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Author Topic: A Prim Request (F x M)  (Read 572 times)

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A Prim Request (F x M)
« on: May 20, 2012, 10:37:56 pm »
Check out my Hits and Misses to see what I like and what I don't. I will say that I'm not a particularly picky person and I enjoy many things, so always feel free to drop me a PM with ideas and requests.

I just realized that I should point out that the "character roles" for the stories are not a must and just what I figured would be the roles my partner and myself would play, but if you come up with another role that you'd want to play that is completely fine.


Drifter He's a drifter, with no real purpose in the world, just moving aimlessly from place to place. One day, he stumbles upon a cathedral whose residence are friendly and welcoming, offering him a warm bed and food—a rest from his travels. There he meets a young postulant (i.e. nun-in-training) from the nearby convent. She quickly becomes enamored with him, but is uncertain what to do about her "misplaced" affections since she has sworn herself in God's name. She desperately tries to suppress her feelings, but has little experience with men and often fumbles around him when in his presence, her adoration very obvious.

Enamored employee Taken She may be nothing more than a common secretary, but she loves her job. Or should she say, she loves her boss. She may not be particularly good looking, or talented, or even paid that well but she puts everything into her work just so she can be near him. Of course, she would never act on her feelings and is contented with just being near him for thirty minutes of his constantly busy days, but she still holds dreams of the day that she can muster up the courage to tell him something—anything really—not that she's holding out hope for it though. There isn't anything she wouldn't do for him, even if he doesn't realize her feelings for him...

Childhood friends She's always liked her friend as more than a friend, ever since they were teenagers, but has never bothered saying anything about it. She knows she's not extremely good looking, doesn't like glamour, has a habit acting like a tomboy, and prefers being home then staying out late unlike her friend, but she still gets tired of watching him run off with gorgeous woman at every chance he gets. Finally sick of his promiscuous ways, she decides to make her feelings known, unfortunately for her, she doesn't entirely know how to get his attention and her attempts are mediocre at best. With limited success, it doesn't seem like she'll ever be able to express how she feels about him.

Western story A group of ranchers and their hired help consisting of several young men are trekking across the expanse of the West for a yearly cattle drive. During a rest, they are ambushed by bandits who kill the ranchers, take the cattle as their own, and capture the young men with the intention of selling them off as slaves. However, one of them manages to escape and is quickly hunted down by one of the bandits who promptly recaptures him...But he finds out the this young man in fact a young woman posing as a boy...

Story: Ovid

Character roles
  • Human (Astronaut)/Alien
  • Human (Astronaut)/Human

The year is 2221 and space travel has advanced to the point of readily available interplanetary travel. The Milky Way has been explored and conquered, but humanity is looking to expand its reach and find a planet that can sustain life and be colonized. Especially when Earth's own resources are almost depleted. Even the ore mining on Mars and Venus and gas mining on Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn, isn't going to be enough to sustain life on Earth in the following three centuries. Up until this point, the only livable space colony is on the Moon, the Lunar Lab, which was created as a means of observing space and is not for citizens but trained scientists and astronomers. Finding a new, habitable, planet would not only be a milestone in scientific achievements, but could potentially save future generations from extinction. And so Project Aquarius was founded where a new spacecraft—the Anu and Enlil I (EAE I) was created with the intention of being the first successful colonizing spacecraft.

After several decades of development, the EAE I is finally ready for its maiden voyage and a team of astronomers, cosmonauts, doctors, and scientists are tasked with the historic event of beings the first people to land on a planet outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their mission is to go to the Andromeda Galaxy and land on the planet Ovid, which humanity has watched for nearly a century via telescopes and probes. From the photos and probe samples they have received, Ovid seems like an Eden in the expanse of space; it is a lush planet bursting with vegetation in several areas (the planet as a whole containing several terrains), the air may be breathable, and the water drinkable, however, there doesn't seem to be any form of intelligent life, no animals, no sentient beings, there don't even seem to be any insects. It is with caution that those aboard the EAE I must explore Ovid and decide whether it's habitable or not, something that could potentially save humanity.

When landing on the surface of Ovid, EAE I's crew feel as though they really have stepped into a paradise, but just as the data brought back from probes had said, there doesn't seem to be any form of advanced life on planet. That is, until they stumble upon a manmade underground cavern that, upon investigating, seems house a stasis pod containing some form of ancient alien life. Uncertain what to do with it, they leave with the intention of speaking about the issue to their superiors back on Earth, but one of the astronauts accidentally releases the alien from its captivity and it becomes apparent that it is the reason for the lifelessness on Ovid. They're uncertain what exactly this alien is, they know nothing of its origins or why it resents sentient life, but they it's apparent that it isn't a friend. However, despite what they initially think, it is not a mindless killing machine and it decides that it can use the humans and their vessel, the EAE I, as a means to achieve its own ambitions.

Story: LAPD Taken

Character roles
  • Veteran Officer/Rookie Officer

A population of 3,792,621; 294 murders, 11,059 robberies, 9,464 cases of assault, and an estimation of 10,000 unaccounted for crimes yearly. The Los Angeles Police Department is vigilant, they are always on the job and for the most part, manage to maintain order and protect the citizens, but when a series of gruesome murders happens, they find themselves overworked and hard pressed for time. They're up against a killer with extreme cunning who leaves no traces, no evidence, no motive, and what little the do know hasn't helped them much. The serial killer behind these string of murders only targets woman and leaves their dismembered body out in open areas without a single witness. Who they kill seems random, each victim having nothing in common with the last, some are wealthy woman, some working class, and others criminals with a painted history. The only thing consistent about the murders is that they happen once every other week, each death more gruesome than the last, and after seven victims, they realize that they have no time to spare and must apprehend this criminal in haste. But as anyone could guess, it's hard, if not near impossible, to track an untraceable killer.

Lacking the resources to bring this criminal to justice and end up being sent a an amateur officer from Oakland upon request for transfers. This transfer is relatively new to police work and has little experience with large cities like Los Angeles, but she's all the help they can get at the moment and the LAPD isn't about ready to turn the assistance away. Even though she is somewhat naive, not fully grasping how vicious criminals can be, she is dedicated to her work and does everything by the book, putting high dependence on being a "model" officer. She is partnered with a veteran officer who has been on the case dealing with the serial killer since the beginning and on top of the stress of work, he has to deal with her inexperience. But like it or not, they have to work together, especially if they want to bring the criminal to justice.

As they try to hunt down the serial killer, they realize that they are soon caught up in something more dangerous than a simple murder spree and they may have dug themselves into a grave when they begin learning things they really shouldn't have. They're caught in the deep end and they're not sure they can get out.
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