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April 20, 2018, 01:38:49 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking group for post apocalyptic action adventure with a naughty side.  (Read 3857 times)

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Offline Humbugearthquake

Name: C-408

Age: unspecified

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Species: Cyborg

Origin: Ontario

Personality: BF-606 AI personality generator. Human-like personality.

History: C-408 was built under a military covert operation in the begining of the third world war. Formaly known as John Adams, C-408 was one of the first in line cyborgs developed for battle under extreme conditions. He was part of the third cyb-gen unit breaching through the Ural mountains, attacking Russia from the north and brought great succes to the american side. When the bombs started falling in the event that came to change the face of the earth, C-408 got his command core burnt and is now roaming the desert wastelands.

With his command core burnt he re-established the supressed parts of his mind and he became more human. In the army the cyber-genetic half of his brain had worked to amplify his more feral lusts and supress feelings as empathy and remorse. When the part of his brain linking his to military HQ was fried he started living on these lusts. As the semi-machine he is he will never decline a killing. His mechanics has left him extremely calculating and cold of human emotion.

Equipment: Leather and steel armor, self-made. Crude sword, self-made. A small supply of food and water.

Mutations/cyber-genetic enhancements: C-408 is designed with a metal infused skeleton, making him durable to force. Robotic joints making him stronger and faster then an average human. He also only have half a brain, the other half was replaced with a computer. Gyro-technology implemented in his chest gives him the ability to extract energy from solar energy and bodily movement, making him require very small amounts of food and water. Enhanched eyes giving him slightly better night-vision and aim.

Special notes: C-408 might seem cold and inhumane but is really more like a common psychopath with empathy and human emotions replaced with robotics.
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Offline Humbugearthquake

Oh and I would very much like to join, this seems awesome! :)

Offline SteamdriverTopic starter

with the addition of Hamburgearthquake character we now have 7 players. Harrio if you wish to join still post up.

Offline avorae

My brain can't seem to wrap around a character concept so I will have to drop out of this game.  I hope you all have fun and if I can come up with a concept and there is still room I will be happy to reapply. ;D

Offline SteamdriverTopic starter

Ya please do. just drop me a pm if you want to rejoin later. thanks for informing us that your pulling out though.

Offline SteamdriverTopic starter

Hey sorry I've been away from this just wanted to make sure you're all still in tomorrow I will have a adventure line, societies, and things like that.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Yup, I'm still in.  I likely won't be available till post until Thursday.  I have a few tests Wednesday that I really need to study for.

Offline TheHangedMan

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I'm ready.

Offline Arioch

Still in.

Offline Elias

here and ready

Offline Humbugearthquake

Locked and loaded, AKA im ready to go!