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April 10, 2021, 07:02:18 pm

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Author Topic: Sci Fi- Cyberpunk. Perfect Lover awakens, unknown place- Non Con, Looking for M  (Read 518 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

Hello! I've already mentioned this before but it's been 6 months so I figure it's time to resume this game if I can find a partner.

Here is the first post from a previous game. I worked on this with a partner but this is not my writing,
I'm looking for a writing partner who can write at least a paragraph reply three to five times a week.

Once we discuss things we can decide what category to put the game in. The character would be a genetically engineered, hyper-perfect and hyper-synthetic love machine who wakes up with fragments of her memory, which somehow slowly return to her.
There will be a huge mystery that Angelina (my character) will need to figure out.

The previous game took place in an Urban Environment, which turned out to be Brazil in 2050 or so, with a strong influence of Cyberpunk/Mystery.

First Post of Previous Game
The slow swirl of the ceiling fan above you, the slight breeze of salty sea air, the gasp of sensation from your lips as you shift only to feel silken sheets twisted over your hips rubbing over your mons.  All of these things stir you slowly from a dream of flying, of wings.  A dream of being anything anyone could desire, your flesh and spirit as malleable as a potter's clay before the fire.

Your head feels strange, as though it's floating even as your eyes flutter open.  Through the window, you can hear the sound of boats plying a body of water, and distant seagulls.  As you sit up slowly, hand to your now-throbbing forehead, the sound of a supersonic jet taking off in the distance rumbles through the room.  You can feel the slight vibrations in the bed, over the sheets and upon your skin.

You rise to your feet, gazing out the window.  Something's wrong here.  Where are you?  What is this place?  You aren't even sure who you are.  Your head spins as you stumble to the window.

"We call her Delilah," the voice in your head says, echoing slightly, "And no, she won't cut your hair, but she has other ways of leaving you weak.  If you want to know them all, that can most certainly be arranged, for a small fee."

That phrase, burned into your memory, said over and over again, so many times.  That voice, so smooth and silky, a salesman's voice pushing a product.  You remember hearing that voice, or one just like it, from an office, as papers were being pushed over across a walnut finished desk in front of you to sign.

The cool air on your bare skin sets a slight shudder through you.  You are naked.  You can feel your nipples draw taut, stiffening under the breeze's caress.  Your arm reaches up to cover them as you look out in confused wonder at the beauty of the ocean across from and below you.

Your other hand reaches down to cup your sex as the breeze tickles across you, setting a soft moan to your lips at the pleasure of the sensation.  Your fingers brush over the bare skin between your thighs.  Another soft moan escapes you as they do; the sensation of your fingertips over your vulva is almost maddening.

Status: Currently looking for writing partner
The game is posted at

If you are interested in being my writing partner, please take a look at the completed first post and Private Message me about your future ideas and if you are interested.

These games will all be on Play by Post game in the Forums.
Thanks for looking!
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