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Author Topic: Slaves and Sorcery [M seeking F]  (Read 523 times)

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Offline LavaskeTopic starter

Slaves and Sorcery [M seeking F]
« on: May 28, 2012, 01:09:43 AM »
Preamble to the Introduction

I am Lavaske and welcome to my request page.
I am in the mood for a nice high-fantasy adventure/smut roleplay/political intrigue game.

Our story begins on a series of dusty trails known simply as The Slave Roads.  Your character has recently been captured in her home village of Valus (for possible explanations of how and why, see subsection I. Slavery, and subsection II. Your Character) and is sent via caravan towards her new home in Galai, where she will be the 'guest' of an affluent man, intent on using her for a number of purposes, both political and perverse.  (See subsection III.  Policies and Perversions and subsection IV.  The Man behind the Mask)

Will the slave girl obey?  Will she survive?  Or will she fail like so many before her?

I.  Slavery
The city-states of Valus and Galai have long been partners of trade.  The northern city, Valus, has always been rich in iron, gold and other ores.  Galai is rich in ruffians and scoundrels, murderers and thieves who would sell their own sisters into slavery for a bit of coin.  And often, they do.
This need not be the true history of how your character came into the possession of slave traders.  Perhaps she was a pickpocket who happened to get caught by the city guard (small crime does not go unpunished, the bigger criminals simply make a profit off of the consequences), perhaps she stayed out too late in the wrong part of town.  One way or another, she was sent off.

II.  Your Character
Your character can be submissive, can be boisterous, can be stubborn or can be dominant.  It does not truly matter- so long as:
1.  She isn't stupid.  When she arrives in the castle of her new master, there will be the possibility that she be killed by him for disobedience.  So while she may be swayed not to appreciate him, I would prefer we keep the cliche spit-in-the-face moment out of this RP.  It will only end in her death.
2.  She is competent.  I plan for a number of missions to revolve around your character.  As this is high fantasy, she may or may not need to do things such as flee from owlbears, beat up skeletons with only a mop and bucket, or convince a dragon that she has eaten too many bitter things lately and would not taste good.

III.  Policies and Perversions
The city of Valus is a very interesting place.  There are three basic class levels:  There are the slaves and serfs who work the mines and perform services for those above them.  Then there are the merchants and noted artisans- men who make a living getting what needs to be done done, and curtailing wares to men and women both above and below their station.  Generally, interactions with the non-servatile peasants (including ironworkers and farmers, but not household servants and slaves) is considered somewhat socially tarnishing, which makes ascension from the merchant caste to the noble class especially difficult.  Finally there is the noble class- however, while these men and women may still tower high above the merchant and serf class they are constantly vying against eachother for more wealth and fame than any of them truly need.
Each of the nobles has their own particular needs and wants and it is not uncommon for nubile young slaves to be traded from hand to hand as tokens of appreciation amongst the elite.

IV.  The Man Behind The Mask
My character (I have yet to settle on a name.  One will surely occur upon my shortly) is a merchant who, through careful political manipulations, has managed to convince the council of nobles to allow him to ascend into nobility, allowing his crest (a spider) and family name to become fully recognized.  However, he is not as concerned with his social status as he is with certain other goals which will become clear as I develop the plot and as our story unfolds.

There are a few things I will need of you.

1. You must have an IM client.  I really appreciate conversing about my games before starting them up.
2. You must be willing to play a number of characters, beyond your main one.  This is simply to keep things from growing stale.  I'm sure that you'll appreciate pitting your character against all sorts of different trials- I will also have fun doing the same.

If you're interested, shoot me an IM or PM.  I'll be happy to hear from you!

Offline LavaskeTopic starter

Re: Slaves and Sorcery [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2012, 06:54:53 PM »
I've got to admit, I'm being a bit too picky and judgemental about who I'm doing this roleplay with.  While I've had several people request to play out this particular piece with me, I haven't responded to any of them with particular glee.  This is mostly due to my skepticism and the hope that this roleplay turns out awesome.  So I've concocted the following application to help me decide on the perfect partner.

I will select my partner based on the quality of her application come this Friday.  Keep in mind, even if I don't choose you for this particular roleplay, you may catch my eye- in which case I'll definitely do what I can to get something booted up with you whenever possible.

The Questionnaire
Please copy and fill out this Questionnaire, then send me your answers in a PM

1.  Are you available to chat via IM's at some point between the hours of 5pm-10pm Pacific Time?
If not, are you on Elliquiy frequently enough to keep up correspondence outside of the roleplay?

2.  This is not the standard "master gets slave, master breaks her in" style of roleplay that so many are used to.  While the master does in fact purchase his slave, he grants her many freedoms, lets her come and go as she please (so long as it also pleases him) and refrains from abusive measures, unless he feels they are absolutely necessary.
What external events would be required to convince your character to stay?
What would help command loyalty from your character?

3.  Your character is going to be involved in more than simple tasks such as fetching water and fucking her master.  She will also be tasked with important 'missions' in a high-fantasy setting.  These may include distracting a noble templar while an associate robs the church blind, battling a small horde of skeletal undead or spying on a visiting dignitary.
What assets does your character bring to the table?

4.  Provide a physical description of your character.

5.  Provide a basic backstory for your character.

That is all!  Hope to hear from y'all soon!
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