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Romancing a Slave (M seeks f)

Started by Jester, May 30, 2012, 05:49:09 AM

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I am a rich and powerful man. You are the poorest, most pathetic slave in the pit. You think your live is over and that you will die in the pig sty that you live in.

But one day you are dragged out and presented to your new master.......

I am looking for a game where I play the master and you the slave. I want this to be an extreme romance. Both will need to adjust and get used to each other. But you will be romanced, loved and cared for.... But perhaps a mixture of brutality as well...

Imagine being a sex slave all your life and suddenly you are not treated how you expect. You are clothed, wined and dined and treated with respect... How would you cope?

I am keen for this to be interacial if possible.