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Author Topic: Consider the Following - Hazuver's Ponderings [Any Pairing Possible]  (Read 1001 times)

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Well, I decided to place up a few of my ideas. I'm at my most creative when inspired, so one idea comes from a game, the other from  a depressing short video. Note: I like younger characters, so if you're uncomfortable with 16/18-year-olds, please move on to another thread. Anyway, one is a little more smutty and short (with potential to be longer, but more of a WAFF story), the other is more plot-based (with interesting opportunities for the erotic parts). And, of course, check out my O/Os before contacting me. Don't want a clash of interests.

ORIGINAL (Inspired)

Living With Puppies/Kittens [M/F or F/F; M/M if you really want it and possibly multiples (Light)] TAKEN
Based off the Japanese visual novel Wanko to Kurasou, this is an alternate world where pets look just like humans save for their ears, tails, and behaviour. Yes, the pets are kemonomimi but they do act like animals – dogs are playful and loyal and cats are proud and a little more aloof, but they have the ability to talk and walk like any other person and age in a very similar way to humans. They are raised and treated just like pets but with a cushier life (they might have beds or sleep in bed with their master, they'd eat human food, etc). They have to be trained and disciplined and aren’t as smart as humans, but make the best friends anyone could ever have. They might be entered into shows and competitions, or find specialised jobs like sniffer dogs. One little factor though is that these pets are never desexed, and once they reach sexual maturity at age 16 they start to go into heat (yes, males and females; while for females it means they can breed males just get the overwhelming urge to mate). It is considered socially acceptable for masters to tend to their pets in heat if they do not want them to breed, and to calm their urges. It’s perfectly safe as both species are genetically incompatible. Romance usually never blossoms and is frowned upon, but having sex for the purpose of calming the pet is fine – of course, some people don’t like the idea but there are alternatives for those people, it’s just that this is the safest and most efficient way. It isn’t even considered cheating on a loved one if a master has sex with their pet as it’s just something that has to be done. That isn’t to say, though, that tending to a pet is impersonal and mechanical; in fact, it’s usually a bonding process which builds up their relationship with each other.

Plot ideas are simple:
1.)   A master has owned their pet their entire lives, as their pet was bought soon after they were born. They have both turned sixteen, and the pet has started to experience their heat. The owner, of course, loves their pet as their best friend and of course wants to help their pet out. The master may be a shy virgin, or someone with a significant other who knows what to do and perhaps even invites said partner over to help. [Pet may be a cat or dog, either gender; likewise with the master. I could play either the pet or the master]
2.)   A young adult (probably about 18-19) has recently purchased a pet, somehow not knowing about heats and what to do during them. Awkward, cute hijinks ensue. [Same as above, but I would probably only play the pet in this case]

Soot [M/F; F/F or M/M if you really want it (Probably Light, could go higher)] TAKEN
Inspired by Youtube video Draw With Me, with a Romeo and Juliet flair and a hint of The Hunger Games and Gurren Lagann. This is set on another world where there are two basic classes of people: Abovegrounders and Belowgrounders. The Abovegrounders live in an idyllic, paradise world, where the air is clean and technology has advanced quite far. Nobody questions where they get their electricity from, though, and only a few know the truth: Underground pockets of enslaved civilisation mine coal and produce power for those in the world above. The air is sooty and polluted and they each have a single, massive tree to give them oxygen. The tree gets light through a series of windows dotted on their ceiling, which is actually hidden in a massive, forbidden field to the Abovegrounders. They need to be periodically cleaned by young workers to allow the light through. One day, as a young man is cleaning one such window, he sees a girl looking curiously down at him. She is an Abovegrounder, a rebellious young thing who decided to take a look in the so-called forbidden field. She tries to talk to him, but he cannot hear her – so he writes so in the soot on the window. The next day, she is back with an artbook in hand, an apology written down so he can see. Thus begins a forbidden relationship as the boy and the girl learn about each other. Abovegrounders aren’t meant to know Belowgrounders exist, and Belowgrounders aren’t allowed to interact with Abovegrounders. Can they keep their relationship secret, and maybe, perhaps, one day see each other in person…? [I actually would rather play the Belowgrounder role, as a 16/17-year-old male (or female if you’d prefer it)]

No plots here, just some fandoms I roleplay. If the characters are underage, they'd be aged up for the RP.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica [MadokaxHomura, KyoukoxSayaka. Generally, I'll say no to OCs. Wouldn't mind trying its spinoffs, too.]
Pokemon [OCs only... unless it's PokeSpe. In that case, RedxYellow, RubyxSapphire. I ship other things but those are the ones I want to roleplay.]
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [HaruhixKyon; this fandom is a maybe]
More to come when I feel like roleplaying them.

Of course, more to come when I can think of them. For now, mull over these two.
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