Corrupted Lands (F needed, all sorts of madness, yo)

Started by Le RandomBloke, May 23, 2012, 02:53:52 PM

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Le RandomBloke

I'm not a rapper, I just like using yo at the end of something to make me sound out of place and therefor interesting. Eh? Story? Oh right, I came here to discuss a vague notion of an idea to entice you, let's get right to it then.

First of all, a big part of the story will be about the world it revolves in. Also, might as well point out it won't be simple humans doing simple human things, the corruption suggested in the title is mostly about the body being anything but normal. If you ever played a text-based game called Corruption of Champions, then you'll be many steps ahead of other people. (While you're at it, check it out, it's pretty good if you like crazy.)

The way it works is there are many types of creatures in this world, whom, thanks to demons throughout many years have transformed into something more nasty. This includes wildlife in general, plants, just about anything. The degree of which can be discussed, there should be no limit on the imagination however. I won't flesh out too much of this, it can be further discussed in PM's if need be. Thus we move on to the characters! At least, the two I had somewhat predetermined.

Many small towns, some bigger are still present in this world to protect and help the 'pure' people and creatures looking to stop their tainted state. Moving from town to town is a woman, known to be extremely pure and wise, a young woman who apparently knows many ways to treat certain ailments and afflictions allowing the unfortunate to lead on a somewhat better life. She is known to be kind-hearted and generous and praised by all who know her, though a mystery, she has many followers in every city ready to give their lives for her.

However, there is a grim and dark secret she is hiding, all those nice things are merely a façade. While wise and powerful, the woman is anything but an endless vessel of kindness and goodhearted intentions. In fact, the woman is extremely vain and twisted, who loves and yearns for the godlike praises given to her. For she has a companion she met many years ago, a man she found in the corrupted forest near her own town where she was born.

About her age at the time, the man hard survived on his own yet had suffered the consequences through mutations due to eating tainted food. (The severity of the corruption/mutation then and eventually can be discussed with what you're comfortable with). Although quite aggressive, smart and careful, she still manages to somehow trick him into believing she's his friend. Thus begins her adventure which mainly consists of using the man as a test-subject and protection.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want this to be about a poor abused gentleman at all, just one who got tricked. The basic relationship I want and expect between the two, is that of two crazy with their own, unique delusions somehow working together in a world that is equally disturbed. My on's and off's don't really apply to this story at all, by the way, anything is possible.

So yes, everything can be talked about in PM's

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