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Author Topic: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!  (Read 4204 times)

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Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #25 on: May 28, 2012, 06:54:46 AM »
The idea forming is that there will be two ships to start.  We have one captain, so we need another.  Crew will come later, though said Captain is allowed one starting crew member for relationship and funding purposes.

Remember that not all ships are Firefly transports.  :P  Be creative in the design and purpose of the ship.  'Illegal' things are allowed, though they will cost significantly more and you'll have to avoid Alliance ships and territory.  You can also go the other way and have a luxury passenger vacation ship.  :P

Money allowed to each player will differ depending on backstories and a number of other things.

Each player will be recieving 48 attribute points with an additional 20 skill points.  Skills may be purchased in game via credits through 'classes' and the like.  These points will be highly expensive, so don't expect to have every skill in a matter of days.  The actual prices may vary from skill to skill.

Players will be allowed to 'medicate' their complications through purchases in facilities such as rehab clinics or hospitals.

Any changes regarding attributes or skills must be approved via GM and may only be conducted in-game via a GM's NPC.

Various items will be available to purchase via GMNPCs in stores, on the black market, or online.  We couldn't cover EVERY item available, so if you have questions regarding item availability, feel free to ask.  Charts of currently-available items for sale will be posted, as well as where to get them and how much they cost.  Charts will also be posted as a guideline for passenger and cargo hauls.

Attributes and skills/specialties follow similar rules to purchaseable items.  Not every gorram thing is listed, so please feel free to be creative and ask questions.  More detail regarding traits will come as soon as the pages are finished.

I think that's everything, for tonight.

Offline Reia

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #26 on: May 28, 2012, 09:02:14 AM »
I keep telling myself that I don't need to join any group games but this one just called out to me. I'd definitely be interested in my character being captain of the other ship.

Offline Khoraz

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #27 on: May 28, 2012, 09:36:58 AM »
*Ponders a very grumpy medic fired from his position as a hospital doctor owing to his dreadful bedside manner*

Offline LtFox

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #28 on: May 28, 2012, 10:07:13 AM »
Definitely interested in this.  Firefly and Serenity are longtime favorites of mine for several reasons.

Currently I'm thinking a second-in-command type for a ship (not necessarily from the start, but personality and skills will likely be suited to that role.  I've found along the years that I have a knack for that role for some reason or another.), specialized in close-quarters combat with blades.

My character will likely be a slightly older male, as suits the job description.  No other details at the moment, but I'll work it out after a while.

How's that sound?


Offline NiceTexasGuy

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #29 on: May 28, 2012, 11:40:26 AM »
Earlier I said I'd hold off on my character creation until someone had a specific need for someone to fill a specific role, which I'm still willing to do.  However, I did come up with a concept for someone who can be moderately useful at times, but whose loss would not be detrimental to the game.

Basically, this is a guy who is not physically imposing, got drafted into the Alliance Army during the war, worked in clerical and supply jobs the entire time, and knows Alliance bureaucracy and how to cut through the red tape.  In a gunfight, he'll seek cover first then return fire (hopefully).

I have the roleplay book, so started the character generation process, but it looks like maybe you're wanting to make the skills "more expensive" than what they cost in the book?


Also, sort of a significant question/concern here I should have asked at the beginning.

I envision a game in which the characters will be somewhat like those in the show - just folks tryin' to get by in the aftermath of a devastating war without hurting a lot of innocent people in the process - as opposed to the other sort of characters they encountered -- the guys from the salvage ship who shot Mal in Out of Gas, or those two who operated the "net" that would have killed everyone on Serenity in Our Mrs Reynolds.

I can see my guy robbing a payroll, or stealing medicine (that will be instantly replaced) from a core world hospital, but not killing people just to steal their ship, or engaging in the slave trade.  Are we all on the same sheet of music here?

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #30 on: May 28, 2012, 03:19:09 PM »
The actual gameplay will vary, though I'd definitely discourage players doing this to other players, of course.  Sparrow and I will be in charge of a lot of disposable NPCs, so any desire to steal ships or take over any buildings are still possible.  Player character deaths are allowed, but only if the player in question decides to agree with it.  Basically, we don't want to limit those interested, but we don't want you to worry about your own game being ruined due to it, either.

If you have the book, initial costs and available items are all the same for you to create a character, though please use our profile sheet.  We're giving everyone 48 points to start, and if you have leftover points for character advancement later on, that's fine, too.  These points will still be useable after the game starts, used in-game as sort of free-passes at skill-training facilities or what have you.

I was just questioned to clarify this: Yes, you will be starting out with low skill points.  If everyone is given a ton of skill points, there's little room to grow.  If you REALLY feel that you need more for some special reason, PM me and we'll talk, otherwise this is the restriction.  Even my character, Zomistio, is low and ready for improvement.  Soon as he's got the funds to spare, he may consider spending money on 'lessons' in covert skills or perhaps even to improve his flying.  Basically, if given (what I personally consider) a ridiculous amount of skill points, how likely would you be to feel the need to improve?

The book mentions 'plot points'.  We will not be using these, so ignore them.  We are making up for their existence with credits.

Also, remember that this is just the Firefly setting, so it isn't necessary to have everyone given a specific job on a ship.  We'll have a whole list of example occupations, though you'll be allowed beyond this, even.  If you want to make a pharmaceutical clerk on a core planet who helps smuggled rugs to the rim, the so be it.  If you want to play one of the job contacts or a sadistic maniac, that's fine, too.  Diversity in a big game makes it more fun, and wherever you are, we'll have at least one NPC for you to interact with.

So far, everyone's looking good, character-wise.  Ship owning will need to be approved, and we recommend that if you're looking for crew or a ship that you hang out on Persephone.

Speaking of places, with the growing number of players, more threads will become available, thus we can add new worlds.  You're allowed to have your character from any of the planets or moons (so long as it fits), though those available in threads are the only ones you can currently play on.

A question for you lot: How do you feel in regards to sexy-time in 'public' threads?  Would you prefer that  we create a separate thread for you to link to from wherever you're 'actually' doing it, or does it matter to you?  Any Reaver activity in regards to this will be brought to their own thread because of the obvious extremes, and any similar violence In regards to NPC torture will also be confined (and only performed on willing participants), but what about player/player?

I want to reiterate that pretty much everything in regards to NPCs will be discussed over PMs or in the OOC so no one will be forced into anything they're not willing to do.  We'd prefer similar discussions between players when necessary.  If you find yourself trapped, contact a GM and we'll use some epic NPCing to help you escape.  :)

I hope this answered all the questions, thus far.
« Last Edit: May 28, 2012, 06:13:30 PM by Flaming Dead Man »

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #31 on: May 28, 2012, 07:38:43 PM »
Bounty Board
Any bounties -- including both character and NPC -- will be filtered here.  Characters are NOT allowed to hunt other characters without the player's permission.  NPCs are fair game, and NPC bounty hunters MAY go hunting after player characters if the money's good enough, so beware!

-- Borris Jay Knickles (NPC) - Wanted alive by Alex Turner of Persephone.  Will pay 250 credits (625p) for his delivery.  If delivered dead, will pay 100 credits (250p).  Reputation gains: Alex Turner +50; Persephone Underground +30.  Reputation loses: 0.

Character Reputation
Character reputation is earned by completing jobs, favors, buying people off, etc.  Doing some jobs may decrease/increase reputation with more than one group, depending on the job.  You will be notified of such risks and gains before the job is taken.
-- Bounty:  ( -50,001 or more )  This person or group hates you so much that they want to see your head on a stake.  The bounty is raised based on just how much you exceed this set rating.
-- Hated  ( -10,001 to -50,000 )  This person or group will bar you from their community or take you into custody.  Some of the particularly mean ones might torture you a bit.
-- Unfriendly  ( -1,001 to -10,000 )  This person or group doesn't take kindly to your type.  It will be difficult to find work with these people, sale prices might be a bit higher than usual, and they won't treat you too nice, either.
-- Neutral  ( -1,000 to +1,000 )  You're not liked or disliked, you just exist.
-- Friendly  ( +1,001 to +10,000 )  This person or group kinda likes you.  You might have an easier time finding work and the pay is a little better.  People are starting to notice you, too.
-- Honored  ( +10,001 to +50,000 )  This person or group really likes you.  Work is pretty steady with them and you've become somewhat reliable, in their eyes.  Pay is pretty good and you're making a name for yourself.
-- Revered  ( +50,001 to +100,000 )  This person or group loves you.  Jobs are offered whenever you come looking and they tend to be a bit more difficult, too.  They trust you, and the pay is good, but penalties for crossing them are more severe.  Pretty much everyone knows your name.
-- Exalted  ( +100,001 or more )  This person or group ADORES you.  They love you so much that they sometimes give you gifts and do you favors without debt attached!  The pay is great, but the jobs are hard and dangerous; you're trusted with their lives and they expect a lot from you.  Don't cross them or the penatly with be terrible.

Zomistio (Flaming Dead Man)

Jaxien (Sparrowhawke)

Shavain (Sparrowhawke)

Contacts and Jobs
If you wish to acquire a job, your must speak with one of the contacts in-game.  It's recommended that you PM the GMs to discuss what sort of job you might want pushed onto your character.

The Anglo-Sino Alliance (Government)

No jobs available at this time.

The Independent Planets ('Government')

No jobs available at this time.

The Alliance Military

No jobs available at this time.

Blue Sun Corporation (Business)

No jobs available at this time.

The Corone Mining Consortium (Business)

No jobs available at this time.

Iskellian Technology Solutions (Business)

No jobs available at this time.

Unified Reclamation (Business)

No jobs available at this time.

Companions' Guild

No jobs available at this time.

The Tongs (Syndicate)

No jobs available at this time.

Traders' Guild

No jobs available at this time.

Miners' Guild

No jobs available at this time.

The Order of Shepards

No jobs available at this time.

Private Parties

Core Planets
No jobs available at this time.

Border Planets
Alex Turner - { illegal } contact
    -- No jobs available at this time.

Persephone Underground - { illegal } organization
    -- No jobs available at this time.

Rim Planets
No jobs available at this time.

Obviously, this will be better filled.  Is simply showing the layout and what to expect.
« Last Edit: May 29, 2012, 09:27:22 PM by Flaming Dead Man »

Offline metamorphize

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #32 on: May 28, 2012, 10:34:46 PM »
I'm definitely getting more and more excited as details are starting to flesh out. I'm probably going to make a mechanic or pilot. I'm getting some brilliant ideas for an original character, I just have to flesh her out a bit more.

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #33 on: May 28, 2012, 10:45:18 PM »
Excellent!  :)

We're working on 'em all day.  :P

When we're ready, we'll organize the information a lot better in an information thread.  Don't think we'll be doing a Wiki, though we may still decide to.  Who knows.  :I

Offline metamorphize

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #34 on: May 28, 2012, 11:22:38 PM »
I'm having such a hard time deciding on what kind of character to make. Now I'm leaning towards companion. :P

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #35 on: May 28, 2012, 11:35:57 PM »
Haha, well, Sparrow and I have decided to make it official to allow two characters per person, under stipulations.  They cannot interact any more than rarely being in the same vicinity.  This means no credit sharing, no creating jobs for yourself, and they can't be on the same ship, etc.

Basically, if you have two characters, we want them to be created as a means of exploring other aspects of the game, not for unfair advantages or filling spaces on ships.

So, you could certainly have a companion and another character.  ^^

Offline metamorphize

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #36 on: May 28, 2012, 11:42:57 PM »
*starry eyes* Ohhh, so I can have my weird mechanic and my more elegant companion? Suppose they do accidentally interact in roleplay though, is that alright? Like the crew's ship crashes on the same planet the other is on and the crew drags my character to the exact spot where the other is for some reason? I'm probably putting way too much thought into this.

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #37 on: May 28, 2012, 11:47:39 PM »
Haha, no, that's alright.  Just nothing direct/deep, if that makes sense.  So, being in the same bar and exhanging a wave would be fine.  But -- unless it's forced, per se -- even speaking to the other character is a bit much.

Another example might be if your character happened to be a bartender or a dancer.  This would be forced interaction.  So as long as any relationship and exchange is avoided -- this includes payment, as even the bartenders earn an hourly wage and such -- it's okay.  :)

Offline Flaming Dead ManTopic starter

Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
« Reply #38 on: May 29, 2012, 12:46:02 AM »
Though minor changes may occur before the final information is put up on the cortex, these changes should not affect any chosen attributes; if they may, we'll alert you.

Attribute Points
You are alotted 48 points to spend in the Attributes section.  Any points not used here may be used toward skills or saved for later purchases.

Please note that though the ideas for these attributes were pulled from the book, they are NOT the same.  Each of them has been tailored to better suit our needs.  If you've used the book for character creation, please double check your choices to make sure you're still happy with them.

Assets include positive traits.  You may only have 5 assets, and must have at least one.  Please note that assets deduct points from your pool, but complications add them.

Minor Assets = -2
Major Assets = -4

List of Assets
Section 1
Born Behind the Wheel
Cortex Specter
Fightin' Type
Friends in High Places
Friends in Low Places
Good Name
Healthy as a Horse
Heavy Tolerance
Highly Educated
Intimidatin' Manner

Section 2
Lightnin' Reflexes
Math Whiz
Mean Left Hook
Mechanical Empathy
Military Rank
Moneyed Individual
Natural Linguist
Nature Lover
Nose for Trouble
Registered Companion

Section 3
Sharp Sense
Steady Calm
Sweet and Cheerful
Things Go Smooth
Total Recall
Tough as Nails
Trustworthy Gut
Walking Timepiece
Wears a Badge

Please note that additional assets may be suggested by players.  :)

Section 1 ( Allure - Intimidatin' Manner )
Allure (Minor/Major)
Allure means you're attractive.  Sex appeal can be a powerful thing, if used correctly in the right situations.  This is largely a social-only asset, though can be used in combat by a clever player.

Athlete (Minor/Major)
You are a practiced or natural athlete.  You may add +2 to Strength, Agility, or Endurance, though only Major skill users may use it twice in one roll.

Major skill:
          Agility + Strength + 2 + 2
          Alertness + Agility + 2

Minor skill:
          Agility + Strength + 2
          Alertness + Agility + 2

Born Behind the Wheel (Minor/Major)
Largely used for rating crew and for RP purposes.  You either specialize in land or air vehicles.  A character with the trait would pick up skills involving that particular brand of vehicle much easier, thus merits a good amount of starting skill with little background training.

Cortex Specter (Minor/Major)
Characters minoring in this asset find it easier to escape minor authorities; they've either been very sneaky or have managed to somehow wipe a good portion of their personal data from the Cortex.

Characters majoring in this asset don't techinically exist.  This can be both a good and bad deal, depending on the situation.

Fightin' Type (Minor)
You're very good when it comes to combat.  You may make an additonal, non-combat action without penalty: move + shoot; duck + kick.  Fun stuff.

Friends in High Places (Minor)
If choosing this skill, you can call in favors during gameplay to special folk, or get away with things you normally wouldn't.  For instance, if you need a loan, just call your rich friend.  If you're in prison, call up the planet's Embassador.

Said 'friends' must be dictacted through the GM and listed, at the very least, by title.

Just remember that favors can mean you're in debt.  You may be asked to return that favor, and it's usually not a good idea to ignore the request.

Friends in Low Places (Minor)
You know a few contacts, saved a few asses, did a few favors.  Some particularly 'low' folk owe you, in some way.  Or they just like you enough to be more willing than most.  They might break you out of prison or give you a loan, if you ask nice enough.

Said 'friends' must be dictacted through the GM and listed, at the very least, by title.

Just remember that favors can mean you're in debt.  You may be asked to return that favor, and it's usually not a good idea to ignore the request.

Good Name (Minor/Major)
You get a total of 4,000 reputation points toward up to three reputations of your choice.  Reasons for the reputation bonuses chosen must be stated in the history.

Healthy as a Horse (Minor/Major)
As a minor trait, you are able to avoid most common ailments such a colds, flus, and other such temporary sicknesses.  Infections of wounds are also avoidable with minimal to no treatment.

As a major trait, you're impervious to even the serious, life-long ailments.  This includes cancer, serious diseases, sexually-transmitted diseases, and other inflictions.

Heavy Tolerance (Minor/Major)
As a minor trait, it takes twice as much to get drunk or high.  You must also take double doses of medications and pain killers.

As a major trait, you are allowed +4 to Vitality versus poisons and gases, but it's nearly impossible to even get a buzz or become dazed via drugs.  Doctors will refuse to medicate you enough to sate any pain as it would induce a drug overdose.  Getting 'doped up' by a doctor also has little or no affect.

Highly Educated (Minor)
Looks like you don't shorten words or speak with a heavy accent, but if you want to blend in on the Rim or Border planets, you should work on your acting.  You'd make a great face for interacting with the big city folk of the Core planets, however.

You may know things that you've never personally experienced (like how to fix engines or perform some surgery), but you'd still have to put these skills to practice before you're anything but talk.  You likely read a lot and have a nice collection of reference books, somewhere.

This skill can be handy for making friends.  Highly educated folk have a wider range of ideas and knowledge to draw from, so making conversation is (theoretically) easier.  You also gain a +2 to intelligence.

Intimidatin' Manner (Minor)
You are one scary beast.  It might be the eerie calm about you, or the anger that drips from your every pore.  Or maybe you're just a big guy or play with too many weapons.  Whatever if may be, people don't like to mess with you, and some of the weaker-willed characters may even cower at the sight of you.
Section 2 ( Leadership - Registered Companion )
Leadership (Minor)
You're either a natural or learned leader, and you've put it into practice enough that you've earned this trait.  You're good at giving commands, and people are pretty willing to follow you, even if the plan doesn't sound all too good for their well-being.  You radiate a feeling that people should trust your judgement and influence loyalty.  With this trait, you gain a +4 to initiative in combat situations.

Lightnin' Reflexes (Major)
You're fast.  Very fast.  You gain a +2 to all Initiative rolls.

Math Whiz (Minor)
Math comes as easy to you as breathing does.  You can solve any math problem in a jiffy, often doing little more than glancing at it before you've got the answer.  You gain a +2 to intelligence.

Mean Left Hook (Minor)
You gain a +2 to the Unarmed Combat skill (or specialty) and +2 basic damage to the resulting roll of any attack using your fists.

Mechanical Empathy (Minor)
Machines talk to you, so with a little learning regarding what's what, you could easily be the best damn mechanic in the 'Verse.  With this trait, you're able to learn what is wrong with the machine much faster than most, cutting out the experimenting phase, and thus save time and credits fixing it.  This trait grants a 2% credit discount on repairs.

Military Rank (Minor)
You must pick a side: Alliance or Independents.  You may be a veteran or currently enlisted.  Most ranks are available, but require GM approval.  This status MAY grant special benefits or penalties depending on the situation and rank.  Ranks of leutenant or higher (with GM approval) gain a +2 to influence.

Moneyed Individual (Major)**
You occasionally come into sums on money from a relative or connections, and you start with a significantly larger credit amount than most (2,500 + 125d16; total maximum of 4,500, minimum of 2,625).  Sums are collected when you visit the bank (only allowed once per visit) and are determined by a GM's 'success' roll of 1d2 (1 = failure, 2 = success) and an additional roll upon success of 35d12 (maximum of 420 credits).

**This trait requires good, believable family history or connections.  Only allowed via GM discretion.

Natural Linguist (Minor)
Not only do you learn languages incredibly fast, but you are also able to pick up accents and dialect without breaking a sweat.  You learn language specialties at half the cost (specialty training also costs half what it normally would) and you're pretty gorram good at figuring out where someone comes from just by listening to them.

Nature Lover (Minor)
You're at home when outside, far from the glare and noise of cities, grounded from any aircraft you might currently call home.  Anything regarding nature calms you and makes you feel one with your surroundings.  This trait grants +2 to Alertness when in such settings.

Nose for Trouble (Minor/Major)
Roll Intelligence + Alertness and add +4 when looking for dangerous obstacles or situations; traps, a hiding someone, or other similar pains.  Hiding people roll Alertness + Agility + Covert (or other related skill).  Traps are a set number.

Majoring in this trait allows the element of surprise to become broken; the player recieves an extra non-combat turn after the enemy's first attack.

Reader (Minor/Major)**
As a minor trait, your character cannot control when he recieves information.  This can happen at both the best and worst of times.  The details are minor and usually rather insignificant, or are a flash of an image that you have only seconds to decifer.  The minor side of this trait largely relies on emotions of others nearby; someone who is calm and mentally relax will rarely be seen into, but someone who's emotions are very strong or their thoughts powerful and definite may radiate images like a television.

As a major trait, the character has discipline and can focus when he reads.  He can pick up much quieter thoughts and block out or dull the stronger ones, as well as sort through deeper, hidden thoughts if left to sift long enough.  This reader is more sensitive and may sometimes be affected by very strong emotions, especially when felt by a group.

Readers gather images and sounds, not words.

**This trait is available by GM approval only.  May require an addition to Complications at the GMs discretion.

Registered Companion (Minor)
A license to do business throughout the 'Verse.  Must meet the obligations of Guild membership to amintain the license.
Section 3 ( Religiosity - Wears a Badge )
Religiosity (Minor/Major)
Specific religious faith is required.  Buudhism and Christianity are (in that order) the most common, though any faith will do.

Minors of this trait are simply religious.  Common worshipers and practicers.  May add +2 to Willpower during combat.  This character may range from quietly faithful to pushy and overbearing.

Majors of this trait include 'officials' such as rabbis, priests, monks, etc.  They wear clothing to indicate their faith and position, often carry with them any supplies they may need to practice, and gain +4 to willpower during combat.  This character doesn't necessarily have to be leadership material.

Sharp Sense (Minor)
Epic sense is epic.  Pick a sense and you gain a +2 Alertness for that particular sense.  May take this attribute more than once, but only once per sense.

Steady Calm (Minor/Major)
You don't scare easy as a minor in this trait.  You have nerves of steel and can stare death in the face.  You gain +2 Willpower when being intimidated or faced with danger or death.

Majors extend this ability to drugs, alcohol, and other effects; withdrawals are much easier to handle and being 'too high' isn't too big a problem for you.  When panic comes, you think easier than others.

Sweet and Cheerful (Minor)
You can turn some enemies into friends, if you try hard enough.  Pessimism is an utter myth, for you.  You brighten up the room just by smiling.  You're kind and often generous.  Whoever thinks you're anything other than sweet is probably going to a special kind of hell.

Talented (Minor/Major)
Pick a skill.  Training (after character creation) in this skill is a breeze.  Minors recieve a 25% discount (after other discounts) in this skill and it's specialties.  Majors recieve 50%.  At least one of this chosen skill level must be learned during character creation or the first 'lesson' recieved from in-game training will be full price.

Things Go Smooth  (Minor/Major)
For minors of this trait, the character recieves one free, uninhibited action per combat session (includes multiple enemies as one session).  This does not work for killing blows.

Majors also have a chance to recieve an occasional sum of money or mysterious package when they visit a bank or postal service, respectively.  Postal service packages must roll a 6 on a d6 and the item is selected at random by the GM.  Money 'success' is first determined by rolling a 3 or 6 on a d6.  Upon sucess, the amount is determined by rolling 25d16.  The minimum currency is 25 and the maximum is 400.

A GM must roll the dice for this trait in regards to gift receipts.

Total Recall (Major)
You have a perfect memory.  Everything you learn you only have to learn once.  Repressed memories and traumatic events may be an exception.  With this trait, anyone with the Knowledge *SKILL* (of at lease level 6 with the specialty of teaching) may teach you their skills, up to the points they currently have.

For example, a character with the Knowledge skill may have 6 points in the Covert skill and an additional 2 points in the Pick Pocket specialty.  Your character, with the Total Recall trait, may learn those 6 points in the skill and the two in the specialty.  This extends to all specialties and skills that the Knowledge skilled character has, with the exception of the knowledge skill itself.  Any learning of this type must be approved of by a GM.

Tough as Nails (Minor/Major)
Additional life points are awarded!  Minor gains +2, major gains +4.

Trustworthy Gut (Major)
This trait allows the character to tell whether somesome is up to no good.  He can often tell just what kind of 'no good', as well.  If you're talking with a contact and the air gets real think, you trust your gut to tell you the deal will go sour and the guy will try to cut you out of it.  Basically you've got a real good feel for emotions and intentions.  Only works when the person is audible or visible; will have no affect on hidden 'targets'.

Two-Fisted (Major)
You're ambidextrous.  No off-hand penalties for you!  The coordination allows for such things as stealthier pick pocketing, easy dual-weilding, and even helps to make up for the permanent or temporarly loss of a hand.

Walking Timepiece (Minor)
You never have to worry about carrying a watch or checking the time.  During combat, if knocked unconscious or dazed, it requires a full-turn Intelligence + Alertness action at Average difficulty to get things back on track.  This is not necessary out of combat; simply consider it a few moments time.

Wears a Badge (Minor/Major)
Select your jurisdiction.  Minors are allowed 'reign' over one planet or region and majors cover most of the system.  This trait affects reputation depending on your choice of jurisdiction.

Complications include negative traits.  You may only have 5 complications, and must have at least one.  Please note that complications ADD points to your pool, where assets negate them.

Minor Assets = +2
Major Assets = +4

List of Complications
Section 1
Chip on the Shoulder
Combat Paralysis
Dead Broke
Deadly Enemy

Section 2
Dull Sense
Easy Mark
Ego Signature
Forked Tongue
Hero Worship
Leaky Brainpan
Little Person

Section 3
Major Metabolism
Non-Fightin' Type
Slow Learner

Section 4
Straight Shooter
Things Don't Go Smooth
Traumatic Flashes
Ugly as Sin
Weak Stomach

Section 1 ( Allergy - Deadly Enemy )
Allergy (Minor/Major)
Quite simply, you're allergic to something.  Each allergy must be purchased separately.  Minor reactions, like a rash, sneezing, or other irritation should be filed under minor.  Life threatening reactions are under major.  If you do not carry an emergency injection to treat major allergies, medical assistance will be required and every second counts.

Amorous (Minor/Major)
Anyone of your sexual preferences snags your attention and distracts you from whatever you were doing for a few moments and often leaves you having to remember what you were doing when you attempt to return to it.

Majors of this trait cannot resist the person in question and find themselves comepletely enamored, dropping the tools of their current task or walking away in the middle of a sentence to 'better inspect' their target.  For majors, their sexual preference is more important than most everything else; tasks will still be there when you return, but who's to say that lovely woman will still be around if you wait?

Amputee (Minor)
You're missing a limb and do not have a bionic replacement to make due with.  Walking or working with your hands is more difficult, accordingly.  You may use crutches, a prosthetic, or other means of a feeble attempt at making up for your loss.

Bleeder (Major)
Either the side effects of medication or your genes have made your blood difficult to clot; even small cuts can bleed for ages.  If in combat (or you recieve a large bleeding wound outside combat), you take an additional 1 wound damage per turn until the bleeding stops.  You must roll Intelligence + Medical Expertise and the result must be greater than 8 to stop the bleeding.  Another character may make the roll.

Blind (Minor/Major)
Whatever the cause, you are blind.

Minors of this trait are completely color-blind and find it difficult to perform tasks that require the use of colors.

Majors can't see a damn thing.  You might have an animal for assistance, though you must care for it and its uses and capabilities must be realistic; various species are allowed, though must be approved by a GM if you desire anything outside a canine.  You also recieve the asset of Sharp Sense for both Touch and Hearing at no cost.  Actions such as aiming a ranged weapon or other actions that involve heavy use of eyesight suffer a -2 to the result of a roll.

Branded (Minor/Major)
Someone doesn't like you (must be justified in history).  Minor traits gain a -2000 for the reputation of this person or place, major gain a -5000.  Each different reputation title requires a separate trait.

Chip on the Shoulder (Minor/Major)
You have severe anger issues.  Everything is an insult, and you can't walk away from an anger-fueled fight for the life of you.  As a major of this trait, you go beserk when you're wounded, as well, unable to focus on anything but killing the guy who drew your blood.  If someone else hits you, you change your target to the freshest attacker.

Credo (Minor/Major)
You are incredibly stubborn about something or some things.  It may be that you're stubborn about something 'good', like always defending a lady's honor.  But, it could also be something 'bad', like you're always right, no matter what.

Majors of this trait are so stubborn that they won't back down even if their lives are in immediate danger.

This trait may be specified or generalized.

Combat Paralysis (Minor/Major)
During any combat situation, you're frozen for d2 turns.  Major traits are frozen for d4 turns.  While frozen, you're unable to take ANY action, including stepping out of the way.

Coward (Minor)
You suffer a -2 penalty to all rolled results during combat.  You run for cover or for an escape, and will only fight if there's no other choice.

Crude (Minor/Major)
Minors of this trait have to be reminded constantly to behave themselves when amongst the refined society or they'll let a few cusses slip or drink far too much, etc.

Majors of this trait have no social grace.  None.  They will cuss and drink as they please, grope women they find attractive despite their social standing, and cannot be taken out if keeping a respectable appearance is important.

Dead Broke (Minor)
You're so broke that your character must roll as poor, AND divide the result in half, AND spend all his cash on equipment, gear, and other such things.  If he cannot seem to spend all the money, the remainder is sent to debt collectors of your choice (determined with the reputation options and must match history).

You owe debt collectors 500d16 credits (rolled by the GM).  Every cycle (see the Cortex Informational Thread), you must pay at least 1% of your owings or the reputation with your chosen debtors decreases by 250.

Deadly Enemy (Minor)
Someone really hates you, and there's no escape.  You have a reputation loss of -55,000 with a single person or place.  This places you on the bounty board.
Section 2 ( Deaf - Loyal )
Deaf (Major)
You can't hear a damn thing.  You might be able to tell what people at a distance are saying; you gain a +2 to Perception, or a +2 to 'Read Lips' if your Perception is already level 6.

Dull Sense (Minor)
For whatever the reason, one of your senses is really dull.  Pick one; it suffers a -2 penalty for actions utilizing that sense.  For instance, aiming would be negated by -2 if you have bad eyesight.  You may choose this trait once for each sense.

Easy Mark (Major)
You believe what pretty much anyone says, and if you don't, it takes very little convincing.  This can end you up in tight places.

Ego Signature (Minor)
Whenever you commit a crime, no matter what it is, you must leave a mark of some sort.  Perhaps a smear of red paint (or blood) or a small metal token; whatever it may be, it's your mark.

Filcher (Minor)
You're a kleptomaniac.  You want it, so you don't think twice about taking it.  Whether it's a ship or a sack of money, it's yours for the taking.  It doesn't matter what it's worth, you just think it's nice and would be a great addition to your collection.  This could get you into heaps of trouble, but you aren't concerned about that.

Forked Tongue (Minor)
You're a compulsive liar.  Those who know you don't trust you a wink, and those that don't will learn soon enough.  You tell both tall and short tales, and you tell them so often that they're hard to keep straight.

Greedy (Minor)
You will do anything for the right amount of money.  Anything.  Even sell out your friends.  Or kill them.

Hero Worship (Minor)
You are absolutely obsessed with someone.  This is far beyond admiration or simple love.  You want to be this person in every respect, and you will go to fantastic lengths to do so.  This person can do no wrong in your eyes and he is the perfect being; everyone should want to be like him.

Hooked (Minor/Major)
As a minor of this trait, you're addicted to something on a level just beyond 'healthy' or 'normal'.  Be it video games, cigarettes, booze, porn, or recreational drugs.

As a major of this trait, you're heavily addicted and go through withdrawals, if you don't get your fix.  If you go without your fix for more than four in-game hours, you begin withdrawals, suffering -4 to all traits and skills.

You cannot quit the habit (neither minor nor major) unless you spend time at a rehab clinic.

Leaky Brainpan (Minor/Major)
You see and hear things that aren't there.  This can cause you to go through small episodes where you speak to someone who isn't really there or you get twitchy and afraid for 'no reason'.

Majors of this trait have big episodes and they see the world completely different from everyone else.  They may see groups of people or blood on the walls, perhaps wounds on their own bodies that don't exist.  They may be afraid, or they may be used to it.  Either way, they often speak to themselves or perform 'odd' and sometimes dangerous (either to themselves or others) actions without warning.

Medication is available to help subdue the traits.  Minors pay 75 credits per cycle (see the Cortex Informational Thread) and majors pay 150 credits per cycle.  The medication temporarily makes the imbiber 'normal', though even one missed day will have the symptoms returning full force.

Lightweight (Minor)
Effects of alcohol, drugs, diseases, poisons, and others that require some level of resistence have a greater effect on you.

Little Person (Minor)
You're about 3-4 feet tall.  Anyone aiming at you suffers -4 to their success roll, but you also suffer -2 to any movement success rolls in combat.

Loyal (Minor)
Pick a group or person that can count on you for their loyalty.  You will do anything for this group or person, including sacrificing your own life, should it help them keep theirs.  This trait must be approved by a GM.
Section 3 ( Major Metabolism - Slow Learner )
Major Metabolism (Minor)
You eat way more than you should, or at least way more than others have to.  When buying food, you must buy enough to feed three people because one meal isn't enough.  If you don't eat like this, you grow weak and suffer a -2 penalty to all physical traits.  If you miss three or more mealtimes in a row, you temporarily gain the Scrawny trait, which may only be reversed by eating two or more 'full' meals in a row.

Masochist (Major)
You love pain.  Absolutely love it.  You probably have a lot of self-inflicted scars, possibly even a few missing digits, thanks to your own hand.  You have trouble resisting the 'call' of a knife or other sharp object and might have even been caught bleeding yourself in some way.  You crave combat, but suffer a -2 to all combat rolls because you try to get stabbed or shot.  This trait is not confined to the bedroom and may actually involve wanting to be killed, so don't take it on the assumption that it means you're into BDSM.

Memorable (Minor)
You have at least one very distinct trait, likely on an area constantly exposed, like the face.  You're easily spotted in a crowd and if you've got a bounty on you, everyone concerned will recognize you.  Must note the traits in physical description.

Non-Fightin' Type (Minor)
For whatever reason, you're against combat.  The only time you'll fight is if your life depends on it, and taking the killing blow makes you feel guilty about it for ages.  You suffer a -2 penalty to all roll results in combat and a -4 to initiative.

Overconfident (Minor)
You believe you're the best at everything in the 'Verse, no acceptions, and you have no trouble showing off these 'skills' at every chance you get, even if you don't have any levels in the particular skill in question.

Paralyzed (Major)
Your lower half is useless.  You suffer a -4 to all movement actions and -4 to all hand-to-hand or melee combat.  You have trouble getting up stairs or moving over uneven terrain, but you can aim ranged weapons just fine.  You likely use a wheelchair of some sort to get around.

Phobia (Minor/Major)
You pick a fear.  Minors of this trait are scared of, grossed out, or even squeal at the sight of the phobia, but if they have to deal with it, they can usually force themselves to.  They suffer -2 to all combat rolls if the phobia is present.

Majors of this trait can't even look at the phobia, and being in the same room will have them utterly distracted, afraid for their life.  They suffer -4 to all combat rolls if the phobia is present.

Portly (Minor/Major)
As a minor, you're pretty overweight.  You suffer a -2 to all movement actions and often find yourself out of breath much faster than most.

As a major, you're morbidly obese.  You suffer -4 to all movement actions.  You can't move much without having to sit down and catch your breath.

Prejudice (Minor)
You can't stand a certain group.  If you find out someone you like is from this group, you decide he's a terrible person and you should have nothing to do with him.  You see these people as below you, in some way.  Must name the group (ie, Core residents, buddhists, etc.).

Sadistic (Major)
For whatever reason, you really like hurting people and hearing them scream.  This trait is not confined to the bedroom and actually involves killing, so don't take it on the assumption that it means you're into BDSM.  You're probably a true psychopath and have many devices you use to maim, dismember, torture, and otherwise slowly kill a man.  You get great joy out of kidnapping people for later torture; you gain a +2 to any rolls involving your administration of drugs, poisons, or stuns when planning to cause him pain when he wakes.

Scrawny (Minor)
You're very skinny.  You suffer a -2 to all strength rolls and a -2 to vitality (affecting life points).

Slow Learner (Major)
All skills after character creation cost double the number of credits because you have to take the course twice before it sticks.  You also suffer -2 to all skills or specialties.  For example, if you have 6 levels of Athletic and 4 of the Swimming specialty, this trait subtracts 2 from the specialty.  If you only have level 6 in Pilot with no specialties, you subtract 2 from Pilot.
Section 4 ( Soft - Weak Stomach )
Soft (Minor)
You are very sensitive to pain of any sort.  You take an additional 1 point of stun every time you take any kind of damage.  You must also roll Willpower + Discipline against 6; if you fail, you begin to weep and cry.

Stingy (Minor)
You only spend what you absolutely have to, and you spend it in the cheapest form available.

Straight Shooter (Minor)
You are always honest and don't care if anyone takes offense to it.  If you ever HAVE to tell a lie, it's written all over your face and coats your voice like molasses; it would take someone practically blind and deaf to miss it.

Superstitious (Minor)
There are a lot of things you're superstitious about (to be listed in your Personality Notes).  Bad luck omens cost you -2 to all attributes and good luck omens grant +2 to all attributes; these effects last until the next omen or the end of a cycle.

Things Don't Go Smooth (Minor/Major)
Once during combat, an active opponent may force you to reroll a recent action to determine different results.  You must use the lower of the rolls.  Majors of this trait may be forced to reroll two actions in a single combat scene.

Traumatic Flashes (Major)
These may take the form of dreams or day-flashes, but either way, they leave you sweating and screaming.  The cause and triggers might not be known to the character, but must be hinted at in the history and explained to the GM through private messaging.  If a flash is triggered in combat, the player must roll a d12 and make a Willpower + Intelligence roll against it; if he fails, he must take -2 penalty to all attributes for the rest of the scene and lose a turn due to fear.

Twitchy (Minor)
Someone's out to get you; you may not be sure of who or what, but you definitely have cause to watch your back.  Probably.  You don't trust anyone and everyone is against you.  You're paranoid about everything, even to the point of worrying someone has put something in your drink when you've only glanced away for a second.

Ugly as Sin (Minor)
For one reason or another, you're hideous; you're ugly enough to earn this trait, and that's something.  Maybe not something to brag about, but something nonetheless.

Weak Stomach (Minor/Major)
The presence of blood, entrails, or corpses causes you to suffer -2 penalty to all attributes until either the disturbances or you are removed from the area.

Major traits must roll Vitality + Willpower against 6; failure causes the character to faint for 2d4 minutes.

Other Attribute Information
When making combat rolls, it's up to you to use logic as to which two attributes should be rolled together.  For instance, you might use Agility + Strength to represent how hard and fast you use a bludgeon weapon (like a club).  You might use Agility + Alertness or Agility + Intelligence for a dagger; the first roll would represent a quick movement that you didn't have time to prepare for, and the latter for a sneak attack.  Willpower + Strength might determine whether or not you managed to kick a barrel at your opponent and Agility + Willpower would be the roll used to jump out of the way of said barrel.

Further combat rolls and information is listed in the Cortex Informational Thread, under Mechanics.

Physical Attributes
Agility - represents quickness and physical coordination

Strength - tells you how strong your character is

Vitality - measure of toughness and general health

Mental Attributes
Alertness - represents intuition and observation

Intelligence - smarts

Willpower - determination and force of personality

Derived Attributes
Initiative - Agility + Alertness; determines who goes first in combat

Life Points - Vitality + Willpower; used to determine damage
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Notes on Occupations

This list is not limited.  If you would like an occupation not listed here, contact a GM and we will discuss it.

Ocupations List
Title: Armor/Weapons Merchant
Description: Mostly black market dealers. You supply the rest of us with weapons, armor and other combat related items.
Pay Mode: Cash
Payment: %
Boss: Yourself
Location: Everywhere

Title: Banker (NPC Only)
Description: Bankers deal with all your money, the legal stuff, at least.
Boss: Bank owner
Location: Land Based

Title: Bounty hunter
Description: Much like a mercenary, you take what jobs you can get. You hunt down anyone with a bounty on their head and drag ‘em off to whoever wants ‘em.
Pay Mode: Cash
Payment: Bounty
Boss: Yourself
Location: Everywhere

Title: Butcher
Description: Often working in tandem with a herder, you slaughter and cut up the meat.
Pay Mode: Cash/Credit + Meat
Payment: %
Boss: Yourself
Location: Land Based

Title: Captain/Co-captain
Description: You own a ship, have a crew, and you lead ‘em through the black.
Pay Mode: Cash
Payment: % + Room and Board
Boss: Yourself
Location: Ship

Title: Companion
Description: Many won’t see Companions as anything more than glorified whores, however, your duties in servicing your clients go far beyond just sex. You listen, give advice, accompany them. You are their companion.
Requirements: Asset – Registered Companion. You must comply with guild standards and rules.
Pay Mode: Credit - Bank
Payment: Commission from Clients
Boss: The Companion’s Guild
Location: Mostly on Core planets, some will occasionally travel on ships.

Title: Cook/Chef
Description: You cook for your crew, or you cook in a restaurant. Either way, you keep food in peoples’ stomachs, though the work may be dull if all you have to work with is protein paste.
Pay Mode: Cash/Salary
Payment: % + Room and Board/Salary
Boss: Captain/Restaurant owner
Location: Kitchen, be it in the sky or on the ground.

Title: Doctor/Medic
Description: People get hurt, some of ‘em get hurt bad enough to need a little help getting’ better. That’s where you come in.
Pay Mode: Cash/Credit
Payment: %/Salary
Boss: Captain/Independent/Hospital
Location: Ship/Hospital

Title: Drug Dealer
Description: You deal in drugs, mostly the illegal kind.
Pay Mode: Cash
Payment: %
Boss: Yourself
Location: Everywhere

Title: Entrepreneur (GM approval required)
Description: You own a business, or more than one, you have numerous employees. Or perhaps slaves, helps pass savings onto the customers, after all.
Pay Mode: Credit/Cash
Payment: %
Boss: Yourself
Location: Everywhere

Title: Farmer
Description: You grow food, you harvest it, you sell it. Hard, honest work.
Pay Mode: Whatever you haul outta the earth
Payment: Food and whatever you can sell it for.
Boss: Yourself, head farmer
Location: Land based

Title: Factory Worker
Description: You work in a factory; hard work, not always great pay, but honest.
Pay Mode: Credit
Payment: Salary
Boss: Factory Owner
Location: Land Based

Title: Herder
Description: You herd livestock, look after it, breed it and send it off to the butcher or sell it when it hits the right age.
Pay Mode: Cash + Meat
Payment: _%
Boss: Yourself, head herder
Location: Land Based

Title: Job contact
Description: Merc’s need jobs, and people need a way to get them these jobs. You’re that middle man. You organize jobs and take a cut of the pay.
Pay Mode: Cash
Payment: %
Boss: Yourself
Location: Everywhere

Title: Mechanic
Description: Most commonly, you’re the one keeping that boat in the sky. Doesn’t mean you’re limited to ships, though, you can fix about anything made out of metal.
Pay Mode: Cash
Payment: % + Room and Board
Boss: Captain/Independent
Location: Ship or landbased

Title: Mercenary
Description: Guns for hire. You take whatever job you want, do it, then get paid. Don’t matter much if it’s legal or illegal.
Pay Mode: Cash
Payment: %
Boss: Whoever has the coin to hire you
Location: Everywhere

Title: Military/Feds
Description: Elite officials. Highly trained and armed to the teeth with the best equipment and weaponry the ‘Verse has to offer.
Pay Mode: Credit – Bank
Payment: Salary
Boss: Alliance
Location: Everywhere

Title: Miner
Description: You work in the mines, digging up coal, metals and gems.
Pay Mode: Credit/Cash
Payment: Salary
Boss: Mine owner
Location: Land Based

Title: Pilot
Description: Pretty simple. There’s a ship, you fly it.
Pay Mode: Cash + Room and Board
Payment: %
Boss: Captain
Location: Ship

Title: Political Official (GM approval required.)
Pay Mode:

Title: Rehab Therapist (GM approval required.)
Pay Mode:

Title: Secretary/Desk worker
Pay Mode:

Title: Security/Police
Description: Officials, paid to keep the law and the peace.
Pay Mode: Credit – Bank
Payment: Salary
Boss: Firm/Head of Police/Alliance
Location: Land based

Title: Shepherd
Pay Mode:

Title: Skill trainer (NPC only)

Title: Smuggler
Pay Mode:

Title: Store Clerk (Requires GM Approval)
Pay Mode:

Title: Tailor
Pay Mode:

Title: Teacher (GM approval required.)
Pay Mode:

Title: Whore
Description: You have sex for money. Much less glamorous than being a companion; it’s illegal and often a last choice for many.
Pay Mode: If any, cash
Payment: % + Room and board
Boss: Self-employed or pimped
Location: Land based, Rim

This list is still a work in progress.  This list will include modes of payment (will go straight to the bank if salaried, or you'll have to get it from your boss if it's not), as well as 'required' training.  Those who don't 'meet' the requirements (some acceptions will be made for those who have assets or skills to make up for what they're missing) will simply gain the title 'Aspiring' to their occupation and be considered as gaining work experience.  Aspiring individuals are allowed a discount of half on the training they require.  You must have at least one of the requirements of the job for this benefit.  This will allow people to switch jobs a little easier if they decide to, though like most any intern, the pay for aspiring workers can be rather poor.  The aspiring title is not necessary, but you must speak to a GM to gain or drop it at any time.

Prices for training are located in the Skills section
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Regarding Money
Your starting cash will be decided in a discussion regarding your player's wealth.  Occupation, skills, family history, and other aspects play into this decision.

Poor Players = 100 + 40d16; total minimum of 140 credits, maximum of 740
Normal Players = 1,000 + 25d16; total minimum of 1,025 credits, maximum of 1,400
Rich Players* = 1,500 + 35d16; total minimum of 1,535, maximum of 2,060

*Does not include Moneyed Individuals.  These characters have special rolls, detailed under assets.


Credits| USD| Platinum| Gold| Silver
₡ 1| $25| 2.5| 5| 250
₡ 0.4| $10| 1| 2| 100

Coinage| Credit| USD| Platinum| Gold| Silver
Silver| ₡ 0.004| $0.10| 0.01| 0.02| 1
Gold| ₡ 0.2| $5.00| 0.5| 1| 50
Platinum| ₡ 0.4| $10.00| 1| 0.2| 100

Services, Fees and Sale Items

Services And Fees

Service| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Availability| Notes
Allied Postal Service| ₡ 1.2 / 3p| E| Up to 10 lbs
Companion| -| -| A Companion may be requested but Guild
• Evening| ₡ 350 / 875p| C| law states a Companion chooses the client
• Full Day| ₡ 450 / 1,125p| C| -
Interplanetary Freight| -| -| Approximate rates per day, not counting expenses
• Cargo Run, Legal| ₡60-110 / 150-275p| E| Depends on complications
• Cargo Run, Illegal| ₡ 70-145 / 175-365p| I| -
• Passengers, Legal| ₡ 20-35 / 50-90p| E| -
• Passengers, Illegal| ₡ 25-50 / 65-125p| I| -
Medical Care| -| -| Medical treatment is not always
• Antibiotic Course| ₡10.4 / 26p| E| available on the outer planets
• Full Physical| ₡ 8 / 20p| E| -
• Surgery, Major| ₡ 600 / 1,500p| C| -
• Surgery, Minor| ₡ 150 / 375p| E| -
Ship Repair| ₡ 640 / 1,600p| E| Price per hour of labor; parts may cost extra

Food and Beverage

Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Availability| Notes
Crop Supplements| ₡ 300 / 750p| C| Fertilizer and growth-stimulating
| | | chemicals for most crop plants
Drink, Fine Wine| ₡ 6.4 / 16p| C|One case
Drink, Good Whiskey| ₡ 5.6 / 14p| C| One decanter
Foodstuffs, Canned| ₡ 5 / 12p| E| Average cost for one person/week
Foodstuffs, Fresh| ₡ 8 / 20p| E| Average cost for one person/week
Foodstuffs, Luxury| ₡ 2 / 5p| C| Average cost for one ‘unit’
Foodstuffs, Nutrient Bars| ₡ 570 / 1425p| C| Case of 100 bars
Foodstuffs, Protein Packs| ₡ 2.5 / 6p| E| Average cost for one person/week
Spices, Common| ₡ 2 / 5p| C| ½ lb package
Spices, Rare| ₡ 5 / 13p| C| Five ounce package

Gear and Equipment

Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability| Notes
Fire Jelly| ₡ 0.2 / 1p| 2| E| Heating element for cooking
Garden Bunk| ₡ 18 / 45p| 45| C| Shipboard mini-garden
Gun Vac Case| ₡ 2.6 / 7p| 4| C| Allows a firearm to function in a vacuum
Gun Cleaning Kit| ₡ 2.4 / 6 p| 4| E| Gun and knife cleaning care and gear
Multiband| ₡ 4.8 / 12p| -| C| Multi-function watch
Patch Tape| ₡ 1.2 / 3p| 3| E| 10-yard roll of airtight cloth patching
Purification Cystals| ₡ 0.4 / 1p| -| E| Prepares 20 gallons of water to drink
Trash Incinerator| ₡ 7.4 / 19p| 20| E| Disposes of organic trash


Item| Armor Rating| Penalties| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability
Ballistic Mesh| 1W *| -| ₡ 46 / 115p| 4| C
Chameleon Suit| 1W| -| ₡ 40 / 100p| 17| I
Helmet, Infantry|  4W| -1 Ale| ₡ 16 / 40p| 2| E
Helmet, Squad| 4W| –2 Ale| ₡ 35 / 88p| 3| C
Mask, NBC| 2W| –3 Ale| ₡ 8 / 10p| 3| C
NBC Body Suit| 2W| –2 Agi / –2 Ale| ₡ 32 / 80p| 14| C
Plate Vest| 4W *| –1 Agi| ₡ 30 / 75p| 10| E
Riot Gear| 3W *| –1 Agi / –1 Ale| ₡ 92 / 230p| 24| C
HeartLine Health Suit| -*| -*| ₡ 28 / 70p| 3| C
Tactical Suit| 5W| –2 Agi| ₡ 110 / 275p| 18| I
Vacuum Suit| 2W| –2 Agi / –2 Ale| ₡ 67 / 168p| 35| E

Medical Equipment

Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability| Notes
Blastomere Organs| ₡ 18,000 /| 5| I| Newtech replacement organs;
| 45,000p| | | can extend lifespan
Cryo Chamber| ₡ 1,300 / 3,250p| 275| I| Suspended animation unit
Dermal Mender| | | |
| | | |
| ₡ 800 / 2,000p| 15| C| Newtech wound-sealing equipment
Doctor’s Bag| ₡ 27.4 / 69p| 7| R| Simple case with tools and supplies
Doctor’s Bag (MedAcad)| ₡ 210 / 525p| 8| C| A full set of portable Core
| | | | MedAcad tools and supplies
First-Aid Kit| ₡ 0.6 / 2p| 3| E| A basic first-aid kit
Immunization Packet| ₡ 3 /7 p| -| C| Powerful but short-lived inoculation
| | | | against most common diseases
MedComp| ₡ 312 / 780p| 23| C| Vital-status diagnostic computer
Medical Supplies,| ₡ 110 / 275p| 20| C| Most commonly needed emergency
Emergency| | | | supplies for one month
Medical Supplies, Standard| ₡ 46 / 115p| 15| C| Standard medical supplies to keep an
| | | | infirmary stocked for one month
Operating Theatre,| ₡ 346 / 865p| 1250| C| Base camp or shipboard infirmary;
Modular| | | | installation costs ₡ 25

Covert Ops Gear

Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability| Notes
Debugger| ₡ 20 / 50p| 1| C| Single scrambling hub; 15’ radius
Disguise Kit| ₡ 65.6 / 164p| 5| C| Refill for ₡ 5 per 10 uses
Eavesdrops| ₡ 47.2 / 118p| 3| I| Includes 4 bugs and transmission hub
Fake IdentCard| ₡ 4,000 / 10,000p| -| I| Illegal and hard to obtain
Laserlight Mist| ₡ 1.8 / 4p| 1| C| One can, good for about 25 cubic feet
Lock Picks| ₡ 14 / 35p| -| I| Required for mechanical locks
Lock Picks, Electronic| ₡ 35.4 / 88p| 1| I| Required for electronic locks
Mag Charge| ₡ 27 / 68p| 1| I| Shorts out electronic devices
Optical Bomb| ₡ 16 / 40p| 1| I| Wide-spectrum; may disable cameras
Poison, Kortine| ₡ 11 / 27p| -| I| Price per dose
(Debilitating)| | | |
Poison, Cyanol (Lethal)| ₡ 12.6 / 32p| -| I| Price per dose

Engineer's Supplies

Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability| Notes
CAD Board| ₡ 27.2 / 68p| 5| C| Design and schematic display tablet
Cutting Torch| ₡ 4 / 10p| 8| E| Will cut through most metal
Gravcart| ₡ 485 / 1,212p| 150| C| Can carry up to one ton
Scrapware| ₡ 5 / 12p| 50| E| Junked parts, for repair materials
“Sticky” Scrapper’s Gel| ₡ 2 / 5p| 2| C| Used to cut sheet metal, bulkheads,
| | | | etc; price per 10 yards of gel
Tool Kit, Basic| ₡ 14.4 / 36p| 15| E| A full set of basic hand-tools
Tool Set, Electronic| ₡ 138 / 345p| 45| C| Used for computer and electronic
| | | | device or circuit work
Tool Set, Mechanic’s| ₡ 284 / 710p| 130| E| A moderately well-furnished workshop

Close Range

Item| Damage| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability
Baton, Security| d2 S| ₡ 1.2 / 3p| 2| E
Baton, Stun| d2 S*| ₡ 12 / 30p| 2| C
Brass Knuckles| *| ₡ 0.8 / 2p| 1| E
Club| d6 B| ₡ 0.2 / 1p| 3| E
Hatchet| d6 W| ₡ 16 / 40p| 4| E
Knife, Combat| d4 W| ₡ 1.6 / 4p| 1| E
Knife, Utility| d2 W| ₡ 0.8 / 2p| -| E
Machete| d4 W| ₡ 3.2 / 4p| 3| E
Sword, Combat| d6 W| ₡ 24 / 60p| 6| E
Sword, Gentleman’s| d4 W| ₡ 26 / 65p| 1| C

Long Range

Item| Damage| Range Increment (Feet)| ROF (Mag)| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability
Bow| d4 W| 70| 1 (-)| ₡ 6 / 15p| 6| E
Crossbow| d4 W| 150| 1/2 turns| ₡ 8 / 20p| 13| E
Crossbow, Powered| d4 W| 175| 2 (6)| ₡ 24 / 60p| 15| C
Derringer| d4 W| 30| 1 (2)| ₡ 14 / 35p| 1| E
Grenade Launcher| *| 40| 1 (8)| ₡ 106 / 265p| 12| I
Pistol| d6 W| 100| 3 (8)| ₡ 18 / 45p| 2| E
Pistol, Laser| d10 W*| 100| 3 (10)| ₡ 330 / 825p| 1.5| I
Rifle| d8 W| 225| 3 (30)| ₡ 30 / 75p| 9| E
Rifle, Assault| d8 W| 150| 3 (40) †| ₡ 40 / 100p| 11| I
Rifle, Sniper| d8 W| 1000*| 3 (20)| ₡ 160 / 400p| 15| C
Rifle, Sonic| d8 S| 15| 2 (50)| ₡ 140 / 350p| 6| I*
Shotgun| d10 W| 10| 2 (10)| ₡ 50 / 125p| 10| E
Submachine Gun| d6 W| 60| 3 (35) †| ₡ 36 / 90p| 4| I

† Can fire single shot, burst, or auto-fire.


Item| Damage| Range Increment (Feet)| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability
ChemPlast (CP-HE) Charge| 3d12 W| 5| ₡ 6 / 15p| 1| I
Grenade, Concussion| 4d6 B| 10| ₡ 1.4 / 3p| 1| I
Grenade, Flashbang| 2d6 B *| 5| ₡ 0.8 / 2p| 1| I
Grenade, Fragmentation| 5d6 W| 15| ₡ 1.8 / 5p| 1| I
Grenade, Smoke| d4 S| 20| ₡ 0.6 / 2p| 1| C
Grenade, Gas| 3d6 S| 5| ₡ 1.2 / 3p| 1| I
Mining Charge| 5d10 B| 2| ₡ 20 / 50p| 5| E
Seeker Missile| 2d8 W| 5*| ₡ 95 / 238p| 4| I
Squadkiller| 4d12 W| 15| ₡ 48 / 120p| 8| I

Machines and Electrical
Computers, Hardware and Progs

Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability| Notes
Cortex Terminal, Black Box| ₡ 747.2 / 1,868p| 20| I| Illegal, nonstandard Cortex access terminal
Cortex Terminal,| ₡ 100 / 250p| 15| C| Allows access to profiles on
Personal Access| | | | Cortex for data storage
Cortex Terminal,| ₡ 52 / 130p| 15| E| Allows access to profiles on
Public Access| | | | Cortex for data storage
Data-library, Standard| ₡ 22.8 / 57 p| -| E| Annual renewal costs ¼ original price
Data-library, Professional| ₡ 92 / 230p| -| C| Annual renewal costs ¼ original price;
| | | | may require Alliance certification
DataBook| ₡ 30 / 75p| 2| E| Low-storage display unit; reads data discs
| | | | and can interface with Cortex terminals
Data Disc| ₡ 0.2 / 1p| -| E| Stores electronic data or recordings
Dedicated Sourcebox| ₡ 154 / 385p| 30| C| Allows access to Cortex, but also acts
| | | | as a local Cortex hub and database
Encyclopedia| ₡ 60 / 150p| 2| C| Official Encyclopedic Data-library (OED)
Holo-Image| ₡ 64 / 160p| 5| C| A software bundle with additional
Development Suite| | | | computer hardware
SubKelvin| ₡ 80 / 200p| -| I| A security-destroying software link
XerO Security| ₡ 7.2 / 18p| -| C| Computer security software;
| | | | 5 credit annual fee

Communications and Security Equipment   

Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability| Notes
Barrier Field| ₡ 1,062 / 2,655p| 450| C| Up to 50 feet of force-barrier fencing
Commpack, Long Range| ₡ 37.8 / 95p| 10| C| Allows communication up to 300 miles
Commpack, Short Range| ₡ 22.4 / 56p| 7| E| Allows communication up to 20 miles
Distress Beacon| ₡ 31 / 78p| 14| C| Automated distress signal, range of
| | | | 750 miles, self-powered for 10 hours
Emergency Signal Ring| ₡ 300 / 750p| -| C| A Newtech, miniaturized distress
| | | | beacon, worn as a ring
Fedband Scanner| ₡ 19.8 / 50p| 3| I| Reads most official frequencies
Gunscanner| ₡ 132.8 / 332p| 220| C| Security device
Micro Transmitter| ₡ 8 / 20p| -| C| Wearable comm. unit
Motion Sensor Array| ₡ 22 / 55p| 12| C| Redeployable security system
Ship-linked Handset| ₡ 3.2 / 8p| 1| E| Handset linked to ship’s comm.
| | | | system, 10 mile range
Surveyor’s Box| ₡ 230 / 575p| 65| C| Scanning and detection equipment
| | | | for laying out mineshafts
Transmission Station| ₡ 2,200 / 5,500p| 3000| C| License is ₡ 1,000/year; can process
| | | | Telofonix and other Cortex signals
“Jabberwocky”| ₡ 13.3 / 34p| 10| I| Powerful communication jamming unit
Signal Blocker| | | |


Item| Cost (Credit/Platinum)| Weight - lbs| Availability| Notes
AgriCultivator| ₡ 2,240 / 5,600p| 1300| C| Automated farming robot
Automated Secretary| ₡ 1,600 / 4,150p| 100| C| Receptionist; can take and transfer
| | | | Telofonix calls, greet visitors, etc.
LoveBot| ₡ 1,960 / 4,900p| 120| *| Personal companion robot
Excavator| ₡ 2,350 / 5,875p| 950| R| Designed for mining and digging
Household Assistant| ₡ 1,344 / 3,360p| 55| C| Cleans floors thoroughly
Scout Drone| ₡ 640 / 1,600p| 12| I| Military reconnaissance robot

* See Item Description

Item Descriptions

Largely borrowed from Serenity RPG.
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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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Friendly reminder: everything is subject to change until we post it in the official threads.

Skill and Skill Points Information

Skills and Specialties
These skills should be pretty self explanitory, with the difficulty chart below to help.  New skills and specialties may be created, with GM approval.  Skills and specialties need to be justified through history.

Animal Handling - animal training, riding, veterinary, zoology

Artistry - appraisal, forgery, game design, painting, photography, poetry, sculpting, writing

Athletics - climbing, contortion, dodge, juggling, jumping, gymnastics, parachuting, parasailing, pole vaulting, riding, running, swimming, weight lifting, baseball, football, soccer

Covert - camoflage, disable devices, forgery, infiltration, open locks, sabotage, sleight of hand, stealth, streetwise, surveillance

Craft - architecture, blacksmithing, carpentry, cooking, leatherworking, metalworking, pottery, sewing

Discipline - concentration, interrogation, intimidation, leadership, mental resistance, morale

Guns - assault rifles, energy weapons, grnade launchers, gunsmithing, machine guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns

Heavy Weapons - artillery, catapults, demolitions, forward observer, mounted guns, repair heavy weapons, rocket launchers, ship's cannons, seige weapons

Influence - administration, barter, bureaucracy, conversation, counseling, interrogation, intimidation, leadership, marketting, persuasion, politics, seduction, streetwise

Knowledge - appraisal, cultures, history, law, literature, philosophy, religion, sports, teaching

Linguist - Arabic, Armenian, French, German, Hindu, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Swahili, Swedish, Vietnamese

Mechanical Engineering - create mechanical devices, machinery maintenance, mechanical repairs, fix mechanical security systems, plumbing

Medical Expertise - dentistry, forensics, general practice, genetics, internal medicine, neurology, pharmaceuticals, physiology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, surgery, toxicology, veterenary medicine

Melee Weapon Combat - clubs, knives, melee weaponsmithing, nunchaku, pole arms, swords, whips

Perception - deduction, empathy, gambling, hearing, intuition, investigation, read lips, search, sight, smell, tactics, taste, tracking

Performance - acting, dancing, costuming, keyboard instruments, impersonation, mimicry, oratory, percussion instruments, singing, stringed instruments, wind instruments

Pilot - aerial navigation, astrogation, astronomy, astrophysics, gunships, hang gliders, helicopters, large cruisers, mid-bulk transports, patrol vessels, rocket shuttles, short-range shuttles, space survival, ultra-light aircraft

Planetary Vehicles - aquatic navigation, cars, canoes, equestrian, ground vehicle, repair, horse-drawn conveyances, hovercraft, industrial vehicles, land navigationn, large ground transports, military combat vehicles, powerboats, sailing, scooters, scuba vehicles, skiffs, submarines, yachts

Ranged Weapons - blowguns, bows, crossbows, darts, grenade, javelin, ranged weaponsmithing, slings, throwing axes, throwing knives

Scientific Expertise - earth sciences, historical sciences, life sciences, mathematical sciences

Survival - aerial survival, aquatic survival, general navigation, land survival, nature, space survival, specific environment or condition survival, tracking, trapping

Technical Engineering - communications systems, computer programming, hacking, create/alter technical devices, demolitions, electronics, technical repair, technical security systems

Unarmed Combat - boxing, brawling, judo, karate, kung fu, savate, wrestling

Miscellaneous Skills
Cooking - French cuisine, Japanese cuisine, American cuisine

You are granted 20 Skill points.  Any points that were not used on Attributes may be used here.  For example, if you were left with (or saved) 10 points from the Attributes section, then you now have 30 to spend.

Skills range as the following: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 12+.

Each level of basic skill (the first three levels) cost 2 points each.  For instance, the third level, 6, would cost a total of 6 points.  A second example would be bringing your level to 4.  So far, this would cost a total of 4 points.  To bring to level to 6, you would require to pay an additional 2 points.  You must bring the basic skill to 6 before you can earn specialty levels.

Basic skills only need to be purchased once for each group of specialties.  This means that if you have an Athletic skill with specialties of running and jumping, you would have a single skill of Athletic worth 6 points and the specialties (explained below) would each be built on separately.

Each level of specialty is also worth 2 points.  As each specialty has to be purchased separately from the rest, they are each considered their own 'sub-skill'.  This his how the athletis skill with specialties of running and jumping would look, should they be skill levels of 4 and 6 respectively:

-- Athletic (6)
    -- Running (4)
    -- Jumping (6)

Any rolling of dice in relation to skills works as addition.  If you were to run and required a judgement of skill for success, you would add Athletic (6) and Running (4) to get 10.

Basic Skill-Level Breakdown
Each of these levels is paired with a diffculty level.  Tasks rated under this level are completed with a decent amount of effort.  Levels below a specific difficulty become harder the further below they are; those above likewise find them easier.

If you question the difficulty of a task, PM a GM to help.  :)

Level     -               Title               -     Difficulty
   2                  Incompetent
   4                       Novice                      Easy
   6                  Competent                 Average
   8                      Expert                       Hard
   10               Professional             Formidable
   12                    Master                     Heroic
   14                  Supreme                Incredible
   16                     Epic                     Ridiculous
   18+                God-like                Impossible

The current maximum level is 18.  You may only purchase up to level 12 during character creation.

In-Game Skill Training Prices
All prices are in credits.  If you managed to save any points from character creation, the cost remains 2 points each until you run out of points.

The following prices are for each level.  For example, to get Animal Handling to level 6 from 0 would cost  1,830 credits.  Each type of specialty must be purchased separately.  Levels 8+ are specialty levels.

Animal Handling
    2 - 575
    4 - 605
    6 - 650
    8 - 710
    10 - 800
    12 - 920
    14 - 1,090
    16 - 1,320
    18 - 1,640
    2 - 400
    4 - 420
    6 - 450
    8 - 495
    10 - 555
    12 - 640
    14 - 760
    16 - 920
    18 - 1,140
    2 - 625
    4 - 660
    6 - 710
    8 - 775
    10 - 870
    12 - 1,005
    14 - 1,190
    16 - 1,440
    18 - 1,790

    2 - 875
    4 - 920
    6 - 990
    8 - 1,080
    10 - 1,210
    12 - 1,395
    14 - 1,650
    16 - 2,000
    18 - 2,480
    2 - 525
    4 - 555
    6 - 595
    8 - 650
    10 - 730
    12 - 840
    14 - 995
    16 - 1,205
    18 - 1,495
    2 - 725
    4 - 770
    6 - 830
    8 - 905
    10 - 1,020
    12 - 1,175
    14 - 1,390
    16 - 1,685
    18 - 2,090

    2 - 350
    4 - 370
    6 - 400
    8 - 440
    10 - 495
    12 - 570
    14 - 675
    16 - 820
    18 - 1,020
Heavy Weapons
    2 - 525
    4 - 555
    6 - 595
    8 - 650
    10 - 730
    12 - 840
    14 - 995
    16 - 1,205
    18 - 1,495
    2 - 400
    4 - 420
    6 - 450
    8 - 495
    10 - 555
    12 - 640
    14 - 760
    16 - 920
    18 - 1,140

    2 - 725
    4 - 770
    6 - 830
    8 - 905
    10 - 1,020
    12 - 1,175
    14 - 1,390
    16 - 1,685
    18 - 2,090
    2 - 725
    4 - 770
    6 - 830
    8 - 905
    10 - 1,020
    12 - 1,175
    14 - 1,390
    16 - 1,685
    18 - 2,090
Mechanical Engineering
    2 - 925
    4 - 975
    6 - 1,045
    8 - 1,140
    10 - 1,280
    12 - 1,475
    14 - 1,745
    16 - 2,115
    18 - 2,625

Medical Expertise
    2 - 975
    4 - 1,025
    6 - 1,100
    8 - 1,200
    10 - 1,345
    12 - 1,550
    14 - 1,830
    16 - 2,215
    18 - 2,750
Melee Weapon Combat
    2 - 225
    4 - 240
    6 - 260
    8 - 290
    10 - 325
    12 - 375
    14 - 445
    16 - 540
    18 - 670
    2 - 550
    4 - 580
    6 - 625
    8 - 685
    10 - 770
    12 - 890
    14 - 1,055
    16 - 1,280
    18 - 1,590

    2 - 400
    4 - 420
    6 - 450
    8 - 495
    10 - 555
    12 - 640
    14 - 760
    16 - 920
    18 - 1,140
    2 - 775
    4 - 820
    6 - 880
    8 - 960
    10 - 1,080
    12 - 1,245
    14 - 1,470
    16 - 1,780
    18 - 2,210
Planetary Vehicles
    2 - 450
    4 - 475
    6 - 510
    8 - 560
    10 - 630
    12 - 730
    14 - 900
    16 - 1,090
    18 - 1,355

Ranged Weapons
    2 - 475
    4 - 500
    6 - 535
    8 - 585
    10 - 660
    12 - 760
    14 - 900
    16 - 1,090
    18 - 1,355
Scientific Expertise
    2 - 900
    4 - 945
    6 - 1,015
    8 - 1,110
    10 - 1,245
    12 - 1,435
    14 - 1,695
    16 - 2,055
    18 - 2,550
    2 - 300
    4 - 315
    6 - 340
    8 - 375
    10 - 420
    12 - 485
    14 - 575
    16 - 700
    18 - 870

Technical Engineering
    2 - 950
    4 - 1,000
    6 - 1,070
    8 - 1,170
    10 - 1,315
    12 - 1,515
    14 - 1,790
    16 - 2,170
    18 - 2,695
Unarmed Combat
    2 - 225
    4 - 240
    6 - 260
    8 - 285
    10 - 320
    12 - 370
    14 - 440
    16 - 535
    18 - 670

Additional Skills
Cooking: see artistry
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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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Assets include positive traits.  You may only have 5 assets, and must have at least one.

Minor Assets = -2
Major Assets = -4

What's the -2/-4 mean?  They cost attribute points?

I'm kinda waiting for the job list to actually make my character because I don't have any particular ideas off-hand right now.  I'm excited, though.  This is looking like it's going to be awesome!

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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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Haha, yes, they cost attribute points.  Be sure to note the NEGATIVE 2 and 4.  Complications will be POSITIVE.  Complications are meant to kinda even out the Assets, both cost and function-wise.

Sorry we're a bit slow.  Is a lot of work, as you can see.  xD  The book offers a lot, but we're creating a lot, as well.  We have to change and add a lot to make it more functional as a massive group, largely because we'll be playing a lot of NPCs and to make it more interesting for you guys.  I can't wait to see how y'all handle functions like repair and reputation.  Can't be having your ship break down in the black, after all.  :P  And I'm interested to see how many people strive for the bounty list or exalted.

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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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For those of you interested, we've begun the occupations list.  It's meant to give you idceas, so feel free to create variations of existing occupations or ask us about ones not on the list.

It's a work in progress, so try not to mind the emptiness too much.  <3

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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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Finally got internet back and will be reading up on everything if someone wants to give me a quick summary of what has happened while I have been gone that would be useful. How many people are interested? Any other captains? Any other crew? How is it looking?

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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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I think a lot of people are waiting for us to finish preparations before going through the trouble of making a character, which is understandable.  Looks like a fair amount of interest, considering the fact that we're not ready, yet.  About 9-10 people.  Two captains.  Occupations are not limited to ships, and we encourage that people take non-ship jobs for the diversity of play.

For instance: I personally think having to deal with a long distance relationship between a ship's captain and a doctor on Ariel is much more interesting than the general crew x crew relationship.  :P

If anyone thinks they might be lonely or find themselves with no one to play with in the area, we have many NPCs lined up and we're pretty good and putting you in tight/dangerous situations.  Or helping.  Whichever you prefer. :P

We also have no problem making an NPC 'cannon', should something like love spark.

As for a summary, it's largely just informational additions for character creation.  It's still all work-in-progress.  As soon as the necessary information for new characters is finished (hopefully within a day or two), we'll be putting up threads to let the group post their profiles and get to know one another while we close up here and prepare to cut the ribbon for the grand opening.  ^^

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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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okay thanks just almost done reading through so who are the two captains? is it me and someone else or something else? if it is someone else what are the ships they are thinking of running?

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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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OOC and Navigation

If you're interested and wish to discuss any game elements, including characters, pllease head here!  It's open discussion, so any non-game activity is also allowed.  <3

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Re: Firefly/Serenity BASED RP -- interest check!
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okay thanks just almost done reading through so who are the two captains? is it me and someone else or something else? if it is someone else what are the ships they are thinking of running?
Reia seems to be the other definite captain.  I have recieved no details regarding a ship.  The first captain is the other GM's character, Jaxien.  If you'd like to aspire to be a captain,, that's fine, but must be done in-game.  We don't want to give everyone everything right off the bat, and we also want to inspire diversity.