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Author Topic: The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)  (Read 836 times)

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Offline wiccaangel311Topic starter

The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)
« on: May 27, 2012, 12:55:59 AM »
Allright ever since i read the books i have always wondered what the first hunger games was like so i thought why not make an rp forum about it so here are the rules. Obviously this is before the books so Katniss Peeta and the Others are not in here. nest we are already in the arena so no need for the reaping and interviews and training and stuff. Otherwise its mostly have fun and Enjoy I'll set the Arena up.

As the metal Plate began to rise the butterflies in Avalon's stomach did as well. All she could think about was how badly she missed her Home in district 4. It hadnt been the easiest of times back there after the end of the rebellion, but she still yearned for tough times over what she was about to walk into. If she were back home now she would just be getting up and heading down to the river to do her daily fishing and hopefully haul in her quota. That was now her mother's job to do. the blinding light hit her eyes Avalon squinted to try and regain her focus. She could hear the sound of rushing water, and it was close by. She looked Down to see that the metal plates were floating on a very deep fast moving River. she smiled at the comfort this brought her. her eyes became used to the light, and she could see that she and the other tributes, as they were now called,  were surounded by a tropical Rain forrest. She was amazed and terrified all at the same time. frantically her eyes looked around at her opponents and saw they were all staring at a huge Cone shaped object on the other side of the vast River. when she studied the object she could see why it was filled with suplies. she wanted to forget the Suplies and just jump down the river but there was something that her eyes couldn't stay away from. lying at the very mouth of the golden Cone was a Silver Trident. Thats it Avalon had made up her mind when the gong sounded she was going for that Trident.

Offline KiralaShai

Re: The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2012, 02:05:22 PM »
-Kirala smirked as her plated lifted up, her silver hair which ran all the way down to her rear was shining in the bright sunlight and tied up into one giant braid. As she looked around she noticed the supplies and a large, devious smile spread out across her face when she saw a pink backpack that had a set of throwing knives wrapped around it. Being from district 2, the career-to-be figured that would be her best chance for the moment, unless she had a buck knife in with the pack. Kira's outfit was simple, a black trench coat, a black shirt under that, and a pair of black jeans, her whole outfit meaning she was going to be a night time predator. Now with her plan ready, Kira was just waiting to be released to act it out.-

Offline Red Lobster

Re: The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2012, 12:39:44 PM »
Garret bit his bottom lip, smiling wryly to himself as the dull hum of machinery wurred around him and the tube he was being raised up in. His hand clenched into a fist, squeezing so tight that he was unaware how white it was turning his knuckles. His heart was pounding, and though he may never admit it, he was still nervous.

He was the male Tribute from District 1, and intended to win this entire competition. Though didn't everybody? That didn't matter to him though, Garret was born and trained for this. A taller boy, his body was covered in muscle that looked which looked almost unusual for him skinny his natural form must have been. His short dark hair was cut finely, enough to keep any of it out of his eyes. His attired consisted of a pair of jeans without holes, a dark shirt, and a dark jacket. Finally, they came to a stop, and he saw the cone and the people around him.

'Get the weapons!' he screamed to himself, breathing out quickly as his feet panged against the metal plate beneath him. Then the boy was off, straight for the cone towards the nearest set of swords, knives, and camping equipment he could find.

Offline Shadow Hunter

Re: The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2012, 06:52:20 PM »
Saria held up a hand to shield her eyes as the world around her became engulfed in light, the plate she was standing on coming to a stop. With her vision temporarily compromised, her other senses took charge. She could feel the stifling humidity in the air, hear that they were very near a running body of water, and smell an unusual mix of wet and fragrance. 'Where am I?' This was not the type of forest she was used to, and as her eyes adjusted, she could see that the foliage was indeed very different from that in District 10. She noticed a large, golden cone across the river filled with various supplies. Looking down, she noticed that the plate she stood on wasn't just near the river, it was in it. This gave her some discomfort, having not been exposed to large, deep rivers before. She could swim, but this water was moving fast. She looked between the cone and the river, trying to make up her mind. 'I have to swim for it, but for the cone, or the bank?' She knew most of the tributes were going to go for the cone, simply because they didn't have any weapons of their own. The fuzzy shirt and pants she was wearing were going to suck to swim in; she was supposed to look like an unshorn sheep, the fabric covered in actual wool. It was great for keeping her warm, but it was itchy and would only make it harder to swim. Not to mention, with the heat and humidity of the strange forest, she was about ready to strip naked.

She had only second left to make a decision, but there was so much pressure and distractions with so little time. The wrong decision could have her killed instantly. Just before the gong would sound, however, she decided to swim for the bank opposite the golden cone and wait until everyone had killed each other and moved on before picking through the leftovers; she needed some sort of weapon if she was going to win and go home. Oh, how she missed home.

Offline Red Lobster

Re: The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)
« Reply #4 on: June 22, 2012, 07:02:56 PM »
Garret lept forward into the icy waters, sucking in an enormous amount of air as he did. The boy was a strong swimmer, and confident that he would be one of the first there. If he could just get there first, he could cut down anybody trying to climb up. Maybe all of them would try! Then this damn competition would be over with and he could get run back to some semblance of civilization.

Unfortunately for the young man, things didn't go exactly as planned. His hands broke through the water-line first, skin and hair instantly on edge as the cold bit into him. He dived to deep, the bottom was much closer than he had first though. His hands were outstretched in front of him, and the large underwater rock approached faster than Garret could react. The fingers of his left hand smashed into the thing, a sting of pain slashing through the boy's spine as air bulbs popped from his mouth.

'Oh my god. I broke my fingers. It's the Hunger Games, and not in 2 minutes I broke my fingers'. In a instant he changed intentions and course, turning underwater towards the nearby bank. His left hand wasn't his dominate hand, but he couldn't take the cone by himself with only one good hand. Cradling the appendage, he stroked powerfully, breaking out of the water and onto the land in moments.

Offline Animegurl5

Re: The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)
« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2012, 11:21:19 PM »
Jadaria stood on her plate, calm and collected, as she eyed each of her opponents one by one. As the seconds ticked by she looked up to the sky admiring the work it took to create such a beauty. Being from District Five, Jade saw the beauty in all different kinds of devices. And to think... This is where all that extra work went to? I helped power this horrific game. She sighed and returned her focus back to the game. Something blue caught her eye, a pack perhaps? She decided when she was allowed off of the platform that she would make a run for it no matter what. Despite not being one of the Career districts, Jade had some form of self training. She had been born 'the godess of movement', or so her father had told her. Any dance she did looked amazing, even if it were just meant to be silly. As she grew, she then applied it to a form of gymnastics. When she was old enough to work, she had been placed in a group of rowdy boys. In order to defend herself from their cruelty, she had turned her beautiful art into a weapon with a great deal of luck.

It seemed, though, that her luck had finaly run out. She had turned 17 only a few months ago, and had her name stayed in the bowl, she wouldn't have been in danger for the next year's games. Fate had other plans however, plans that involved Jadaria Brookes standing on a metal platform surrounded by explosives and killers to test her body, mind and soul. Welcome to the first ever Hunger Games... May the odds be ever in your favor.

Offline Red Lobster

Re: The First ever Hunger Games (open to anyone)
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2012, 05:29:47 PM »
Garret broke through the surface, covered from head to toe in water as the forest in front of him presented itself. Afternoon light broke through the leafs above, giving the route ahead of him an almost erie look. He supposed that he shouldn't be surprised from this, everything about this entire competition was messed up. He had trained his entire life for this thing in the event that he would be called. Then he was, and now here he was and his fingers were broken. His blue eye's turned back and noticed the slew of children rushing for the cone.

'I've got to get our of here' his mind screamed. But the boy knew he had to see this. He needed to see the strengths of the competition.