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December 08, 2022, 10:17:32 am

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Author Topic: [Interest Check] Konoha Sailor Kämpfer! (NarutoXSailor MoonXKämpfer-Crossover)  (Read 990 times)

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Hello fellow Elliquians!

I know, most of you were kind of confused by the title, but let me explain what these three anime series have that I hope can be turned into a fun group rp. In theory, I figured it could be done as a 1x1 rp as well, but it would be rather stressful and the setting just lends itself more towards a group one.

The concept

The idea is that of the 3 series mentioned, I would take an aspect of each and mix it up to create a (hopefully) delicious result. Here's what I mean:

- From Naruto: Characters
Personally, I love the diverse cast of Naruto and I would like to see it translated into this setting. If you need to know any of the series, it's Naruto, and even then, considering the AU(Alternate Universe)-ness of this rp, you have some leeway with the characterization, but in general I would like the characters to be recognizable aside from the purely physical.

Which also and quite clearly means: NO OCs!
I know lots of people like them, I personally don't, but either way the point of this rp is to use familiar characters in a new setting, so OCs would kinda defeat that purpose.

- From Kämpfer: Gimmick
Kämpfer is a fanservice-laden show from which we would only need one gimmick, which is this: Kämpfer is about school girls being selected to fight, the protagonist however is a male who is also selected to fight. However, since only girls can fight, he is transformed into one whenever the battle starts and more often than not even outside of battle.

For this role, I had Naruto and/or Sasuke in mind to be in a similar position, being sorta drafted and thus forced to switch genders during battle and even outside of it. Lots of hijinx and Ranma 1/2-esque fun could ensue.

- From Sailor Moon: Setting
For those who don't know Sailor Moon, it's your archetypical Magical Girl-anime. Young school girls with secret identities fight random monsters of the week sent out by the bad guy. This is pretty much what this is going to be, an episodic rp.

The general story
The setting takes place in Konoha High, a seemingly normal school headed by Tsunade. However, it harbors a secret. Some of its students are more than meets the eye. Certain girls have been given a special bracelet, one that allows them to transform from ordinary students into fighters for good, love and justice, who set out to defeat an unknown evil that has begun attacking the innocent people of the town.

This group at the start of the rp consists of 5 girls but it will expand over the course of the rp, to what extent remains to be seen however. The five members are Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Temari and Tenten. They have been given their bracelets by Tsunade and take commands from her, but amongst each other, the group has no real leader, but I would imagine Sakura and Ino to be bickering amongst each other and giving out orders, which the others may or (more likely) may not heed.

Naruto as a boy is somehow dragged into this fight and made to join the group. As in Kampfer, hilarity ensues.

The themes of this rp are various, but the most important ones are these:
- Magical Girl
- School
- Genderbender

Aside from that, I naturally intend things to get kinky one way or the other. They can of course be entirely consensual between characters, but I imagine some fights against the monster of the week or another unforeseen event also has erotic implications, which would turn things into NC-territory. Considering the anime-y nature of this rp, expect the following fetishes to turn up in some way, shape or form.
- Tentacles
- Futanari
- probably Mind Control or Brainwashing in some form

Most of these will be contained to one episode, and will be determined beforehand. If you are not keen on participating in a certain kink, let me know and I think there is a way that can be found to let one or two characters sit out a certain episode.

As for how the team fights... well, that is also still uncertain. I could imagine them using their powers from Naruto or adopting the ones from Sailor Moon. Not a big issue, but still needs some thought and discussion put into it.

The cast


Uzumaki Naruto/Naruko, a student at the high school that is somehow dragged into the fight of the girls, most likely by witnessing them fight and/or aiding them or being selected randomly by some crazy happenstance. This role would be rather integral to the plot as he is the one going through the most changes, not just physical from male to female and back again time and time again, but also because he enters this new world, has no idea of anything and has to fit in with the team.
Haruno Sakura, smart but headstrong, one of the two longest-serving members of the team and thus rather experienced. She would be the one having (begrudgingly) to take care of Naruto and look after him, a task not made easier by the fact that his personality just rubs her the wrong way.
Yamanaka Ino, rather vain but compassionate, the other longtime member of the team, rival to Sakura and vying for the affection of Sasuke. Whoever plays her can determine whether her romantic interests extend to other people, like, say Naruto, Sakura or really anyone.
Hyuuga Hinata, a relative newcomer of the team, thus feels a connection between herself and Naruto, outside of the fact that she also liked him even when he was just an ordinary student. She comes from a rich family is thus sheltered and not very socially skilled, much like her original counterpart.
Temari, she would be the transfer student from overseas or something. I think some culture shock-like moments from her would be nice and due to her abilities, she would be the muscle of the team.
Tenten, rival to Temari (although only she sees it that way). Considering Tentens original personality has been left rather... vague (outside some non-canon comedy skits), I think most of her characterization is up to whoever takes her role. Perhaps she can be the voice of reason amongst the bickering of her teammates, much like she is for her team in Naruto.

The following roles are more or less constricted to the school grounds and as thus, I understand if there is not much, if any desire to play them, so I am pretty much set on playing them as NPCs, mostly for story-related reasons.

Tsunade, headmistress of the school and leader of the project. She cares for the girls and would give anything for them as well as the safety of the school and city, but she harbors a secret of her past that ties her with Orochimaru.
Shizune, her assistant, loyal to Tsunade, aware of her past and in general trying to help her as best she can. Potentially a former recruit of hers.
Maito Gai, PE teacher. Bit of a peculiar character...
Hatake Kakashi, history teacher. Mysterious personality, but well-liked amongst the boys.
Mitarashi Anko, school nurse. She's the reason most students are really careful and try not to get injured, any excuse not to go to her office is used. She's creepy... and may harbor a secret relating to Orochimaru as well.

Yeah, not the most creative name, but it is work-in-progress. Not sure if they should be undercover working at Konoha High as well or not at all... their modus operandi is attacking a character, looking for something and in 99,99% fail and turn the character into a monster of sorts that has to be defeated to be returned to their original state.

Orochimaru, creepy guy to the max, he is looking for some MacGuffin that requires him to send his minions out to attack random people. Loves toying with his enemies, might also be his downfall for not taking any of them seriously.
Kabuto, his right hand man. In charge of selecting targets and giving out missions to Orochimarus elite. Might have a hidden agenda of his own...
Tayuya, foul-mouthed but strong, she is the dark foil to Temari.
Karin, analytical and bi-polar, idolizes Sasuke and often wants to accompany him/her even though their missions are mostly solo missions. Has a perverse fascination with both his male and female side.
Uchiha Sasuke/Sasuko, a mole also enrolled at Konoha High, he is also outfitted with the same bracelet as the other girls and turns into Sasuko whenever Orochimaru needs him to fight. I think Sasuke could turn into a good guy/girl eventually, but at the start he will fill an antagonistic role.

These are pretty much NPCs, only needed for appearances as victims or a few scenes here and there. Scarcely enough in my opinion to warrant a real player, but if someone has an idea on how to extend a characters role, I'm all ears.
Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, Narutos parents. There can be some fun be had when they find their son is suddenly a daughter OR Naruto is having to find new ways to keep them from finding out. Eventually, one or the other will be targetted.
Teuchi and Ayame, father and daughters and owners of Ichiraku Ramen. More than likely it will be Ayame who will be targetted.
The Jinchuuriki, from Gaara to Killer B, I think all will be targetted at some point giving the convenient presence of a monster for them to become. Again, if someone has a better idea for one of them, please do share.
The male Konoha students, aside from being there as potential love interests, I think they also make good cannon fodd-... errrm, opportunities for drama by being targetted.

The observant and Naruto-savvy reader will by now have noticed that I have not included any Akatsuki-characters. The reason for that is... I have nothing for them. Maybe they could be introduced as another evil group besides Orochimaru or as the new Big Bad after him (the latter makes more sense logistically), but if someone has a good idea on what to do with them, I'm open for suggestions.

So I suppose the list of available characters is as follows:


As I said, the others are also available but these are the roles that I think should be filled first before any other is claimed.

As said, the rp would most likely take place in episodes, i.E. one thread per episode, one theme per episode (such as, say, a beach vacation or a school festival, a birthday, anything really) and one victim per episode (perhaps two if they are sufficiently close, like for example Narutos parents) to keep things manageable.

Now, I must stress. THIS IS ONLY AN INTEREST CHECK! I am not certain if I can handle a group rp at this time due to other, real life things demanding my attention as well as single-rps here on E. Because of this, I cannot promise a start even if sufficient players are willing to join. If there is someone in my stead willing to take it, I will be more than happy to become an advisor to that person in terms of story and just watch it unfold, but unless there is somebody interested in that position, this is exactly what the title says, a thread to gauge interest.

Sorry for the long read, I hope you found it interesting at least and I hope to hear plenty of feedback.
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I'm interested.

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Interested! Would be willing to play Temari, Sakura, Naruto, or Hinata.