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The Tag Team (Seeking)

Started by MagicalPen, May 22, 2012, 04:32:59 PM

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I am looking for a beautiful Mother/Daughter Tag Team for this idea. I would also like to see some Mother/Daughter Incest as well.

There are several ideas for this, and some of them can be merged together.

1. Mother/Daughter share a boyfriend that is the Daughters age. Open relationship with Daughter, mother quietly seduces him, before revealing it was planned the whole time.
2. Mother/Daughter share a boyfriend the Mothers age. Reversal of the roles in the above idea.
3. A combination of the two - Mother/Daughter both have boyfriends, both seduce each others, leading to a kinky foursome and threesomes.
4. Daughter is struggling in school. She seduces her teacher for better grades. Mother also seduces teacher to seal the deal. Teacher embarks on illicit threesome relationship with them.
5. Dominant Males starts dating Mother. Makes her watch as he fucks the Daughter. Starts a new life with them, to slaves for his every desire - and those of his friends.

Countless more.

If interested, either PM me or post here.

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Would be interested in a scenario similar to no.5, as I'm an innocent goody two shoes girl. Perfect target for a dom, right?  ;) Can play as both the mother or the daughter.


I would be interested in playing the daughter for any of the situations. She would be a little rebellious, but play the sweet and innocent role as well.