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Author Topic: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M looking for M/F, M/M, M/F/F & M/M/F]  (Read 2666 times)

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Hello there, welcome to my requests, come in and take a seat and make yourself feel at home.

  • Please  read my ONs/OFFs before PMing me about a story. Establish if you are compatible with me.
  • I am not a daily poster, I endeavour to reply within a week but this is not always possible. You know that saying “if you can’t handle me at my worst...” then, yeah, that. Patience will be rewarded with wonderful writing. I assure you. I will be equally understanding about hiatuses and slow response rates.
  • The story is far more important than sexual content. That's not to say that I don't like smut - I absolutely love it, but it's much, much better when there's a story behind it.
  • I write Male characters. I can and do write with Males, Females and Liege in M/F and M/M pairings.
  • Rough Ideas: These are just rough ideas, I'm an open-minded lad and large chunks of these ideas are negotiable, including the themes that will be explored.
  • PM me: If an idea interests you or you'd like me for something else or whatever then PM me (I'm actually pretty PM-friendly), don't respond in this thread.
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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M/F/F, M/M, and M/F]
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2012, 12:33:50 AM »
Re-Arranging Our Lives M/F/F

Content: Light Human, maybe more depending on the group discussions.

Setting: Modern urban set in the Gulf Arab in an ex-pat community. Willing to change the location.

Roleplay overview: The idea of this is based on arranged marriage and the mystery and mystique surrounding it. It’s an arranged marriage in the very traditional sense insofar as the characters won’t know each other (would have seen pictures), other than by name, until the wedding is over and they’re settling in their house. They had some choice in the matter but the females may not have approved of the double marriage (or may not even have known until after the vows had taken place). B Can the husband deal with pressure of two wives? Will the two wives make life easy for him?

I even want to implement the arranged marriage idea: they may not find each other attractive at first, they may not even like each other personality-wise at first, but, over time, they must learn to love each other whatever the differences to make it work. But will they? The idea is that they’re living in Gulf Arab where polygamy is legal and wouldn’t raise any eye-brows, although in this current globalised world it could be happening anywhere so the location is not set in stone.

Your role(s): There will be two female characters/wives. I’m okay with one person playing both and I’m more than okay with the wives exploring their bi-curiosity/bisexuality, if they have it, to add another dimension to that story, if that is what is decided. Equally, they could hate each other’s guts. For the purpose of the story, you can be anything; whatever age, whatever size, whatever race. If you want some pointers then arrange your character(s) with consideration to your O/Os and my O/Os, or just ask me – I’m a nice lad, I don’t bite! If you don’t want to then that’s even better, I want some curveballs! What’s really important here is how the wives interact with each other. There’ll be early pressures due to the uniqueness of the relationship  – deciding the bedroom arrangements, who accompanies the husband to what, power struggles, etc.

My role: As I feel it would defeat the purpose of the story, I won’t tell you much about the personality or the finer details of my character other that he is confident and successful and a smooth stalker, as per the majority of characters I play, and I’ll probably alter him to suit your O/Os. He comes from a family who have a tradition of arranged marriages after living in the Gulf region for several generations. If you feel you need more details about him, then feel free to ask!

What I'm looking for:
-Strong character development skills
-An open mind and flexibility
-Originality/Spontaneity (enough to keep the story moving along)
-I have never done a threeway roleplay before so I want it to be fun and want some patience.
-Ideally, this will be something long-term but we’ll see how it goes.

San Diego Excursion M/M

Content: Light, M/M

Roleplay overview: Despite his reputation as a serial womaniser, my character knows he isn't into women. For years, perhaps over a decade, it has been men who have increasingly been turning his head. However, his religious, conservative family have, indirectly, been a huge barrier in him doing any sexual experimenting. Sexually frustrated, and thus having a key essential of his life not being catered for, he decides enough is enough, quits his job as a young, promising newspaper columnist, packs his bags and heads to a foreign 'gay' city which will allow him to explore his sexuality.

Upon landing at the airport he hoists a placard with a simple request of someone giving him living space for a couple of days until he finds somewhere to live. His intention isn't to meet the man of his dreams at this point it times, but it is here where he meets your character.

Setting:San Diego - or any other city famous for its gay scene

Requirements: Someone to play the character my character meets. Total immersion in the gay culture in a gay city but also really delving deep into the characters. There could be a hard struggle for it but eventually I'd like romance. It's a story that can go in many directions, plenty of room to flesh.

World Cup Odyssey M/M

Content: Light, M/M

Roleplay overview: This is a story inspired by the current soccer/football World Cup. The coach of their team had banned any sexual activity from his 24 players for the duration of the tournament (essentially a time span of 6-8 weeks). In fact, unlike other coaches, the coach had gone as far as banning their wives and girlfriends and kids from joining the players for the tournament in Brazil. Players room together and for this duo that rooms together it all gets too much - either after a painful defeat, a great performance or a landmark win - and they decide to sate their sexual appetite. Homosexuality is a taboo in the locker room, so one of the players will have to be gay but closeted. I will play the star of the team who has, subconsciously, grown feelings for him.

Would love to play this over the 6-8 week period. From the tournament preparation, to the games during the tournament, to the pain of defeat/euphoria of triumph? Several ways we could approach this, I'm very open-minded!

Setting: Brazil/Team camp/Hotel room - roommates

Requirements: Someone to play the gay/closeted player. Football/soccer knowledge isn't essential, if you want any pointers I'd be more than willing to help as I happen to know quite a bit about it!

Tennis Doubles M/M

Roleplay overview: This story needs more fleshing. Two male tennis doubles players who have been touring for years eventually fall in love. It may be a one shot, it may be more. Do let me know your ideas if you're interested - just be prepared to be flexible!

Uncontrollable (M/F)

Content: Light Human

Setting: Modern

Roleplay overview: This idea is derived from the Royal Wedding two years ago. Prince William married Kate Middleton but the figure who really rose to fame on that wedding day was Kate’s sister, Pippa. This will be a long-term roleplay where we’ll jump years – or the option is there at least. For example, the affair may start just after the wedding, but we’ll have the license to jump to how the situation changes after he has kids or after he is crowned as The King so, ideally, it’d be a very, very, very long-term affair which may stop every now and then before beginning again. The possibilities for this really are endless.

Your role:
Character Pictures
You are my sister-in-law. After I marry your sister, her direct family is given the choice to live in the Palace and this is where you move in. You come to prominence at the wedding as you’re voted the best dressed woman, essentially stealing the limelight from your sister. You are hazardous woman; you’re seductive, manipulative and remorse is a completely foreign language to you.  You may not have achieved much in the academic sense and you make up for that short-coming through your personality, a stark contrast from your sister. You are very twisted and don’t care who you hurt, as long as you get to where you want to be. So, you take a liking to my and start the chasing. You’re the archetypical homewrecker; trying to spend as much time with The Prince as possible, even when it’s not plausible; pleading for weekends away with him; tearing him away from his wife when she’s ill; tearing him away from his kids (when he eventually has them); and so on. Whilst your sister is the complete opposite. As always, nothing is set in stone, let’s plan!

My role: I’m the Prince and the King-to-be. My public image is pretty clean-cut. I’m the quintessential British man; I am confident, successful, charming and, obviously, as privileged as a human being can be! Oh, and I like tea. My wife (your sister) is the only woman I’ve had sex with. She was my girlfriend from my days at college/university and although we’ve split up at times, we’ve rode the storm and are finally married. I'm not as clean-cut as my public image suggests, however: I feel a bit inadequate for only ever experiencing one woman but the eyes of the press/media have always meant I kept a close eye on my behaviour by...well, not misbehaving. I’m a role model, after all.

Yearning For Another Taste -ONE SHOT M/F

Content: Light Human, Con, Incest

Setting: Modern

Scenario: Years ago when they were in their teens Jonah had slept with his sister. The only two children in the family, they had hated each other until that point. Jonah the borderline arrogant womaniser and rule-breaker, his sister squeaky-clean and obedient. In fairness, they were drunk and, the morning after, they had agreed that it was a terrible mistake and it needed not to happen again.

They grew up, graduated from university, started their careers, married, had kids, etc. That childhood/teenage hate they had for one another dissipated. The one-night fling never came up for discussion again, continuously drifting away as the years went by.

Circa 20 years since that ill-fated night, they're isolated for the first time. Jonah is in town and his sister's husband is away, as are all the kids. Though he's no longer the serial womaniser he used to be, he remains a womaniser. And he can't help but feel the urge to fuck his sister, now hitting that sweet-spot of a balance of beauty and sexual experience, again.

They've just returned from a function of some kind. Jonah, in his suit, has encroached his sister's personal space, tugged her dress to declare his intentions...

Do not want to go straight into sex, do want them to get off what's on their chest, perhaps a struggle from the sister too, as she's less impulsive than her brother. Please PM your thoughts if you're interested.

Requirements: Someone to play the sister. Maybe she's stuck in a boring marriage where she feels less desired/entering a midlife crisis. Maybe she's perfectly happy but just can't resist the charm and cockiness of his brother and wants to relive that night again, with no regrets. Probably a one shot, but we'll see.

The Kenyan Year M/M

Content: Light Human, Interracial

Setting: Kenya/Africa

It’s 1965 and Dr George Greaves, fresh from his PhD and one year at military and teacher training, is deployed to Kenya, who are under British colonial rule at the time, for his first teaching job. George doesn’t just arrive with allocated baggage but he arrives with extra baggage: he’s gay and enjoyed a string of discreet homosexual flings/relationships whilst at college and in the military. In a country where homosexuality is an alien concept, George promises himself to abstain from such thoughts during his tenure there. He certainly doesn’t envision that he’ll fall for one of his students – a shy, quiet type but with emotional potential; after all, his students are nearly twice as young as him. As part of the system, colonial teachers had to live with a student or students... Suffice to say, eventually they’ll end up working intimately...together.

Yes, this will be fluffy and romantic in the end but it has enormous potential to be something much more. I’d like them not just to be mere lovers but also best friends...teaching each other all types of stuff and having all kinds of topics. For the most part, it’s about George showing the young man that this is what he really wants.

My role/Your role: I’m completely flexible here. Capable of playing either role, it’s your call.

You and I M/F or M/M

Roleplay overview: I’ve often thought about this but have been unwilling to take the plunge because I’m not sure if many people would be interested, but how will I know if anyone is interested unless I try? So here it goes….
I would like to play a fictionalised version of myself in a fictionalise story and I would like my partner to also play a fictionalised version of themselves in this story. We would play ourselves in our lives right now and, of course, the ultimate end goal, as in all my stories, would be romance, taking the time to understand each other inside out in the process.

The fleshing that needs to be done is for how we get there, even if not everything is set in stone. I’m a traditionalist and open to the idea of my fictionalised character not particularly liking your character at first, but learning to eventually.

To make the plotting a bit easier and to see if you’d be interested, here is a little about my fictionalised character (esentially me): 24, writer (though with many side projects), workaholic with a social life that has dwindled drastically, sporty, inquisitive, stubborn, confident bordering on arrogant at times, well paid for his age but not quite satisfied – itchy feet to get away, live in foreign city for a few years.

Of course, separating the story and ourselves will be important from this story but if you think this is doable do get in touch. I don’t want to flesh out all the details so if you have any good ideas or want to bounce any ideas about where this could go please let me know.

Christmas Whore M/F

Name: Christmas Whore

Content: Light Human, Incest, Non-consensual (morphing into consensual)

Scenario: Oscar Cipriani was a man at the apex of his Tennis career; a man who showed absolute effortlessness when it came to playing tennis, and that easiness on the tennis court was mirrored in the way he accumulated women, despite being married. His fame and money helped, of course, but his looks and way of words certainly didn't hinder him. At just the age of 30, he had already won everything there was to win in the sport; although his anger management and arrogance had been scrutinised, he was in many ways seen as someone who was a model pro in terms of preparation (at least on the outside). When after a comprehensive defeat in the early rounds of a grand slam he strangled his coach in a deranged fit of rage, it was a step too far, and he was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison for manslaughter. Had there not been proof that he and his victim were both intoxicated with drugs, the sentence would have been a lot longer.

With that came a spectacular fall from grace, particularly during his trial, as a phalanx of women ran to the media to reveal their long-term affairs/one-night romps with him in 5* hotels, losing him not only respect but all sponsorship deals. His wife visited him in prison at the start of his sentence and declared that it’d be the only time he will visit him and that their marriage was ‘as good as over’.

At some point during his sentence, his wife passes away. Ten years into the sentence, Oscar is released early after showing he has reformed and undertaken several anger management courses. Even though his wife had passed away and he hadn’t seen his daughter for the entirety of his time in prison, there was still only one place he called home. When Oscar returns home for Christmas he finds an ethereal young woman with curves that could kill, a polar opposite to the astonishingly geeky young child he left behind, and he instantly knows what he wants. With nearly a decade since he last had sex with a woman and her daughter having an uncanny resemblance to his wife, he tries to turn on the smooth talk to get something he feels entitled to. He must make up for lost time.

Settings: Modern, at their family home during Christmas day, late at night – an hour or so before midnight.

Requirements: I require someone to play the daughter. Ideally, it would be someone who is compatible with my O/Os and writing style.

Other Info: Oscar is/was a serial womaniser and a peerless smooth talker but was still very much in love with his wife despite the number of times he cheated on her. I imagine the daughter to, understandably, bear a grudge with her father for his transgressions and not being around as she has been growing up, perhaps neglecting her for his career when he was free, but to have the confidence and presence not to be overawed by her father.

I am flexible on the details of this idea and really willing to give my partner full input on the daughter. Please PM if interested, cheers!

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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M/F, M/F/F and M/M/F]
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2013, 11:45:58 AM »
Added Two in One, Uncontrollable and My Crown Jewel.
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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M looking for M/F, M/M, M/F/F & M/M/F]
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2014, 08:06:02 PM »
Added World Cup Odyssey.

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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M looking for M/F, M/M, M/F/F & M/M/F]
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Live your M/M scences, especially the Kenyan year.  Do you play on YIM?

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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M looking for M/F, M/M, M/F/F & M/M/F]
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Added San Diego Excursion and Yearning For Another Taste.
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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M looking for M/F, M/M, M/F/F & M/M/F]
« Reply #6 on: January 21, 2015, 08:10:25 PM »
Added You and I.

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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M looking for M/F, M/M, M/F/F & M/M/F]
« Reply #7 on: December 27, 2015, 07:04:56 PM »
Added Christmas Whore.

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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M looking for M/F, M/M, M/F/F & M/M/F]
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2019, 11:33:29 PM »
Bumping this. Open to new partners!