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Author Topic: Some Mass Effect ideas (m looking for f)  (Read 565 times)

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Some Mass Effect ideas (m looking for f)
« on: May 27, 2012, 10:23:50 PM »
Please read this first!

I'm really interested to keeping things in these ideas as close to cannon as possible. By that I mean I don't want to play against half-Krogan's or someone's unicorn princess or anything like that. Ideas that are adapted from the cannon IE believable elements that might actually fit into the games as well as our story I'm all for. Needless to say some details are going to require some ironing out, so please don't be afraid to talk to me. I really want to work this stuff out and have a really enjoyable experience.

Also, if you're in the mood for something else, check out my main request thread here.

Idea 1: A C-Sec Officer and a Gentleman - Taken

Those of you who've played Mass Effect 3 may have noticed a conversation between a young woman and a Turian C-Sec officer at the Docks. The girl is looking for her family and not having any luck, the Turian is skeptical yet sympathetic. Their dialog as you pass them from time to time seems to imply that she's growing on him and he's trying to look out for her.

I'd like to flesh these two character's out and roleplay their getting to know each other. She's lost her family, her whole colony gone with only a few other survivors living out of cargo containers on the dock. Perhaps he's been with C-Sec for a while. Seen the craziness that has happened there more than once. But none of that prepared him for the loss of Palaven. Both have lost so much, and at the risk of sounding horribly cliche, they find comfort in each other's arms.

We could even play out his helping her get off the citadel, in search of greener pastures. Perhaps before they even leave he protects her from the criminal elements that are trying to take advantage of the refuges, etc etc. Would love to talk out this idea with someone...

Idea 2: Shiala's Story
Shiala was a pretty cool character for no more than what you see of her in the games. I think this is a cannon character that would be fun to flesh out in roleplay. I was thinking that our story could start with the evacuation of Zhu's Hope, the colonists and Shiala fighting hard, showing making the Reapers pay for every inch of territory they take as Alliance vessels move in to airlift the colonists out. It's utter insanity, the kind of battle where hardened troops could easily break, but the lingering effects of the Thorian spores allows the colonists to fight more ferociously and effectively than anything the Reapers have encountered thus far.

During the evac Shiala fights with the kind of passion that poems are written about. Her heroics are the stuff of legends as she refuses to let any of her people be left behind, not even the dead. She believes herself to be the last person left in Zhu's hope when suddenly an alliance soldier comes up beside her and starts helping her pull the wounded and the dead back to the shuttles. With his help she is able to proudly say that not one member of Zhu's Hope was left to be fodder for the Reapers.

The story would be about her working with this Alliance soldier again, even being awarded honors with him, and also falling for him. The sacrifices he made that day at Zhu's Hope having won her over. Their love affair would be as passionate on the battle field as it is in the bedroom.

Character Ideas

This is where I'm going to drop some of the character ideas I've got floating around in my head. These are characters that I haven't thought of a scenario for just yet but the characters themselves are itching to be used. If you have an idea for one of them let me know and I'd be happy to talk about it!

Commander James Coulter - Based on the story of John Colter & John Potts
(Click his name to see a picture!)

James Coulter's story is one that has left many believing that he's one of the hardest soldiers in the N7 program, second only to possibly Shepard himself.

His story starts when he and his Recon team were sent out so a system called the Kaelyn Traverse where they were checking on a platinum mining facility that had gone quiet. It turned out that the colony had been hit by Vorcha and Krogan who were former Blood Pack mercenaries turned full time pirates and slavers. He and his men were ambushed by a much larger force and eventually it was down to Coulter and a his best friend, a Gunny named Potts.

Coulter was captured while attempting to get to a comm relay that might have saved them. Potts tried to hold off the overwhelming forces but the Krogan and Vorcha quickly killed him and ripped Potts' guts out and threw them in Coulter's face. They made it a point to humiliate Coulter who was grievously injured from the battle.

Rather than killing Coulter outright, the Krogan decided to humiliate him further and asked how fast he could run. Coulter played up his injuries and as a result, the Krogan and Vorcha gave him a 200 meter head start. It was all he needed to leave them completely behind. All except one Vorcha who had actually managed to close some of the distance. Coulter hid and ambushed the Vorcha, killing him with his own weapon.

Coulter would then swim miles down a river, trying to get out of the Valley they were in and to the next comm station that lie on the other side of the mountains. The Krogan weren't stupid though and blocked the only pass through the mountains, waiting for the seriously injured and ill equipped soldier. Coulter did the only thing he could think of and skipped the pass and climbed the mountain, even staying a night on top of the mountain before coming back down. Then he started the eleven day hike through unfamiliar terrain to get the the comm station.

By the time he reached the comm station he was in really bad shape. He signaled for help from the Alliance fleet he was sent by and held his position against the attacks that came after that until relief arrived. When the marines found Coulter he had taken serious injuries to most of his left side, frost bite here and there, and was suffering from malnutrition and a variety of other issues. Coulter was given the Medal of Valor among others and was promoted to Commander.

He's been kicking ass and taking names ever since, using two cybernetic limbs (left arm and leg) as well as a custom suit of armor.

Codrus - The Assassin forced to take a stand
(Click his name to see a picture!)

Known only as Codrus, Freidrich Hugo von Goltz has been working as a high end assassin for the last eight years. The son of a corporate fat cat from Earth, Freidrich was born into a world of money and power and ended up resenting people with either. His biotic skills and criminal exploits as a kid led to his father shipping him off to the very strictest military academies in galaxy. In those academies Freidrich became tough and quite skilled in the arts of war.

By the time he finished college, his father had passed away and Freidrich found himself with a generous buyout offer from the board of directors and a lot of time on his hands. Wanting to get away from everything Freidrich ran off to the Terminus systems and started going by the name of Cordus. After a long stint with the Blue Suns, Cordus went freelance and quickly became a sought after assassin.

All seemed well in his world as Cordus was happy to kill anyone for the right price, until the Reapers showed up. Cordus was already reeling from having to flee Omega after Cerberus moved in, but hearing about the state of Earth was too much. Cordus returned to the Earth systems and offered his help to the Alliance. Since then he's been using his skills to kill as well as to save. Often finding himself sent in to rescue small trapped groups or high priority types, as well as being used to harass the enemy when needed.

More coming soon...
I have a few other ideas that I want to talk to people I"m playing with already about first. If they pass on the ideas then I'll post them up here. If you've play some of the games in the series and have a pairing you'd like to play with then let me know! I was a huge fan of Jack and loved fem Shep.
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Re: Some Mass Effect ideas (m looking for f)
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2012, 06:11:58 PM »
Lots of updates, including some character ideas and a new story idea.

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Re: Some Mass Effect ideas (m looking for f)
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2012, 07:00:34 PM »
Hey there!  I always wanted to explore a female Sheppard & Vega thing.  Let me know if that gets your idea hat buzzing.


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Re: Some Mass Effect ideas (m looking for f)
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2012, 12:24:06 AM »
Thanks for the interest! PM sent!