Male looking for female re: a Warhammer 40k RP (Look inside!)

Started by Barding, April 08, 2008, 09:19:44 AM

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By Slaanesh, that's a difficult standard to apply to... but I'm such a huge W40K fan that I feel compelled to do so.

There is in fact one game that I was about to join in with when I had an unplanned enforced absence from E, which appears to be dying... I'm hoping it can be resurrected. Otherwise, I would love to join in the game you have described, if no worthier partner presents themself to you.

To cover the points you mentioned below...

- I vastly prefer female characters, with wide variety in sexual preferences. The gender behind the keyboard is, well, lordly, but only in physical form :)
- GMT+2, tend to play intermittently through the week day my time.
- My universe knowledge is spotty, but I'm pretty good at both sounding convincing with limited knowledge, and learning fast. I have a respect for lore, and in the past have rapidly re-written entire lengthy posts after a flaw is pointed out.
- I tend to lean towards quality far more than quantity in my posts, being slightly lazy and unwilling to write for the sake of paragraph length... having said that,I also adapt rapidly to the post length of my partner. Ramble on for reams at me, I'll probably ramble right back. I'm not going to describe the movement of each lock of hair if all the post requires is a "Yes" from my character, however... but I also won't write a one-liner. I do suffer from fluent-typo disease on occasion, but not as an average, I don't think :)

I do like your Tyranid-blasted world idea, especially when ghostly cities are included... I have a certain taste for post-apocalyptic settings. I also really like a storyline that builds to various tensions, especially if there's a forbidden aspect (Eg an Eldar and one of the Sororitas ;) )

I hope that's an interesting start, at least. Please feel free to reply/PM/IM with suitable interrogation :)
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