Elven Warrior [F sub looking for dom]

Started by elfguy, May 28, 2012, 01:31:21 AM

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Fael is a skilled elven warrior, renowned for her prowess in battle. She can win against orcs, goblins, and many other beasts found out in the land. She also has a smoking hot body, and most of the men in town would love to get her in their beds. But none would dare try to go for her, knowing how powerful she is. However, Fael is also shy, and she's very inexperienced in sexual matters. So when she goes out this day to fight in the wild, one person guessed that he/she can take advantage of this in Fael, and decide to go for it. The strong elf will soon find she isn't prepared for that type of confrontation...

For this RP I will play Fael and I need someone to play a M or F dominant partner, someone who will follow her in the wild and then take her. It doesn't have to be extreme or brutal, but I need someone who can push her to do what he/she wants sexually, and while she will resist at first, she does want to find out more about sex, and will eventually comply.