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Author Topic: Ideas from Blackflow [M for M/F]  (Read 313 times)

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Ideas from Blackflow [M for M/F]
« on: May 25, 2012, 03:47:33 PM »
Hi there, I'm back after a long absence and hoping to start up some new stories!

Check out my RP Preferences for whether I'd be interested in your ideas or not.  Currently I'm pining for a mother/son roleplay, but I'm open to many different things.

Pre-Established Settings

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones:
Watcher on the Wall: Life on the Wall is a prison sentence for most, but this girl's determined to be the first of her sex in the Night's Watch in millennia.  Up in the north, everyone's wrapped in furs all the time, but can she hide her differences forever?  For this tale, I'd love to find someone to play the girl and maybe a few other characters, while I basically GM for them and take the role of the Watch as a whole. TAKEN

Harder and Stronger: The man she knew had been kindhearted, lively and full of laughter, but the man she knew was dead at the bottom of the sea.  So, who was this pale stranger with her childhood friend's face?  What did he and his strange allies want with her House?  And how was she going to stop him?  Possibly a very dark tale, with themes of faith, love and betrayal.

Treacherous Green: A strange, backward prophet enters the castle, kept on as a curiosity and trotted out to amuse guests.  It may be, though, that the prophet is here for someone else, and green dreams are always true in the end.  Is sight of the future gift or curse, for those who see and those who hear?

I'd also be open to some pairings of canon characters, although I'm less enthusiastic about that, and any ideas you may have for the setting.

Mass Effect
Whispers from Nothingness: In the wake of Commander Shepard's death against the Collectors, the Alliance has commissioned several projects aimed at assessing the threat of the so-called "Reapers".  Behind the Council's back, a new team has been sent through the previously dormant Relay 284, where remnants of extremely advanced synthetic technology have been recently discovered.  They are to report back in exactly 3 standard days, when the Alliance will reactivate the relay once more for a short window; until they, they are on their own in unfamiliar space.  Or are they?  This one would be suitable for a group or possibly for a one-on-one with us playing multiple characters each.

Does This Unit Know Love? She has been raised all her life to hate the Geth, and yet what few remnants she has had the time to study have fascinated her.  How sapient were they?  Where did they go, outside their bodies?  What was a collective consciousness like?  This Quarian may get more than she bargained for when she is shot down on a desolate rock of a planet, only to find the debris of countless Geth fighters and host bodies have beaten her there.

Open to other ideas in this setting, although I doubt I'd enjoy canon pairings here too much; already enough of that in the games themselves, heh.

DC Comics
Wheel of Time
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn

I'd be willing to entertain ideas about most fantasy and sci-fi settings, too.

Original Ideas

Enemies with Benefits: The competition for top spot in the class was fierce, but all agreed it was down to the two of them, and they couldn't have hated each other more.  Well, okay, sure, there were some obvious similarities between them, but that didn't change the fact that one of them would be going anywhere they wanted for college, and the other would probably be stuck at some third-rate school in the middle of nowhere.  The announcement kicks off a confrontation that probably did not turn out as either of them expected, though.
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