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December 19, 2018, 03:49:29 AM

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Author Topic: Male looking for female re: a Warhammer 40k RP (Look inside!)  (Read 739 times)

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Offline BardingTopic starter

I’d noticed a certain lack of adverts for Warhammer 40K RP in these forums and so I assumed there was very little. However, I would love to attempt to set out and change this and so I thought I might attempt to start my own small scale one.

Right, firstly, if you’re still reading then I’ll set down the necessary parameters and kinda elimination factors that, I feel, are necessary for me to find what I want.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

- Female characters who are interested in males. (Female players are also an added bonus but I am generally quite open to anyone who happens to be behind the keyboard at this point. So long as you fulfil my other terms )
- Players who are on a European time zone or, at least, American players who are free to play in the mornings…About 10 AM onwards-ish. Being British I’m just about bang on GMT time-zones so, erm…Hope that might help you figure that out.
- Players who know enough about the 40K galaxy to play their chosen character and to understand what I’m on about at least half the time.
- MOST IMPORTANTLY talented RPers with a good grasp of narrative and literary English, preferably full of effective metaphors and lovely literary devices. Spelling is a MUST and grammar is lovely too but the actual content, quality and (to some extent) quantity of your posts are the main thing. A multi-paragraph, narrative writing style would be a definite bonus. As a result of this I may stoop to holding either RP auditions/interviews over IM (not as scary as they sound, honest!) or be wanting lovely long PMs/replies, preferably with some kind of example of your writing style included.

I’m honestly so sorry to seem elitist and scary but, honestly, I’m not. I just really enjoy good RP and aren’t these ads all about idealism? I, myself, am a fairly experienced roleplayer and have been told that I have an excellent grasp of narrative and thoughts inclusive English in my posts. Still, this is only really provoked and comes into play when I have someone good to play with. Honestly, if you play well for me I reciprocate like hell! I’m sorry, once again, to sound immodest or anything but, in truth, I’m actually quite shy about any skill I might have. I always blush if someone gives me feedback, heh.

So, um, anyway, if those apply to you (especially the last one) then, please, carry on reading.

In terms of the actual nature of the RP – you know, setting and background and whatnot – my idea was that the two main characters; one male and one female, would be stranded on a world devoured and made barren and lifeless by one of the long past Tyranid hive fleets. The why and wherefore as to why they are stranded is up to you and they would, most likely, be for separate reasons that are specific to each character.
On this essentially dead world there would, still, be traces of life aside from the two protagonists. Unfortunately various strains of the Tyranid genus have been left behind in small numbers, detached from the Hive Mind and abandoned to roam the ghost-town streets of empty and ruined cities or to stalk barren wastelands that cover the rest of the world’s surface. Needless to say they would be absolutely starving.

Due to this development both characters would, most likely, need to work together in order to accomplish various objectives with the long-term goal of finding some kind of way to signal for help or escape from the forsaken world without being eaten.

Of course, this means there would be plenty of lovely opportunities for both that kind of monstery loving that so many darknesters seem to adore; all sorts of fighty bitz; romance and sexual tension (and all the things it can lead to, after a suitable stretch of time).

If you have any more questions or even alternative plot ideas then please include them in your PM or reply.

In terms of the character I would actually be playing I have stitched together an idea. The result of this idea is Tristram, an Eldar ranger of an as of the craftworld Iyanden. He, himself, has been marooned on this dead-world by an unexpected storm in the webway that displaced him from his actual destination and left him stranded. He is, in actuality, a fairly young being (by Eldar reckoning) and the path of the ranger was the first of which he had time to tread. As a result he is fairly inexperienced in both the arts of love and war and this shows through a noticeably shy demeanour and minimal battle prowess…rather than uber leet pew pew snipxor skillzz. As a rule, I don’t go in for high-powered characters.

I will, if anyone shows any interest, be happy to stick in a lovely, long description of little Tristram to give an example of my writing style and what you'd be dealing with. Don't worry, girls. He's cute!

You have large amounts of freedom on the actual nature of a character you would wish to play. In terms of race they could be anything from a Dark Eldar to a sister of the Adepta Sororitas. All I can say is thank god that Orks don’t have females! I’m afraid I also try to draw the line at daemons. Please, nothing that is truly evil and only wishes to corrupt/eat little Tristram.

The relationship between Tristram and this character would, probably, be at first filled with distrust and tense aggression although I would prefer it if she did not attempt to chainsword him on sight (this could also be achieved with another Eldar if either one of them were from a craftworld that had, recently, returned from a long stint in the eye of terror and was thus treated with great discression. This would, hopefully, be followed by an odd sort of camaraderie and friendship/reliance caused by combat and survival instincts that would, finally, bloom into sexual tension and all the things that follow in its footsteps.

In other words, if you’re still interested, please PM or reply to this thread with any ideas for, well, anything you might have and just tell me a little about yourself, your character and everything and, having PMed/replied to me, feel free to add me on MSN or AIM (I am also willing to conduct this RP via IM if you are not opposed to doing so)

Thank you so much for persevering with my probably pointless and self-righteous ad. I can just pray in the name of the Laughing God that I get some kind of reply. Any constructive criticism is very much welcome.

~ Barding

P.S. I may also be looking for someone into playing the Tyranids...So, urm, if you're into tentacles, oviposition and rape then feel free to apply to do this as well. Still, first and foremost I need an applicant for the heroine so, urm, get replying!  ;D

Offline Kitikat

Re: Male looking for female re: a Warhammer 40k RP (Look inside!)
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2008, 09:18:15 AM »
By Slaanesh, that's a difficult standard to apply to... but I'm such a huge W40K fan that I feel compelled to do so.

There is in fact one game that I was about to join in with when I had an unplanned enforced absence from E, which appears to be dying... I'm hoping it can be resurrected. Otherwise, I would love to join in the game you have described, if no worthier partner presents themself to you.

To cover the points you mentioned below...

 - I vastly prefer female characters, with wide variety in sexual preferences. The gender behind the keyboard is, well, lordly, but only in physical form :)
 - GMT+2, tend to play intermittently through the week day my time.
 - My universe knowledge is spotty, but I'm pretty good at both sounding convincing with limited knowledge, and learning fast. I have a respect for lore, and in the past have rapidly re-written entire lengthy posts after a flaw is pointed out.
 - I tend to lean towards quality far more than quantity in my posts, being slightly lazy and unwilling to write for the sake of paragraph length... having said that,I also adapt rapidly to the post length of my partner. Ramble on for reams at me, I'll probably ramble right back. I'm not going to describe the movement of each lock of hair if all the post requires is a "Yes" from my character, however... but I also won't write a one-liner. I do suffer from fluent-typo disease on occasion, but not as an average, I don't think :)

I do like your Tyranid-blasted world idea, especially when ghostly cities are included... I have a certain taste for post-apocalyptic settings. I also really like a storyline that builds to various tensions, especially if there's a forbidden aspect (Eg an Eldar and one of the Sororitas ;) )

I hope that's an interesting start, at least. Please feel free to reply/PM/IM with suitable interrogation :)