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Author Topic: Two Random Ideas..Males Needed  (Read 731 times)

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Two Random Ideas..Males Needed
« on: April 10, 2008, 07:40:48 AM »
Unnamed Idea

A young queen known for her benevolent and kind nature ruled a land after her parents died and left her the kingdom. At the age eleven she was given the title of queen and ruled for many years with a gentle touch and the most beautiful kind heart any woman could possess. She was loved by all her people and blossomed as lovely on the outside as she was on the inside At the age of sixteen she began to look for suitors, above all she wanted to marry and live in her enchanted world until a ripe old age.

For three years she as pursued by the richest men in the land but never could find that special someone. All the while on her quest for the one a vampire sought her love and affection. But he was evil and cruel, she could never let her kingdom be ruled under such tyranny. When she turned him he changed her then put her into an immortal slumber of which she would wake in a millennium destined to be his bride. However a person who had long since loved the queen gave her the only gift he could give. He put a spell over her that would allow her to waken every hundred years on the evening of hallows eve and search for a prophesied one who could set her free.

The world turned and the vampire grew powerful, established a large kingdom of slaves. He treated them harshly because they had no choice but to follow his orders. The stories circulated of a man who was unable to feel the effects of the vampires magic...A boy who could not be turned into an immortal ones slave. This boy was the prophecy...The vampire dismissed him as an urban legend a tale to give his servants false hope...

All the while the world grew and expanded, people built around the castle where the queen slept, oblivious to the woman inside. But a team of archaeologists uncovered the tomb of the queen. They tried to open her diamond sarcophagus but found that it was impenetrable. So they put her on display in a well renowned museum so all could look upon the beautiful womans preserved features. It was here she lay for another few years before her tomb opened and allowed her to search once more...

Nothing special and born from a family of scientists and magicians he experienced the paranormal on a regular basis without ever realizing it was there. He could not see the paranormal and was unable to feel its effects. This always stunned his family as they had often been drawn to ghosts and demons like flies to dead meat. So it was strange for him to be unable to see or hear or even believe that there was anything except people. Of course his grandfather was quite the priest, always in tow of a spellcaster the boy had long since considered an uncle.

A while after he left high school he became a photographer and was sent to england to photograph the fabled woman untouched by times hand. The word had spread quickly so traveling from Japan he set out on a venture to be the first to get pictures of her. It took him forever to get the museum to allow him to do so but once he did he found that it was well worth it. She was indeed beautiful, remarkable as was the tomb she slept. However there was something wrong with the tomb. It was clear as day when he took the picture but when the picture was developed the photographs always came out cloudy...Eventually the museum stopped letting him take pictures...

Some events passed by unnoticed by him. On the evening of his twentieth birthday, Halloween nonetheless, he went back to see the woman in the coffin one last time.  It was late but he knew the guards so they let him in, a present of sorts. He would be traveling back to Japan, what would it hurt. Her form was lovely, she would forever haunt his dreams. Leaning forwards he pressed his lips to the coffin a farewell to the woman he could not photograph..

It is here we begin our tale


Stuff/Other/What Not

1. I am looking for someone to play the boy
2. This would probably go into Light-Moderate somewheres
3. I don't have a three..


The Lady and The Outlaw

She is a rich snobby heiress to a prominent ranch outside a large western town just outside the Mexican border. Things seem to be going quite well for her, she gets everything and anything she wants, a real daddy's girl. Overall she has no concept of real work and was raised to believe that she should have to do nothing at all except sit and look pretty. So when her father dies of a sudden hard attack she easily takes up the job of ordering people around. The ranch hands, they won't stand for her sarcasm, stubborn and rude behavior so they give her their notice, try and show her the ropes then leave. The dainty little lady is forced to go out and learn what real work is and she doesn't like it...

He is an outlaw. Charged with robbery, and general misconduct, drunkenness in public as well as interrupting church functions. After robbing a bank he sets off towards the border but finds himself in a bind. There are deputies on the hunt, he can't look over his shoulder without seeing one of them. He makes a run for it and ends up just north of the border. Things seem to be looking up until word rolls around and he has to flee once more. With hounds and coppers on his tail he has but one choice..Hide.

He finds himself at her ranch one morning carrying gobs of money and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He gives her a cut of the cash and she hides him for the time being, and when the sheriff and his crew roll around she acts oblivious to the news and sends them on their way. There are some mighty thanks and for a while they part ways. About two hours later he returns having realized that the swarm of deputies have descended and they are looking for him. The two once again make a deal..If he gives her a share of the money and helps her out on the ranch she will hide him until things cool off. It seems easy, but what he doesn't know is that she might possibly be worse then just turning himself in and going to the gallows...


And again/Other what not

1. Again looking for a man
2. This one would be placed at preference of the boy
3. Still no three...


Any Takers?

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Re: Two Random Ideas..Males Needed
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2008, 10:32:35 AM »
I like the Lady and the Outlaw idea.  It vibes with my general interests.  I'd ask you to PM me, but I'm currently having a problem with the authorities and can't receive PMs.  :D

If you'd like to email me, though, I'm