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April 15, 2021, 09:27:33 pm

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Author Topic: Please: Craving new Roleplays  (Read 578 times)

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Offline LeynaLoveTopic starter

Please: Craving new Roleplays
« on: May 21, 2012, 02:45:31 pm »
I am open for new RP's but at the moment I am really craving one specific one.

A hard headed prince who fought in battle, who is strong, fearless and feared is to get the kingdom when his father steps down. However there is a small problem. His father says he must marry first. So the Prince decides to marry a Princess of a kingdom they wish to be allies with. It is a forced marriage. And this dominating Prince and strongly independent Princess have to battle, for the Princess was forced into it and the Prince expects everything from her as a wife.
(The plot can be changed a bit, but I was hoping for something along these lines.)

I am more then willing to not just roleplay based on sex.

Here's the pairings I can think of right now

I don't roleplay over any IM:

Combo's that need a plot:

~New Student X Town Punk
~Good g.b X Bad g.b
~Country X City
~Student X Adult
~Student X Teacher
~Student X Principle
~Student X Board of education
~Pairs–Nurse X Doctor
~Nurse X Patient
~Doctor X Patient
~Pairs–Guard X Prisoner
~Cell Mates
~New Prisoner X Most Respected Prisoner
~Guard X Warden
~Prisoner X Warden
~Officer X Gangster
~Officer X Vampire
~Officer Partner X Officer Partner
~Officer X Chief
~Officer X Lawyer
~Pairs–Secretary X Boss
~Secretary X Boss' Enemy
~Boss X Prostitute
~superHero X Supervillain

With all these pairs I already do have plots or can come up with plots.

And I range, from writing a few sentences to paragraphs. 2sentences-8paragraphs. It depends on who my partner is, what the roleplay is and what you give me. So I will mimic you mostly.

Idea 1) Home Alone

When a girls parents decides to leave the country on a trip, her older brother comes to stay with her. He brings along a good friends of his. And he is taken back by the quiet girl that was little sister of his loud obnoxious friend. When the friend leaves him in charge as he works, he begins to get bored and stir crazy. Soon he is messy with the quiet girl, and beginning to in to awkward sexual situations until he finally gets her to five in and have her.

Idea 2) Secrets
Always being a tough guy, he had to be the big man on campus. The star football player, the ladies man and great student. However there was a secret, his last period and every time after a game he meets up with someone. A girl, in schools she quiet, wheres dark clothing and doesn't talk to people, a freak. But every time the hotshot is alone he is will her in their own secret relationship. Something that can't be spilled to the school because he doesn't want to ruin his rep, but what happens when there are threats of his secret being told, especially when she is tired of being used.

Idea 3) It's my Job

Being a police officer wasn't the easiest job in the world, especially when you are a woman. And no one took it better then Officer Lacey Hart, this job was her life and it was no surprise that she was one of the bests. However that would change soon enough, one evening when Lacey was getting off work, she was moving out to the parking lot when a dark figure came to her. She couldn't move, and this demon only need to motion her to come with his finger and she was obeying him. Next thing she knows, she's in his luxurious home, for his use, unfortunately her strong stubborn nature wont give in to him as he wants. She isn't a meek thing that with cower at the sight of him, she was trained to stay strong and fight. Though she is punished for it, and wouldn't admit that she likes the punishment, she is trying to get free from the maniac holding her captive.

Idea 4) Fighting for Love

The don just died, the oldest son is to take his place and he has a female body guard that is always with him even though he is such a ladies man, and she has to protect him, even though she had loved him for a long time. So now having to keep an eye on the new Don she also finds herself acting like a secretary or assistant as well.

Idea 5) My Au Pair

His wife left him for the gardener, and he has an older teen son. However he didn't trist leaving the kid alone while he is working so he hired an Au Pair. Thinking she would keep him in line, only that's thats not the case. The teenager takes in the young sweet au pair and decides to teach her a thing or two. Such as when his father isn't there, he is the man of the house, and that meant everyone obeyed him, even her. And he would teach, to succumb to all his sexually ways, after all it would keep him home and out of trouble, it was either that or he would deliberately find a way to get her fired.