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May 20, 2018, 09:24:08 AM

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Author Topic: Thorns of War - An interesting MUD-like RPG  (Read 413 times)

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Offline Damian SilvermaneTopic starter

Thorns of War - An interesting MUD-like RPG
« on: June 03, 2012, 06:22:18 PM »

Like all good games I've played thus far, I found this one in an old google ad which don't seem to be showing anymore. Either that or adblock negates it. Either way, the ad made it look impressive, like it was one of those oldschool-looking indie strategy games for nostalgic value, so I decided to look further into it. The ad mentioned you can build towns, hire NPCs to work the dominion, gather materials to forge weapons and armor, hunt animals for food and crafting materials, essentially a game where you get to play your own life in it. It sounded fascinating so I decided to try it out.

And this became my first experience playing a MUD (or MUD-like) game. At first it didn't look impressive and the controls were a little hard to understand, but I'm thankful there was plenty of friendly vets who's played this game for a long enough time to be high leveled and they helped me get on my feet and set out. After that, I was exploring the densely-forested landscape or at least as much as I could before I started running into monsters and beasts that were far too powerful for me to fight. After a while, I learned I'm obtaining too many items I need to store and thats when I decided to build a house. I had to upgrade my account to "sponsor" which is a monthly membership ($3.70/month, discounts if you subscribe for longer) and then I was able to build my little hut. The process of chopping down trees, splitting wood to planks, and carrying it to worksite was a huge pain, but it was worth it in the end. After that I had to install a wooden door which needed more planks to craft and forge a set of locks for the door. When that was done, I installed them both to my hut and finally my house was complete and able to store my excess loot and crafting materials. When I started making money easier, I hired an NPC and set him to my house and assigned him to chop down trees and split into planks which I would use to train my woodworking skill later on. I could go on a lot more about what I've done and been doing, but I don't want to bore you with my experience.

Truth be told, this game could use some new players. This game is roughly 2 1/2 years old and only a handful of players including myself still play it and there's a lot (and I mean A LOT) of land to explore, but not many of us to do it. A game like this can get real boring when there's not many people to chat with and whatnot. If you're interested in a MUD-like RPG, would you please take a gander and try it out?

If you need help, just ask by typing /ch and sending a message. I'm sure someone (if any are online) will help you. I still play and my name is Pizarro if you see me online sometime.

Not sure if its allowed, but here's link:

- This game is not designed for casual gamers. You have to work hard to get things done in this game.
- You don't need a facebook account.
- Subscribing membership doesn't give you any special features other than building houses and hiring NPCs to do basic jobs in your stead. You can still play the game just like normal, just don't expect to have a safe place to store your stuff to free room in inventory.
- If you happen to build a house, here's a warning: Houses in this game work just like real-life in which it decays over time. You need to provide building material you originally built the house with (ex. planks if house is wood) and hire an NPC to do the repairing. If you've already hired an NPC and he's already doing something else, assign him to idle in your house and he'll automatically start fixing house.
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