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Author Topic: Rel Mayer's Help Wanted Ad! (F+M)(F+F)  (Read 2518 times)

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Rel Mayer's Help Wanted Ad! (F+M)(F+F)
« on: June 04, 2012, 08:35:28 PM »

Disclaimer: I'm pretty much up for whatever. Please read my O&Os so you can get a feel for my play style. Please PM me for RP requests, do not post in this thread. I play male/female characters/humanoids, but I don't care what the character partner is/isn't. I'll play with almost any type of character in almost every plot. It's pretty easy to convince me, so if you have an idea brewing, let me know and we'll get something started! I'm craving everything I have listed here, so there's nothing that would receive better response than the other. I'm very open with people pitching plots ideas to me, so feel free to do so!

Current RP Status:
Currently actively taking RPs. I'm looking for one possibly two new RPs to help kickstart my muse back in gear! Although I prefer to write paragraphs of information, I usually will just mirror your length and style! At least be able to give me two paragraphs and we should be golden. My response times can vary. My usual response time is about a day and other times it may take me a week or more. Sometimes, if I really like the RP, you may expect multiple posts from me! But it depends on my free time, so it won't always happen.

...I am also looking for One Shots based on my kinks currently. PM for info.

...Most of this stuff is covered more in my O&Os, so please read that.

Vague Plot Ideas!
The sexes can be easily changed to fit whatever. I'd be willing to play either role in most of these.
These plot ideas are not for complete smut. Please look down at short stories if that's what you're looking for.

Please send me a PM telling me which plot you liked and what you would like to see from the RP.

What I'm super craving right now:
1. Extreme Vampires - I'm looking for some pain, blood play, and some extreme themes. Please PM and we can discuss.
2. My One Shot Sagat and Chun Li Request Super Crave on this one.
3. Wild Wild West- (See description below/view picture in link below.) - I'm actually looking for some romance for this one. PM me if you have any ideas you wanted to add with it.
4. Smutty Catgirls (One shots)
5. I want something bondage related with my character being a sub.
6. Creation (I want to play the creation.) Sort of like Rocky Horror with the sex of Rocky reversed? I'm very up to playing with your kinks on this one.
7. Fandom: Berserk: Faranese and Serpico
8. Pitch me something. ;) - I haven't done this in a bit, but pitch me something and I'll let you know if I'm interested.
9. Fandom: Final Fantasy IV: Rydia *Adult*
10. Anything From my Picture Inspirations -Also view the NSFW post below and the pictures inside the spoilers.

View this for picture ideas. Super craving plot ideas included.

Wild Wild West!
I'm wanting to do something related to the westerns. I want to play something of a saloon girl who possibly gets picked up by some sort of cowboy/merchant/whatever you want your character to be if it's a decent plot to go with it. I'm also looking for a bit of romance with this plot, so please PM me if you're interested.

Alright, it's been a bit since I've played Final Fantasy IV, but I've been wanting to play Rydia for a while now. Something about her innocence mixed with just her general nature toward things. I don't really want her to be corrupted...Ok, I do what her to end up being corrupted. Basically everything is very vague around this, but I wouldn't mind some Cecil and Rydia action. Maybe even Kane and Rydia. Feel free to discuss with PM.

Skyrim Universe
This pretty much says it all. I want to do something related to either the Companions (so playing a werewolf) or the Thieves Guild. The plot is completely up for us to brainstorm together! (Which is my favorite) This is something that I'm really wanting to do, so please message me if you're interested!

World of Warcraft Universe
I want to do something along the lines of an Alliance/Horde banter RP. I usually enjoy playing the horde races, so if you're willing to play an Alliance race this should go pretty well! The plot is completely up for grabs, but I'm looking for an action based RP with a some non-con and fighting sex.

Geisha and Samurai
Something silly. I either want to play a geisha who was sort of mystical mistress for someone, but then is kidnapped by a samurai type character. Maybe he trains her how to fight, something along those lines. Or maybe he wants her to maintain her art of maintaining beauty. It's still in the works of an idea, but if you have something to add I'm super curious to know. This is probably something I'm really craving, because I mostly just want to play a geisha.

I also want to play a Samurai type role as well. Something along the lines of someone who is a guard for a emperor or anything along those lines. It's very vague, because I want to come up with the plot a bit with my partner.

The Secretary and the Evil Boss: This is touchy for me. I have a very specific idea for this, and may be a bit selective with the partner's I pick. I can either play the evil boss or the secretary. It's going to have bondage in it, that's the main focus of the RP. I want a lot of pain, discomfort, and loss of control going on between the characters. Ideally, I want them both to be sexually awkward around each other at first, with growing intentions going on between them. The boss can either be upfront about it or reluctant, either way. The boss is going to spank the fucking shit out of the secretary. I'd like to keep the boss male and the secretary female, but if you have a good idea based around changing the role of the sexes, I'm interested to hear it.

If you've ever played Guilty Gear, and you know the setting around Baiken, then I don't have to explain it. I want to play a bad ass version of Baiken that finally gets tamed by a man/woman. Baiken is played as a very vengeful and determined character. Her family was slaughtered and now she's a bittch one eyed one armed woman. She's absolutely badass. I want lots of actions, slicing people open, blood, and hot steamy sake sex!

Pictures of Baiken


Possible Bodyguard in Medieval Setting? + Incest?
There is this manga that I read named Berserk, but a lot of people aren't familiar with it. It's sort of in a fantasy medieval setting. There is this lady who commands an army, so she's a strong woman. She has this male bodyguard that has been taking care of her since she was young, more of following her every need. Now, since she's commanding a band of warriors, he acts as her bodyguard of types. Twist is that he's actually her bastard half-brother. He knows, and there is this undying attraction between both of them, but she has no idea. He'd probably be hesitant, but would desire nothing more than to indulge into his greatest attraction.

(If you're familar with the Anime/Manga it's Serpico and Faranese.)

Mad scientist and creation
Want to play something with a scientist creating a sexual being. Sort of like Rocky Horror Picture show? Except less crazy and mostly just want to play a brainwashed character willing to do anything and everything for the 'master'/scientist. It's also barely an idea in the works, but I'd love some suggestions and addictions to this!

Catgrils getting down and dirty!
This is one of my F+F suggestions. I've been really wanting to do something silly and sort of funny dealing with two catgirls who just want to discover each other's bodies and have some silly fun times together. It's probably gonna be fairly smut based, but like my other plots easily able to work out with other people.

Some Characters...
The character ideas for there are set in stone, but the plot can change.
PM me if you're wanting one of these characters in one of your future plots! >)

Name: Mari Endar
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval, Gods F+M or F+F
Character 101: Vampire
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I would prefer to play this character only in Medieval and Fantasy Godlike settings. Personality wise she's full of angst, shallow, and is just a dark person. Her side hobbies include alchemy, because she's trying to find a way of curing her horrible curse of being a vampire. I was thinking either playing her as a medieval adviser for an old dying king. My co-partner would play the other adviser on the court. The only restrictions on this character is that I want there to be bantering between your character and mine. I don't want them to get along at first, but hatch a hasty, dirty, sensual, and dark romance from there.

If Mari is played in a godlike mythology setting then I'd want her to basically be the goddess of death or something along those lines. Except not completely morbid and not gory/grossness. She's a darker character, but it doesn't go anything past sucking blood.

Send me PMs please to discuss possible RPs. Thanks!

Again! My On and Offs:
Click me!

If you don't want to read through all that, my Role Play Preferences is a pretty short outline of basically the same stuff.
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Re: Rel Mayer's Help Wanted Ad!
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2012, 10:51:59 PM »
Short Story Ideas
More Vague Ideas!

Anything set in Skyrim or World of Warcraft Universe
-Pretty much says it all! I love RPing in these settings.
Dominant vs Dominant
-Explains it all!
Video Game Fandoms
-Anything works really. Throw me the video game and I'll see if I've played it.
-Any sort of fandom really. I'm not picky. Movies, Superheros, books, TV shows, anime watevs.
Submissive Male
-Want to either play a submissive male or corrupt a submissive male. >)
Picture Based RPs
-throw me a picture and we can attempt something.
Furries, Catgirls, Elves, Beastmonsters
-I'm honestly a submissive at heart, so I love playing shy animal based characters. >)
Age Gaps
-Noms. Thinking professor and student for this one. I don't really care which one I play.
Rocky Horror Picture Show
-Ask for details about this one.
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Re: Rel Mayer's Help Wanted Ad! (F+M)(F+F)
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2014, 06:26:58 PM »
Current Status!
Currently taking in 1-2 new RPs. Want something from my current cravings/current kinks.
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Re: Rel Mayer's Help Wanted Ad! (F+M)(F+F)
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2014, 12:37:10 PM »
I like your age gap rp. Teacher x student okay?

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Re: Rel Mayer's Help Wanted Ad! (F+M)(F+F)
« Reply #4 on: September 02, 2014, 03:06:54 PM »
Edit Updates:
8/3/2014- Updated what I'm currently craving and my current RP status.
8/10/14- Updated my current cravings and added some extra super cravings
9/2/14- Added a bunch of Super Cravings. Opening my status to active again.