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June 25, 2018, 07:20:35 AM

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Author Topic: Ghetto Angel (M seeking F)  (Read 360 times)

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Ghetto Angel (M seeking F)
« on: May 26, 2012, 02:35:52 AM »

It the distance, a man grabbed a woman's purse and dashed into an alley. The hooded man ran passed said lady and followed the thief within the alley and gave pursuit to the man. He eventually arrived to a gate and turned around to see the hooded figure, his face hidden within the shadows of the hood.
"Who the hell are you, kid?" The thief asked as he pulled out a 9mm pistol from his leather jacket. A single, soft chuckle rumbled from the hooded man standing in front of the dangerous thief. "That's a nice toy you got there. I bet mine's bigger though." the blue-hooded guy replied as his raised his left hand upwards and into a direct beam of light passing through the tightly packed roofs of the dirty city central. Light gathered and set itself into a beautifully crafted semi-automatic silver-white revolver. It was maybe twice the size of the 9mm the thief. The thief stood dumbstruck for a few seconds before snapping back to reality and started to cap upon the figure in front of him. His aim was bad, as building barely even grazed the man. One bullet did pass near the neck, grazing the long blonde hair and pulling the hoodie back as the bullet ripped through the cloth to end it's trajectory in the brick wall behind him. The long blond hair flopped down to the man's shoulders, glimmering in the faint sunlight. "Learn to aim. You might have had the chance to do something." The blond man told monotonously to the thief. He then proceeded to walk up to the thief, gun pointing at him and yanked the purse free from the thief's grip. The blond looked down momentarily at the purse before realizing what had happened in that fragment of a second.

A bullet shot through his chest as the thief laughed to himself. "Not your lucky day, pretty boy." He sneered. "Wish you didn'-" the man's phrase was cut short as the man stood before him had decked the thief hard enough to send him flying over the barb-wire gate he stood at and landed on the other side with a heavy thud and an awkward crack. He got up, holding his right arm and ran for it. The blond guy proceeded to pull his hoodie back up and turned around, completely ignoring the fatal bullet wound he had just gotten. No, his sapphire blue eyes stopped upon the figure of a young woman, barely 20, wounded in the shoulder. The bullet shot through the hooded man had passed through him and hit this poor girl in the shoulder. The hooded man walked up to the girl, the gun he was holding evaporated in sprinkles of bright light. He knelt down and lifted the suffering woman. "Hush... Close your eyes, everything will be fine..." His voice was calming, almost hypnotic. The girl passed out rather quickly in his arms, exactly what he wanted. He looked around if anyone else was nearby. "This hoodie's already ruined anyways..." He muttered as light gather at his shoulder blades. A burst of light and feathers erupted as 2 large, pure white wings spread open. With a single leap, the angel was over the city buildings and flying. He dropped the purse of the lady in front of her. By the time she could've looked up, all she would see is a flock of birds and single pure white feather slowing falling from the sky.

It didn't take long for the angel to land on a roof of a rather rickety-looking building. He kicked open a door and walked down to the lower floor. He laid down the girl on a table and moved her shoulder free from clothes, basically removing her top clothes. The angel then proceeded to place his hand upon the wound, a green and gold glow emanated from it a few seconds and stopped. Taking a glass of water, the man dropped the bloody bullet into the glass and left it on a nearby counter beside another pure white feather. The wound had shut itself, but would leave a scar. He took a blanket and covered her so she would be warm till she woke up. In the meantime, the blond man left the kitchen to head into the bathroom to wash himself. Turning on the water, he took a blazing hot shower, the wings having disappeared since he had laid her down on the table. He emerged 20 minutes later with a towel loosely wrapped around his waist. The wound on his chest was no more than a faint red scar...