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Author Topic: The Team (Super, NC-Exotic)  (Read 6156 times)

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Re: The Team (Super, NC-Exotic)
« Reply #100 on: May 26, 2012, 11:17:57 PM »
That works Darwishi, I added you to the OOC thread, feel free to post in the IC thread.

Hmm, I may bug you about the weakness later Thorn14, but for now have added you to the OOC thread as well, please start posting in the IC thread when you can.  :-)

Unless I missed anyone (and if so, please let me know, my apologies) I think that is most everyone who wanted to play a Heroine.  Please post an introduction in the IC thread, and I will probably put up the first plot post tomorrow.

On a side note, if there is any specific plot or situation you see/desire for your character, let me know.  I can't promise to include it, but will try to work it in at some point. 

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Offline Thorn14

Re: The Team (Super, NC-Exotic)
« Reply #101 on: May 26, 2012, 11:27:36 PM »
Feel free to PM me whenever.  :-)

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Re: The Team (Super, NC-Exotic)
« Reply #102 on: May 27, 2012, 10:18:33 AM »
Name: Wayne Snipes
Alias: Spaz/Spazzoid
Age: 28
Personality: It's hard to predict what Spaz's personality is in a whole. He's so sporadic and unpredictable that one can't precisely put a tac to what's actually going on. One thing is for sure, he's very analytic, consistently analyzing. His visage as an insane, schizophrenic engineer/surgeon puts many on edge simply because of the diabolical nature this visage is represented. Truthfully, Spaz's mind doesn't stay on one direct course of thought but consistently moves, adapting. For example, he could be ballroom dancing, the next preforming lobotomies and tossing confetti to celebrate said person's lobotomy. Different scenario's will cause his personality to take drastic changes, from suave dancer to maniacal doctor. Reason being; he's inconsistent and doesn't understand his true intelligence and unrelenting prowess. This causes many faces to occur through his personality, though many show the same characteristics as the other.
History: Spaz, or previously known 'Wayne Snipes' hails from the metropolis city of Berlin Germany. Back in his younger days, while attending college for mechanics and engineering, he was an entirely different person. Occasional drugs, ridiculous euphoria induced raves, little mechanical gizmo's weren't beyond him. He never questioned good things and went about life in perfect bliss, one that seemed intangible to the reality around him. From the beginning, some would say Wayne was mentally unstable and showed tendency towards insanity for his loose grip on reality. Friends and family always worried and contemplated treatment, such as psychiatric or medicated assistance but he evidently refused said aid. He was quite self reliant, responsible, and capable of protecting himself from potential mental melt down. In an unrelated case, his work within the engineering field brought the attention of fellow students. They were working, creating a project that would enhance human mental capabilities. Through research, programming, and other means, they crafted a computerized helmet that could attach to the participants spinal cord and brain stem. This helmet would elevate brain capacity, activating portions of the brain and abusing said activity. Long story short, it forces the brain to work at full capacity.

For months, there were no volunteers, no one was willing to take the risk of defection of the helmet and risk their own lives. Wayne, whom grew tired of patience, took it upon himself to test the helmet he created, with their help, of course. What would have been a glorious moment turned to utter tragedy. When the helmet was properly surgically placed, his brain became unstable, it's activity becoming too sporadic for himself to handle. Information was constantly flowing at an alarming rate from a wireless internet connection, feeding Wayne knowledge he'd never even considered. Taking on an intense seizure, Wayne fell into a comma shortly after. Attempts were made to remove the helmet, but unless they wanted to turn him into a vegetable, there was no plausible way. Weeks would later pass and Wayne finally awoke...... But not Wayne. While in the comma, the helmet was literately reprogramming Wayne's brain to what is now Spaz's liking. He would become the man he dreamed of being, with the capabilities to do so. Since then, Spaz has ventured around the world, preforming miracles, causing havoc among humanity. There are no motives to his actions, such as the gas crisis in Spain. Hired to develop chemical weapons, he developed and released said weapons on Spain's citizens to personally bask in his own accomplishment. To this day, Spaz is considered one of the dangerous criminals in the world. Many find his insanity inspirational, others find it terrifying.
Super Power #1: Spaz's helmet gives him incredible mental capabilities. He's easily more intelligent then most, possibly all geniuses. This is do to the helmets simple purpose to improve human brain development and activity. He's gone beyond the threshold of normal brain activity and accomplished the entire one hundred percent of brain capacity. His IQ is constantly evolving because the helmet literately downloads any information that can be downloaded. Unfortunately, this mass amounts of information has overwhelmed his psyche turning him mildly insane. Aside from that, he can easily perceive outcomes to most situations. He may not be able to avoid, such as seeing say Haste zooming in to strike him, but accepts these outcomes. An ability that could be compared to seeing into the future only moments ahead.  Note; this doesn't mean he's a super fight who can dodge anything, he doesn't normally fight or care to do so.
Super Power #2: Spaz has complete control over his nerves and mental state. Psychics would have an increasingly difficult time trying to possess or read Spaz's thoughts because of the advances complexities hardwired into his brain. He can sense them trying to enter and, without much trouble, remove them. Also, the helmet, where it's hooked into Spaz's spinal cord and brainstem, can halt nerve messages trying to be received. This, subsequently, allows to ignore all pain, but keep in mind the damage is still done.
Weakness: He doesn't have any powers that physically enhance his body, such as speed or strength. He's mainly human and doesn't fight. You wouldn't catch him trading fists with another Hero, so I would consider that a weakness considering everyone's other characters. And after reading Mecha, she would be a weakness. If she touches the helmet, she has complete control over him, not speech or thought wise but movement wise.
Player Ons: So...... I'm not going to go by my on's but try to stay true with the character, since me and Spaz may differ considering the caliber of character we are. His on..... Would have to be some one controlling, very controlling. He's usually always in control, always one step ahead. Though he's never really been concern about sex or love, if he ever met some one that could actually tame his insanity, that would be a turn on. Though, I'd imagine it'd be quite difficult to even go about that.
Player Offs: Not sure what my off's are, and considering Spaz doesn't even think about said subject, I couldn't imagine where to begin.
Player Limits: Whatever happens, happens. If we're having sex and all that crazy stuff in this role play, I think I can live through a bit more.

I don't like using real people for my characters. Just some thing about it that sorta creeps me out. If I was to use real people, I'd more then likely use myself. Hehe

Sorry for the delay, went out for coffee with the sister last night and ended up crashing at her place. I gotta go to work now but I have my post all ready. When and if I get accepted, I'll post when I get off.

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Re: The Team (Super, NC-Exotic)
« Reply #103 on: May 27, 2012, 02:02:41 PM »
Looks good Jericho, I'll try to think of a good way to include you in the plot.  I added you to the OOC list of characters, though you won't fit into the IC thread yet.

Offline JerichoMyers

Re: The Team (Super, NC-Exotic)
« Reply #104 on: May 27, 2012, 10:52:58 PM »
It's all good and I understand. The post I made wasn't meant to be replied to, more or less some thing to read. He's just talking to manikins about creating a cure for super powers. He uses examples and all that.... Though, considering the places, I may have to rehash it. Eh, it was still fun writing.