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June 24, 2018, 12:39:45 AM

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Author Topic: Interest Check - The Safe House (looking for a M and a F players)  (Read 572 times)

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Offline The Lovely TsarinaTopic starter

Here is my idea, for a new game, I hope you like it. :-) It's a kinky romance, but a thriller, too. I'm hoping, for this story, for being much more than the fun, naughty sex? But, I hope it's smutty, a little, too.  ::) O:)

My character, Maria, she's a shy and very pretty house wife, in her late 30s. Her husband, she thinks he's the powerful business man. He's very arrogant, and cold, and doesn't treat her good. And she doesn't know that he really works, for the Mob! He's a assassin, for them!

The police, one day, they finally arrest Maria's husband, for many murders. They put him, in the jail, while he waits for trial. He's the flight risk, so doesn't get bail, at all.

Maria's very happy, at first. But, she finds out, the Mob thinks she ratted her husband, to the police. Even though she didn't, at all! And now the Mob, they want killing Maria, for revenge.

The police, they send Maria, and her teen age son, and daughter, into the witness protection. They send the family, to a big house, in the mountains. The house is beautiful, but very lonely, far from every thing. And when it snows there, the family's trapped, they can't leave it, for many days!

So after the snows, may be Maria, she seduces her son, and daughter. Or may be, they seduce her, instead?  But the lonely family, trapped in the snows, they begin for having lots of sexy naughty fun, all together! :-)

I'm looking for players, for Maria's son, and daughter. They're in the later teens. If you don't want the incest, may be they're Maria's step children, instead. I don't want this game, being non consensual. But, we may be make other kinks, for the game, like bondage, or pregnancy. It depends, on what you're wanting! :-)

I'm playing Maria, of course! :-) But, for making this a thriller? I may be also play characters, more late in the game, who find the family at the lodge. May be, they're hired killers, who work for the Mob? Or may be, Maria's husband, he escapes, from the jail. And he's furious, when he finds Maria, sleeping with his son, and daughter!

Please read my O/Os, and my moe old posts, for seeing if you like, my writings. Also, I don't usually look for new male writing partners? But for this game, I'm accepting them.  I don't want male players, playing the female characters though, I'm sorry. :-\ 

I also prefers the partners, who write a few paragraphs, for their posts, and not only a few lines. I love details, in my stories! :-) I write slow, a post every day is very much, for me. So, if you want a fast game, with many posts a day, you may not want, this game.

Please PM me, if you're intrested, in playing? Let me know, what ideas you may be have for adding, to the story. I really want the partners, who add much for the story. And please ask questions, if you're having them. Thank you! :-)

Offline The Lovely TsarinaTopic starter

Re: Interest Check - The Safe House (looking for a M and a F players)
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2012, 05:28:36 PM »
The role, of the daughter, it's filled, now. :-)

I'm still looking, for some one wanting playing, the son.

Offline The Lovely TsarinaTopic starter

Re: Interest Check - The Safe House (looking for a M and a F players)
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2012, 02:49:07 PM »
All roles, they're filled now. So, I'm closing this thread.

Thank you, to every one responding, for your interests. :-)

Offline The Lovely TsarinaTopic starter

Re: Interest Check - The Safe House (up dated, looking for a F player)
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2012, 04:01:09 PM »
I'm reopening this thread, for looking for a new female player.

I haven't heard, from the player who wanted playing the daughter, in a while. So the role of the daughter character, it's open again.

The Character and OOC thread, for this game, it's here:

If you're interested, in joining, please PM me. :-)