himself, sometimes lashing out unexpectedly and often bragging about how he would strike a fortune with his latest invention, which was another weird thing about Alan. Apart from his job he only had one activity; inventing new gadgets that would emit lights and have strange effects. His gadgets more often than not turned into a failure, occasionally even blowing up, but despite the accidents he persisted and had come up with several wonderful devices already, among which were several lethal weapons.

Or at least, they would have been lethal if he had the funds to purchase some quality power cells that would really allow him to draw the full potential out of his devices. Instead he had to work with third rate junk, half of which came from the junkyard and didn't even work. The other half was purchased in thrift stores from his meagre salary, of which he spent all on his hobby, his passion, his destiny! (He always did have to cackle when he thought about the future.)

One of the most recent things he worked on was a type of goggles which he hoped would allow him to see through walls, so he could spy on his sexy neighbor. In the past she had called him a creep, sprayed him with pepperspray (the pain!), kicked him against the knee and sent her bodybuilding boyfriend after him to beat him up, but still, he knew she'd change her mind someday and would be his! His latest gadget would surely help him to win her heart, although he wasn't sure yet how spying on her would aid in that, but he'd figure it out somehow.

(I'll describe the info after the incident when it really happens, it kills the story if I write everything down already.) ;)
Super powers:
- Illumina is very flexible and agile, which allows her to prevent getting hit quite easily.
- She's also very light and can float of a building, rather than fall down. Illumina has no offensive powers, but will use gadgets as weapons to fight with. Her agility also allows her to fight effectively with steel claws. (A bit like Wolverine, but then she has to put them on as gloves.)
- Good with technology, especially when it involves shiny lights.
- The flexibility and agility is mostly good to avoid attacks and only minimally helps with performing attacks. She's fast, but only as fast as the fastest normal humans.
- The floating down takes a long time, during which Illumina is vulnerable to attacks. The wind plays a big role in where she'll fly to and only when it's windstill she can somewhat decide her path, but will still mostly float downwards.
- Illumina isn't very strong and possesses below average strength.
- Without gadgets she doesn't have anything in offensive capabilities.
- Is very easily distracted by shiny lights.
- Looses her temper when shiny lights get destroyed and will mourn their loss.
- Is afraid of the dark.
Player’s Ons: Too many to name, probably best to check my Ons & Offs.
Playre’s Offs: All vore related things, everything related to the bathroom, being dominated (depending on the situation I can make an exception for this).
« Last Edit: June 11, 2012, 12:30:32 am by Caitlin »

Offline Caitlin

Yeah, it's meant to be something light and fun to get away from some of the more intense games you may be playing or just a simple distraction from everyday RL grind.

That character has a lot of possibilities.  I've added a character sheet on the first post.  Feel free to start making characters.
There is a small bug in the character sheet, Player Ons:]/b] (should be [/b])

Offline Caitlin

I hope you like my character, I don't think she's overpowered at all and has a good balance. Perhaps for a super villain she might even be a bit underpowered. ;)

Generally the super villains get to fight multiple heroes at the same time and are generally (a bit) stronger than individual super heroes so they stand a chance against a combined team, but I think this set up works well. :P

Offline Arioch

OK, this seems like a lot of potential fun.  Going to work up a character idea.

Online Foxy DeVille

Ooooo.... this could be fun. I had been thinking about starting a light-hearted supers game so this really appeals to me. For my character I played with the concept a bit, if that's all right. She was already a vigilante before she was transformed so know she has to deal with that. Kind of like if Batman discovered he suddenly looked like Catwoman...

Name: Nicolas "Nikki" Knight
Alias: Nightlord
Alignment: Hero
Prior Occupation: Attorney and vigilante
Personality: Nightlord has a strong sense of justice. She takes herself very seriously and considers crimefighting to be a sacred duty. Nightlord tries to take recent changes in stride but is having some trouble adjusting. For one thing, evil-doers aren't as easily intimated now that the vigilante is a short and busty woman. For another, her libido seems to have been amplified since becoming a woman. Word of warning, she hates being called "Nightlady."
Appearance: Nikki Knight is an attractive redhead with killer curves. She usually dresses in conservative business attire.

As Nightlord she wears a tight black latex outfit. When she was male this showed off her impressive physique. As a woman, it still does but just not in the way she had in mind. To make matters worse, the zipper tends to break on the top at the most inopportune times.

As both Nikki and Nightlord she wears heels to try to hide the fact she stands only five foot two now. She also wears tinted glass nearly all the time.
History: Nicolas Knight is a native of Sentinal City and was raised by parents who instilled strong values in him. In high school he was a superb athlete, something that helped him get a college scholarship. It was in college that he met his best friend Derek Dayton. Both young men decided to become lawyers and did well in law school. Nicolas became a criminal defense attorney, believing all accused had the right to proper legal representation. His pal Derek joined him and the two started a law firm, Knight and Dayton. Nicolas was the trial lawyer while Derek handle the business end of things.

Nicolas was pleased to be able to help the innocent but he frequently found himself helping the guilty go free as well. He felt remorse about this and tried to make up for it by taking pro bono cases. But this did nothing for his conscience. Derek, a womanizing playboy, didn't share such qualms and only wanted to be sure the money kept tolling in. And it did, Knight and Dayton were soon the most in demand firm in the city. This only made Nicolas feel more guilty. But he still did his job to the best of his ability because he still believed all deserved the same rights.

With his ethics keeping Nicolas Knight from hindering the guilty, he decided to become someone else with no such boundaries.  Nightlord appeared on the Sentinel City streets to punish those who had escaped Lady Justice. Criminals began to fear the night, for it was no longer ruled by them.
Super powers: Nightlord has superhumanly keen vision and can see in the dark. In additions she has some low level mental abilities. A form of clairvoyance acts like "x-ray vision" and she can see through solid objects. Nightlord can also send out a telepathic suggestion that causes others to ignore her presence, making her effectively invisible.
Weaknesses: Nightlord's superhuman eyes are very sensitive to light, hence wearing tinted glasses. In addition, her clairvoyance and telepathic suggestions sometimes flare up on their own, causing her to see things she wasn't planning on or vanish against her will.
Player’s Ons: Anal, breast torture, incest, public humiliation, watersports
Player Offs: Scat, vore
« Last Edit: June 08, 2012, 05:45:41 pm by Foxy Oni »

Offline Arioch

Here is a woman that changed into a man.

Name: Patricia "Pat" Weber
Alias: Shadow Stalker
Alignment: Villain
Prior Occupation: Mafia Money Launderer

Personality: Patricia used to be a flirtatious, fun woman. Since the transformation Pat has become bitter and has a short temper and uses a sarcastic sense of humor to try to get under other peoples skin.
Appearance: Pat stands at 5'11" and looks like an athlete. Dark hair hangs down to his shoulders and is always combed neatly.  He also has a fashion sense and buys clothing in the latest styles. In costume he normally wears a balaclava with a skull painted on it and carries to pistols.
History: Patricia had always been part of the wrong crowd. Early on she started dating the 'bad boys' and then got involved with even more sinister people. After high school, she moved out of her parents home and started working in her boyfriend's father's strip club. There, she was approached with helping the family out. All she had to do was take some extra money with her each night, deposit it and then write a check back to the owner. She was allowed to keep a percentage. This didn't bother her and she was happy to make the extra money.
Super powers: Shadow Teleports: Teleports between shadows that can be seen. This is almost an instantaneous movement. This ability also lets him move through walls as long as there is a window he can see through.
Weaknesses: The teleport power doesn't work in complete darkness, like a cave. Since the transformation, Pat is sensitive to loud music. After only a few seconds he begins to develop a headache and a few minutes will make him practically go crazy.
Player’s Ons: Numerous
Playre’s Offs: Vore, scat, ask to be safe.
« Last Edit: June 11, 2012, 10:11:27 am by Arioch »

Offline Major Major

Hnnn... Is it possible to play a shapeshifter? One that can flit between genders with but a thought?

Offline Caitlin

Hnnn... Is it possible to play a shapeshifter? One that can flit between genders with but a thought?
Maybe that could be your superpower? Like Madame Mystique? ;)

I updated my character sheet with some more info btw.

Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

Hnnn... Is it possible to play a shapeshifter? One that can flit between genders with but a thought?

You are the second person to ask this, and I haven't quite decided yet. 

Offline Major Major

I just thought I'd ask since I was unsure if the Event permenantly flips our character's gender, or just when they're in their Superhero/Supervillain persona?

Offline AribethAmkiirTopic starter

The original thought was to have it permanently switch the character's gender.  The city is a place where anything can happen, so returning to your original gender is theoretically possible, as is a shape shifter who can control their gender at will.  The major reason for the game is to have fun and silly.  If you can give me a character that promises to fit into the light, zany, and whimsical mold, I'm likely going to approve it.

Offline Major Major

I think I got an idea just this very second. Let me dash it off on paper, thne I'll show it to you.

Offline Caitlin

A permanent flip would probably be more fun. It's sort of cheating the plot if you can return to your original self otherwise. In theory, you would/ should also lose your super powers after switching back, since the side effect of having them in the first place was the gender change. ;)

Personally I think it's either to only have gender switches, or no gender switch at all. I don't think I'll be referencing a whole lot to my gender change though, but only put some male charactaristics in my character. To name one of them; the first thing any guy would do if he changed into a woman is to lock himself (/herself) up in the bedroom and explore the new goodies. Yes, men are simple-minded like that. :P